Video: How To Use Twitter and Connect in the Comments

I’m getting more and more client calls asking about Twitter, although I tend to think most of my readers are the super social elite folks you’d find in Friendfeed. Yet, in reality, many agencies, brands, and executives are just hearing about this microblogging services from the recent media buzz. The above video, created by Lee and Sachi LeFever (I hung out with them in SXSW) of CommonCraft is available here on YouTube, or you can use their license and use for internal education. If you’re seeking to find some of my Forrester colleagues, Alexis Karlin in our web marketing team has an ongoing roster of Forrester employees who happen to be on Twitter. If you happen to be a client, … Continue readingVideo: How To Use Twitter and Connect in the Comments

What’s Wrong With Corporate Social Media, and How To Fix It

What’s Wrong With Corporate Social Media? Well, A lot of things. I was invited to join a panel designed by Peter Kim (he used his blog to gather feedback) at the Web 2.0 expo to explore just those topics. We managed to get Charlene Li, and it was like a mini-reunion. Over dinner the preceding night, we decided to focus on four key challenges that we see across the social media marketing industry. The Four Major Challenges of Social Media Today 1. How to get culture to adopt & get executives to buy in? 2. How to make social media “campaigns” work? 3. How do you measure social media? 4. Does social media even matter? Folks who blogged the session: … Continue readingWhat’s Wrong With Corporate Social Media, and How To Fix It

Panel: Search Engine Optimization for New Media

I’m sitting here at the Thin Air Summit in Denver, anyone who is here on a Saturday is very serious about social media –I guess I fit the bill. I don’t know that much about SEO when it comes to social media, so I’m going to blog some of the key findings. Moderator: Micah Baldwin Panelists: Brett Borders, Elizabeth Yarnell, John Fischer Elizabeth a book author had a desire to promote her book Glorious One-Pot Meals –without using a traditional publisher. Her advice? The goal is to be found, rather than focus on traditional marketing which is ‘target markets’. Think beyond keywords and be actionable Bad: “Elizabeth Yarnell, Author” instead use the title bar to put in keywords about your … Continue readingPanel: Search Engine Optimization for New Media

Thinking Bigger: Web 2.0 Summit Gives a Purpose

For the first time in a while yesterday, I felt back at home. Although I’ve been traveling all about speaking to different companies and business conferences, it’s been some time since I’ve gone to conferences in my core passion area of social media and web 2.0. Although I was only able to attend the third of three days, Tim O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Summit really gave a good show in the most literal meaning. The 3k ticket price brought forth amazing speakers from Mark Zuckerberg, Arianna Huffington, Jerry Yang, Lance Armstrong, Issac Mao, Marc Benioff, Kevin Rose, and an inspirational keynote by Al Gore. Unlike previous Web 2.0 events the theme was very clear to me, these social tools are now … Continue readingThinking Bigger: Web 2.0 Summit Gives a Purpose

Giveaway: Tickets to the Internet Strategy Forum Summit

I’m rewarding two readers with a complimentary VIP pass to the Internet Strategy Forum Summit conference on July 17th at the Governor Hotel in downtown Portland. If you’re passionate about making your corporate website the best it can be, and want to connect with others who are leading the charge at their companies, then you’ve already marked a place on your Calendar for the Internet Strategy Forum Summit in July 17th in Portland. Speakers include • Geoffrey Ramsey, Co-founder & CEO, eMarketer • Charlene Li, VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research (I can’t wait to meet her someday!) • Chris Shimojima, VP, Global Digital Commerce, Nike • David Placier, VP, Consumer Insights, Disney Online • Nancy Bhagat, VP of Sales … Continue readingGiveaway: Tickets to the Internet Strategy Forum Summit

Carmen, John, and Ajay on the future of White Label Social Networks

In my previous post, I asked a question for the chance to win one of two tickets to the Graphing Social Conference in Virginia. I was getting so many responses (over 20 in 12 hours) that I had to put a cap on the contest. I carefully read each of the comments, and have found three comments that I find insightful, back up their assertion with reasoning, or are just plain interesting. Please congratulate these winners! Also, for reasons out of my control, I won’t be attending GSP this time, hope you live blog it. Question: Where you think the future of White Label Social networks is headed over the next 5 years, and why you back up that prediction? … Continue readingCarmen, John, and Ajay on the future of White Label Social Networks

Upcoming Conferences to Attend: Where will you be?

There are two conferences that I recommend you attend if you read my blog, the topics and presentations are closely aligned to what I’m interested in, and I know both of the organizers –they give good conferences with high value. The first one is the Internet Strategy Forum Summit, July 17-18 in Portland, managed by my friend Steve Gehlen. He’s even offered a discount for readers of my blog (many web decision makers). Enter in WEBSTRAT as the discount code to get 10% off. I won’t be able to attend this year (I did last year) but Charlene Li will be one of the presenters. enjoy! Graphing Social Patterns by Dave McClure, is a successful conference on the topic of … Continue readingUpcoming Conferences to Attend: Where will you be?

Listening to the Audience (Twitter) at Web 2.0 Expo: The Balance of Value vs Entertainment

I had near polar experiences on my two panels yesterday, the first one I moderated called Community Building: Good, Bad, and Ugly, and the second as a panelist: Short Attention Span Theater: The Birth of Microblogging & Micromedia. A “Boring” panel that shifted to audience questions Now the first panel had very enterprise technology companies present: Jive Software (Dawn Foster), Intel (Bob Duffy), PC/Mac World (Kellie Parker) and Forrester. We were very pragmatic, informational, and provide best practices information. While the majority of people enjoyed the discussion, I noticed an increase of Fortune 5000 attendees who are craving ‘how to’ information, some found the panel “dry” or “boring”. I tend to agree, the content we provided had lots of nuggets … Continue readingListening to the Audience (Twitter) at Web 2.0 Expo: The Balance of Value vs Entertainment

Forrester’s Marketing Conference Day 2: Understanding Your Customers Through Engagement

Designing For Engagement, Kerry Bodine, Principal Analyst, Forrester Sitting in the front row from Forrester’s Marketing Forum 2008, the theme for today’s event with over 800 attendees being Marketing’s New Imperative For Success: Engagement Voices from the Audience: UK’s Hayden, who was our virtual guest who’s question was asked and answered in the Ustream Channel enjoys participating. David Berkowitz watches the chat room from NYC Adam Cohen reveals that The Future Will Be Televised…With Social Media David Deal comments on George Colony’s keynote in Your employee, your blogger Live Streaming the Morning Keynotes: Harley Manning (Setting the Stage) and Kerry Bodine (Engagement), 52 Minutes MicroBlogging: TwitterMembers are using their laptops and mobile devices to interact with each other using Twitter, … Continue readingForrester’s Marketing Conference Day 2: Understanding Your Customers Through Engagement