Silicon Valley is getting busy

Silicon Valley: 3 tech events every day
I also talked to a colleague and I told her that there was about 3 tech events every weekday in Silicon Valley, you can hunt through, or see this list of local user groups in Silicon Valley that regularly meet.

Example: 7 events tonight
And these are just those I know of:

1 Dataportability Meetup (Chris Saad)
2 Geek Dinner with Dr. Richard Clayton (with dotBen)
3 Bowlr US (with Scoble)
4 SF PHP: OOps! The PHP Fear and Loathing Guide to Basic Object-Oriented Design
5 Orkut OpenSocial Hackathons (at GooglePlex)
6 How to Effectively Use Social Media for Search Marketing Campaigns (Joey Wan)
7 And I’ll be speaking at the Deal Maker Media tonight

Join me at the Community Roundtable (hosted at Forrester)
Feb 28th | 530pm | Foster City, CA
I’ll be adding to the busy-ness of the valley. I’m pleased to be hosting my first real event at Forrester, on Feb 28th, we’ll have those who lead community efforts in Silicon Valley over for an open discussion at our Foster City branch. (HQ is in Cambridge) It’s a free event, many of the folks I know, and I really welcome them with open arms. As an analyst this works perfectly, as I’m researching and writing reports on online communities, social networks, and widgets, I’ll give the attendees a choice to get their hand on the report. Bill Johnston the organizer since 2005 has the details on how you can attend. A few rules, no vendor pitches, and there’s a ‘soft NDA’ where much of the content shared from attendees will not be made public (although the concepts will be).

Here’s a few other events I’ll be speaking at in Feb-March
I’ve indicated which ones are public conferences, so I hope you consider attending.

  • Online Community Keynote, The Knight Journalism School | UC Berkeley, March 27, 2008
  • Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives | Mountain View, March 25th
  • SNAP Summit (Public Conference) | San Francisco, March 25th
  • SXSW (Public Conference) | Austin, March 7-11th
  • Graphing Social Patterns by O’Reilly (Public Conference)| San Diego, March 3-4
  • Internet Strategy Forum | San Francisco, Feb 27
  • Shaking the Money Tree of Multi-Platform Social Networks | Stanford, Feb 19
  • Web 2.0 Marketing: What’s Real and What’s Hype (Microsoft/MarketingProfs | Webinar, Feb 14, client
  • DealMaker Media, Social Networking ’08 | San Francisco, Feb 7 (that’s tonight)
  • I really hope to see you out at these events, if you’ve any events in your area (and not in Silicon Valley) feel free to leave a comment or a link. Spread the word.

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