LinkedIn’s Applications Further Moves the Intranet Away from the Firewall

Although I don’t have any kids of my own yet, but I’m sure my kids won’t know what a firewall is when they reach the workplace. Why? firewalls, the enterprise security that maintains security between employees and the public on your intranet are going to be irrelevant –and LinkedIn and other SaaS products are making this happen –one URL at a time. I’ve expanded upon this a bit more in a recent discussion with the WSJ indicating the opportunity for LinkedIn and others. I’ve been in close contact with LinkedIn over the past year, and recently had lunch with their CEO to discuss their strategy, so I’ve been fully briefed on this platform announcement. Given the downturn in economy, this … Continue readingLinkedIn’s Applications Further Moves the Intranet Away from the Firewall

Forrester Report: Google’s OpenSocial: Good News For Marketing Widgets But No Silver Bullet

I’m proud to announce my latest report on OpenSocial. If you’re not familiar with that, check out How to Explain OpenSocial to your Executives. I interview Google, developers, and social network platforms to find out their ideology and experience with converting applications to the OpenSocial protocol, and I quickly learned that while the promise is indeed a powerful one, in reality, it will be very difficult to achieve. In some cases, developers tell me that widget code needs to be modified up to 50%. For clients, you can access the short report on the Forrester site, or you can purchase it on the site. As much as I’d love to share this research to everyone, like you have your products, … Continue readingForrester Report: Google’s OpenSocial: Good News For Marketing Widgets But No Silver Bullet

White Label Social Networks that support OpenSocial (For 2008)

If you’re not familiar with OpenSocial, it’s a protocol lead by Google to allow widgets and applications to be portable to any social network or website that part of the alliance. If you’re not familiar read “Explaining OpenSocial to your Executives” to get started, I explain it in pure business terms. I’m conducting research right now for an upcoming report on OpenSocial, I’ve already interviewed David Glazer and Kevin Marks from Google, and have interviewed Joseph Smarr from Plaxo, Nick O’Neill from All Facebook, and will be talking to David Recordon from Six Apart next week. I just asked my twitter network, (and received about 20 responses) about which white label social networks are open social compliant, and received quite … Continue readingWhite Label Social Networks that support OpenSocial (For 2008)

OpenSocial, by Google’s David Glazer

(I’ve shifted back to blogging, as some folks were overwhelmed with my tweet updates, this makes more sense rather than a blow-by-blow tweet report) What is OpenSocial First, if you don’t know what OpenSocial is read this: Explaining OpenSocial to your Executives. Forrester will be publishing a report on OpenSocial in the near future (I interviewed David and Kevin Marks last night), I’m on point for that, stay tuned. “The cloud is about getting the computer out fo the way so that we can be more productive” -David Glazer, Google Web Strategy Summary You, a web decision maker are probally considering creating widgets to reach distributed communities. The opportunity to build an application once and let it run everywhere is … Continue readingOpenSocial, by Google’s David Glazer

Panel Presentation: The Promise of Open Social at MIT/Stanford Venture Lab

Left: Bright and colorful Stanford Red umbrellas grace the campus. OpenSocial, a promise made, but little has been seen. Not sure what OpenSocial is? Here’s how I explain OpenSocial to Executives. If you want to learn more, then join us as I’ll be moderating a panel at Stanford Business School in Palo Alto this coming Tuesday, Feb 19th on the topic of the distributed web. Join us: Shaking the Money Tree of Multi-Platform Social Networks Why Pursue a Multi-platform social network strategy? Find Out the Pros and Cons. The panelists will be: Kevin Marks, Developer Advocate, OpenSocial Google Keith Rabois, Vice President Business Strategy, Slide Steve Cohen, Head of Platform, Bebo Ken Gullicksen, Managing Partner, Morgenthaler Ventures Part of why … Continue readingPanel Presentation: The Promise of Open Social at MIT/Stanford Venture Lab