Where to get the Live Updates from the Forrester Marketing Conference

Forrester has asked me to be on point for the social media efforts during tomorrow’s Marketing conference in L.A. (over 800 senior marketers are attending) we’re still in the evaluation process for hiring the community manager, so I’m just filling in. So, starting tomorrow, I’ll be blogging at the Marketing Blog, and will be using the Forrester Twitter account. Quite a few bloggers are attending, such as Jeremy Pepper, Rodney Rumford, Jennifer Jones (podcaster), and others. On the Forrester Marketing blog, I’ll link to all those that are doing live blogging of the sessions. If I can get my gear to work correctly, Ill be live streaming the keynotes, I’ll announce it from the Forrester Twitter account. Here’s the last … Continue readingWhere to get the Live Updates from the Forrester Marketing Conference

SXSW Backchannel is on Twitter

I’m not going to be blogging the next few days while I’m here at SXSW, in fact, most have noticed that I’m not carrying my usual battle gear of digital camera, video camera, laptop, wireless gear. Instead, I’m just using a mobile device and will be tweeting most of the time. I’ll point to anything that I think is interesting from Twitter, so you can follow me there, I mainly use it as a ‘link stream’ (I point to what I think is interesting) and secondly as a communication tool. Not sure what Twitter is? It’s a social network that becomes a chat room, so you’ll need to find other folks to connect with. Use the “@” symbol to reply … Continue readingSXSW Backchannel is on Twitter

SXSW 2008

I’m headed to SXSW Interactive Festival in a few hours, I’ve a red eye from Silicon Valley that’s going to give me time to sort through a few hundred emails, write a few blog posts, and pen the strawman for my upcoming report on OpenSocial: Challenges and Opportunities. SXSW is a festival, not a conference. Its about parties, networking, conference then bbq, pretty much in that order (at least to me), what’s amazing is that most of the bay area tech scene picks up and transplants in artsy city of Austin, except for Dave Winer who said to me in twitter that it’s mostly for young folks (Ill be sure to find some “old” people and congratulate them for breaking … Continue readingSXSW 2008

Widget Strategies Panel

The four panelists did a great job yesterday handling my barrage of questions in the Widget Strategies and Social Platforms session, Hooman Radfar (Clearspring Technologies, Inc.), Walker Fenton (NewsGator), Pam Webber (Widgetbox), Ben Pashman (Gigya) discussed widgets strategies. I asked each of them to suggest an image or icon that best represents their company (an idea to make the panel more memorable from Pam) and they each suggested the following: Clearspring was like a cable, as they were a connector Newsgator was like a kitchen where you come and create Widgetbox was like a DIY Pottery store where you come in and make your own product Gigya was like a like a spine, as they were the backbone or infrastructure … Continue readingWidget Strategies Panel

Notes from Sean O’Driscoll’s Webinar on Social Media and Communities hosted by SAP Salon

(Above Graphic: Sean’s suggests that word of mouth will travel through networks at different speeds, and with different accuracy depending on the network. He lists many attributes that will impact the speed of sharing) Sean O’Driscoll, who did a fantastic job, who has extensive experience managing the Microsoft MVP program has struck out on his own and has launched his own consulting shop Community Group Therapy. SAP Salon: Social Media and Online Communities Key highlights: To be an effective community professional, you need to walk the talk and use the tools Google is not a search engine, it’s a reputation tracker Sean scored high on search engine results for Microsoft Support after a bad story was on Digg.com Admits there … Continue readingNotes from Sean O’Driscoll’s Webinar on Social Media and Communities hosted by SAP Salon

Where to find me in March

Seems like everything is picking up, there are more conferences, workshops, and webinars appearing at –the space is booming. Everyone has questions about social networks, and there’s a lot of interest around widgets and the promise of OpenSocial. Here’s where you can find me in the month of March Online Community Keynote, The Knight Journalism School | UC Berkeley, March 27, 2008 Last time I visited the journalism school, we had a great roundtable, looking to expand on this Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives | Mountain View, March 25th To date, I’m really proud to be invited, I’m the only male speaker at this point. SNAP Summit | San Francisco, March 25th If you’re in the social networking space, … Continue readingWhere to find me in March

A Night a VLAB: The Social Networking Widget Money Tree –a Green Sapling with Fruit to Bear

(Me, giving opening remarks, pic from Julio of Oracle) The VLAB event last night was a success. What’s VLAB? A non-profit group that sponsors ongoing panels and talks around the subject of business and technology at Stanford and co-sponsored with MIT. I met many of the volunteers and organizers, a good group of folks. Thanks for joining the Shaking the Money Tree of Multi-Platform Social Networks hosted by VLAB. I kicked off the event as the moderator last night, I gave a very short ‘industry level’ discussion about the social networking space and lead with these high level slides. It was followed by a presentation from RockYou, an applications developer network, then Social Media, a “meta” network for developers, then … Continue readingA Night a VLAB: The Social Networking Widget Money Tree –a Green Sapling with Fruit to Bear

Upcoming Workshops: Blogging and Social Computing

Things are coming full circle. I first was introduced to the idea of joining Forrester by attending as a panelist run by Peter Kim in San Francisco, I guess that was my first date with Forrester. He and Charlene then asked me if I’d be interested in joining the firm, and well, I’m happily married to Forrester. Peter and I will be running a few workshops with Peter, we hope you can attend: Blogging Fundamentals, May 7th, in San Francisco Social Computing workshop on June 5th in Cambridge Mass. These workshops are interactive, and it’s expected the attendees will walk away with actionable next steps that are built on in class exercises, insight from research, and an open dialog to … Continue readingUpcoming Workshops: Blogging and Social Computing

Panel Presentation: The Promise of Open Social at MIT/Stanford Venture Lab

Left: Bright and colorful Stanford Red umbrellas grace the campus. OpenSocial, a promise made, but little has been seen. Not sure what OpenSocial is? Here’s how I explain OpenSocial to Executives. If you want to learn more, then join us as I’ll be moderating a panel at Stanford Business School in Palo Alto this coming Tuesday, Feb 19th on the topic of the distributed web. Join us: Shaking the Money Tree of Multi-Platform Social Networks Why Pursue a Multi-platform social network strategy? Find Out the Pros and Cons. The panelists will be: Kevin Marks, Developer Advocate, OpenSocial Google Keith Rabois, Vice President Business Strategy, Slide Steve Cohen, Head of Platform, Bebo Ken Gullicksen, Managing Partner, Morgenthaler Ventures Part of why … Continue readingPanel Presentation: The Promise of Open Social at MIT/Stanford Venture Lab

Silicon Valley is getting busy

Silicon Valley: 3 tech events every day I also talked to a colleague and I told her that there was about 3 tech events every weekday in Silicon Valley, you can hunt through Upcoming.org, or see this list of local user groups in Silicon Valley that regularly meet. Example: 7 events tonight And these are just those I know of: 1 Dataportability Meetup (Chris Saad) 2 Geek Dinner with Dr. Richard Clayton (with dotBen) 3 Bowlr US (with Scoble) 4 SF PHP: OOps! The PHP Fear and Loathing Guide to Basic Object-Oriented Design 5 Orkut OpenSocial Hackathons (at GooglePlex) 6 How to Effectively Use Social Media for Search Marketing Campaigns (Joey Wan) 7 And I’ll be speaking at the Deal … Continue readingSilicon Valley is getting busy