Web3 Use Cases: Five Capabilities Enabling People

By Jessica Groopman, Jaimy Szymanski, and Jeremiah Owyang A new internet movement called “Web3” has emerged. A rejection of the massive control, financial, and information asymmetry that resulted from Web2’s search, e-commerce and social media giants, the vision of Web3 is to use distributed digital networks to shift power back to participants. This post will first define Web3 for the business leader by explaining the capabilities these emerging technologies enable for participants. Then we’ll address the dynamics of this ascendent, if hotly debated tech movement. Our definition attempts to bridge an analysis of (early-stage) Web3 applications and market dynamics, with key technological enablements of decentralized, distributed, and hybrid network designs. Here we focus on people (individuals and end-users): how are … Continue readingWeb3 Use Cases: Five Capabilities Enabling People

Study: Digital Health & Wellness in the Age of Quarantine

Summary: Fresh data from consumers on their adoption of tech wellness and tech health consumer products, trust in tech vs health institutions, as well as surprising data on longevity data. Image from Pexels In 2018, a report by the Global Wellness Institute found that the global wellness economy was worth $4.5 trillion USD, growing at an average of 6.5%—nearly twice as fast as the global economy, the traditional health sector has a market cap of nearly $12 Trillion. As health and wellness technologies integrate with our routines and habits, they are gathering an unprecedented amount of data about our daily lives—over 335 petabytes per month to be exact. Nearly every brand and organization that has a stake in the health … Continue readingStudy: Digital Health & Wellness in the Age of Quarantine

Big Brands Experiment with NFTs, and a look to the Future

Summary: Branded NFTs offer passionate customers collectible virtual goods that generate brand engagement, unlock new experiences, foster a passionate community, add new revenue, and will be critical assets for upcoming virtual worlds. Digital art by a.pzn, via Pexels With quarantine reducing the number of people visiting stores or attending events, humans seek other ways to connect with experiences they are passionate about. If you’re new to NFTs, read this NFT primer from the Verge. As usual, brands follow the latest consumer trends, and NFTs are no exception. The NFT craze has been hot during the last few months, as wealthy crypto investors are collecting rare digital art, that often dramatically increases in value, or grants utility to premium online experiences, … Continue readingBig Brands Experiment with NFTs, and a look to the Future

20 Ways Businesses Will Engage Social Audio

By Jeremiah Owyang, Jaimy Szymanski, and Jessica Groopman of Kaleido Insights The recent social audio craze––brought about by platform leaders Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces––has us reminiscing at my firm Kaleido Insights about the early days of social media, to get up to speed, read my report: The Future of Social Audio: Startups, Roadmap, Business Models, and a Forecast. The tech crowd abuzz with the promise of a new, real-time engagement platform, influencers gathering en masse to share content, and the ever-so-slight opening of the proverbial “exclusive access door” to the public for a peek inside the magic. Except this time around, consumers and the press are much more keen to the potential data risks and platform flaws. [Social Audio is … Continue reading20 Ways Businesses Will Engage Social Audio

The Future of Social Audio: Startups, Roadmap, Business Models, and a Forecast

This market forecast includes an overview and contains predictions of the rapidly growing social audio market. I have been a technology industry analyst in relevant markets like social media and the sharing economy for over a decade at tech research firms. What Is Social Audio? Real-Time Voice Conversations With Social FeaturesIf you were familiar with Party Lines four decades ago, you remember how friends and strangers could dial up to audio-based conversations regardless of location. In 2021, instead of landline phones, quarantine-limited users are downloading apps for real-time conversations with friends and family. The visual interfaces may vary, from emoticons to text chat integration to avatar integration. Modern app versions contain social graphs, groups, and other social networking features you … Continue readingThe Future of Social Audio: Startups, Roadmap, Business Models, and a Forecast

2021 Trend: Pandemic Tech

This Year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES – January 11-14) is all virtual because of COVID-19, but what’s most interesting is the rapid turn towards pandemic technology. It seems that the tech world has turned out in force to solve the challenges created by the pandemic.  What Is Pandemic Tech? Pandemic tech refers to technology that aims to fight the threats posed by pandemic infectious disease through identification, warnings, sanitization, management, and analysis of data.  There is actually a crowdsourced community of innovators that has named itself PandemicTec. These innovators are backed by a resource network dedicated to bridging the gap between the infectious disease community and the technology innovation ecosystem. Here are just a few of the incredibly high number … Continue reading2021 Trend: Pandemic Tech

Device Review: Which Wearables are Worth Your Wellness Investment?

In this post, my firm, Kaleido Insights analysts review three wearable devices: Apple Watch Series 6, Oura Ring, and Whoop Band. by Jeremiah Owyang, Jessica Groopman and Jaimy Szymanski The wearable industry is booming as technological advancements race to meet emergent health needs. But, how effective are these high-tech gadgets as enablers of consumer wellness? At Kaleido Insights, we’ve identified five major technology themes that are impacting all businesses, and among them include: Digital Trust, Health & Wellness, and Ambient Computing. One class of technologies, wearable devices, spans across these themes, as both interfaces for data collection points and technologies designed for humans to alter their behaviors. On occasion, the Kaleido Insights analysts test out new technologies that fit our research trajectory. … Continue readingDevice Review: Which Wearables are Worth Your Wellness Investment?

Hunger Games: Who’s Winning the Food Delivery War?

Market analysis of Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Amazon Prime Now, Walmart Grocery, Acme and other global players. Due to COVID, the stay at home economy has been growing as people shift to on-demand grocery and home restaurant delivery, statistics bear this out: Revenue from the online food delivery industry is projected to reach US$26 billion.Revenue is projected to grow at an annual rate of 5.1%, reaching $32 billion by 2024. Market volume in the market’s largest segment, restaurant-to-consumer delivery, is projected to reach $156 billion in 2020. The global food delivery market is expected to hit the $154 billion mark in 2023.Globally, most revenue in this sector will be generated in China ($51 billion in 2020). COVID Effect: Online Grocery Shopping Increased … Continue readingHunger Games: Who’s Winning the Food Delivery War?

Study: The Secret to Sustainable Remote Work Can Be Found in a Connected Culture

One Liner: As a research analyst, I partnered with RingCentral to survey 4,000 remote workers on their mood, social interactions, wellbeing, productivity and more. How Are You Holding Up? That’s exactly the question we asked 4,000 remote workers in a recent survey to find out how they’re adjusting and adapting to what has become an extended period of working from home, with no end in sight for many. We wanted to know about their physical or mental well-being and whether they were feeling disconnected from others. Were they struggling with technology or with accessing information and if so, how was that impacting productivity? Was their company taking steps to help them? In recent months, headlines about remote work have focused on remote … Continue readingStudy: The Secret to Sustainable Remote Work Can Be Found in a Connected Culture