Where to get the Live Updates from the Forrester Marketing Conference

Forrester has asked me to be on point for the social media efforts during tomorrow’s Marketing conference in L.A. (over 800 senior marketers are attending) we’re still in the evaluation process for hiring the community manager, so I’m just filling in.

So, starting tomorrow, I’ll be blogging at the Marketing Blog, and will be using the Forrester Twitter account.

Quite a few bloggers are attending, such as Jeremy Pepper, Rodney Rumford, Jennifer Jones (podcaster), and others. On the Forrester Marketing blog, I’ll link to all those that are doing live blogging of the sessions.

If I can get my gear to work correctly, Ill be live streaming the keynotes, I’ll announce it from the Forrester Twitter account.

Here’s the last event I went to, Day 1, and Day 2.