2021 Trend: Pandemic Tech

This Year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES – January 11-14) is all virtual because of COVID-19, but what’s most interesting is the rapid turn towards pandemic technology. It seems that the tech world has turned out in force to solve the challenges created by the pandemic.  What Is Pandemic Tech? Pandemic tech refers to technology that aims to fight the threats posed by pandemic infectious disease through identification, warnings, sanitization, management, and analysis of data.  There is actually a crowdsourced community of innovators that has named itself PandemicTec. These innovators are backed by a resource network dedicated to bridging the gap between the infectious disease community and the technology innovation ecosystem. Here are just a few of the incredibly high number … Continue reading2021 Trend: Pandemic Tech

Google better organizes our world –and sells us back the experience

Above Photo:  Google showcases interconnected screens at Google IO conference in SF. By Chris Silva (cross posted) and Jeremiah Owyang, Industry Analysts at Altimeter Group Last year’s over hyped skydiving was replaced by down to earth by grounded product enhancements. We’re live from the Google IO conference in SF with 6,000 developers, press, and media in San Francisco’s Moscone event center. We noticed a lot of Glass Explorer units (which surprisingly was barely mentioned in the keynote) we’ve purchased two to test, and will write up a detailed post on them after we’ve done a thorough test. Today’s Google’s announcements were a wreck; a series of products flipping in front of you, rather than a well laid out showroom. To … Continue readingGoogle better organizes our world –and sells us back the experience

Altimeter’s Take: The Technologies That Matter from SXSW 2013

By Chris Silva (who’s cross posted on his blog) and Jeremiah Owyang, Industry Analysts at Altimeter Group Technologies are Emerging at an Increased Rate –Making Tracking Harder than Ever SXSW is no longer about disruptive technologies being launched, instead, it’s a mainstream, it’s a mainsteam festival, actually) and digital leaders at today’s large corporations are already present, and you should be too.  In fact, the amount of data created about the topic had nearly double year over year.   Altimeter Group was well represented with 9 analysts or researchers at SxSWi this year, with a large team in Austin tracking what’s disruptive. Long known for launches of big names such as Twitter and Foursquare, as well as those with more hype that … Continue readingAltimeter’s Take: The Technologies That Matter from SXSW 2013

Field Notes: Touring Techcrunch Disrupt 2012

(Above pic: Techcrunch Disrupt featured 329 global startups over 3 days in San Francisco) I just visited dozens and dozens of startup booths (so you don’t have to) at the massive Techcrunch Disrupt held in San Francisco, I also attended in 2011 and published my notes.  I’ve been attending Techcrunch events since they were held in Mike Arrington’s backyard with beers, bbq, and a bouncing black lab over 5 years ago, they’ve come a very long way and Mark Zuckerberg said it was larger than his own Facebook conference. There was an all-star cast of tech-arati including Mark Zuckerberg, Marissa Mayer, Marc Benioff, Jack Dorsey, Tim Draper, Ben Horowitz, David Sachs, Kevin Rose, Aaron Levie, Cory Booker, and even Jessica Alba.  In … Continue readingField Notes: Touring Techcrunch Disrupt 2012

London LeWeb: Faster Than Real Time

I’ll be at LeWeb London with brands, and the agencies and software vendors who serve them as a keynote and co-host on the social track with Cedric Giorgi , I hope you’ll join us! I’m pleased to attend LeWeb this June in London (new venue, new date, same quality show) it’s one of the highest production conferences in our space at scale. One of the fantastic things of the high-production global show is the focus on the future of how the web is moving the world, business, and ourselves forward. I’m glad that Loic has selected the theme “Faster Than Real Time” based on Altimeter’s research themes (Adaptive Org), which will stem the many speeches at the event, and I’ll … Continue readingLondon LeWeb: Faster Than Real Time

SXSW Interactive 2012: As Crowd Swells, New Technologies Emerge for Intimate Relationships

Left: Austin on Sunday, after rain dispersed. If you didn’t attend SXSW and want a first hand perspective (or maybe you did go and partied too hard) then this post is for you. There’s a lot to learn from SXSW: A Petri dish of social and interactive behaviors, a bellwether of what could be a trend for the year. It also has a downside from overhype, fanboyism, and an over inflated view of behaviors that may not persist as people return to work. This year the conference was bigger than ever, word on the street is the entire 2012 festival has grown to include 50k (Tuesday evening, the festival said its official paid attendance count for 2012 was 24,569, up … Continue readingSXSW Interactive 2012: As Crowd Swells, New Technologies Emerge for Intimate Relationships

Keynote Slides: Prioritizing the Coming Year, Achieve “Escape Velocity”

What would you tell 600 marketers from the largest global brands who have European initiatives? That’s exactly what I was tasked to do here at Bazaarvoice’s Social Commerce Summit in London today. These brands, which are quickly moving into the space, have adopted social technologies that include: ratings, customer discussions, and aggregate that data right on their own corporate website. While companies are quick to launch a social networking page for their brand, or integrate customer discussions onto product pages, our research has found there are two distinct classes of companies: 1) Those that are building programs that will not scale, forcing them to ever-respond to customers and fall behind internal stakeholder requests. On the other hand, 2) Those that … Continue readingKeynote Slides: Prioritizing the Coming Year, Achieve “Escape Velocity”

Meetup: Business Leaders to Meet Occupy Everything. Sat AM in SF

I’ve been watching with great intrigue the growing groundswell of the Occupy Everything that is directly challenging the economy, business, and the market. My business partner Charlene Li and I and the rest of the Altimeter analysts have been watching and discussing this growing movement, and want to learn more. We conduct research (like this report on crises) for many of the large corporations that the movement is directing their energy at, and want to better understand this as this movement at this time is offering an ongoing dialog through their protests. To learn more, Altimeter’s Charlene Li and myself (and other colleagues) will head to the movement to meet the protesters to engage in dialog and learn more from … Continue readingMeetup: Business Leaders to Meet Occupy Everything. Sat AM in SF

Disruption at Disrupt? Not Quite, but Here’s a Few Gems

Left Image: Startup Alley features 200 emerging startups, I talked to as many as I could. In my quest for ABR (always be researching), the Three Web Strategy Spheres, I had a day to focus in on the technology sphere (the bleeding edge of it) to connect with a handful of the 200 emerging garage startups at Techcrunch Disrupt yesterday. Trends: Emerging Startups Show Innovation –Despite Most Will Fail: It’s been fun attending the Techcrunch events emerge from Michael’s backyard in 2006 to the now international events where thousands descend, here’s the high level trends: The air smelled like “opportunity”. with many entrepreneurs filled with passion bring forth their projects, some who travelled from around the world (there was even … Continue readingDisruption at Disrupt? Not Quite, but Here’s a Few Gems