Notes from Sean O’Driscoll’s Webinar on Social Media and Communities hosted by SAP Salon

Social Map by Sean O'Driscoll

(Above Graphic: Sean’s suggests that word of mouth will travel through networks at different speeds, and with different accuracy depending on the network. He lists many attributes that will impact the speed of sharing)

Sean O’Driscoll, who did a fantastic job, who has extensive experience managing the Microsoft MVP program has struck out on his own and has launched his own consulting shop Community Group Therapy.

SAP Salon: Social Media and Online Communities

Key highlights:

  • To be an effective community professional, you need to walk the talk and use the tools
  • Google is not a search engine, it’s a reputation tracker
  • Sean scored high on search engine results for Microsoft Support after a bad story was on
  • Admits there are many buzzwords, yet many forget to look at the bigger picture
  • Rather than focusing on the Techcrunch/Scoble “Shiny Diamond” to develop a social media strategy
  • The 5 P’s of Social Media: People, Places, Process, Platform, Patterns
  • Process is potentially the most important P –but often overlooked
  • There are more smarter people about your product outside of your company
  • It’s good and horrible news that it’s easy to publish. Many fractures due to lack of strategy.
  • Google is the enemy of brand loyalty, if I can find the answer to a question not on your corporate property
  • Most advocates and influencers are not
    helping to help a brand, they are helping other users.
  • “Pay it forward” a good model and metaphor how a community works
  • Participation:
  • Impacts to busienss: Customer Service and Support, Sales and Marketing, Innovation and Product Development
  • You can’t own the message and the audience is going to change it on their own
  • Word of Mouth has been a key driver why people buy what they buy, now with access to information through social tools greatly impacts this
  • Engagement is about brand inclusion, making sure people have their voiced involved
  • We’ve all seen ugly babies but never had one. We’ve strong attraction to our own products. Uses a MS open source as a case study
  • Beta is not early enough to get your community involved
  • If you want raving fans, get affinity, talks about Harley Davidson
  • Influencer Framework in Web 1.0: Envision and develop, test and release, and sell and support
  • Suggests that social aspect of employees were only in sell and support aspect, not other areas
  • Sean had an executive champion, Steve Ballmer
  • Social graph: as a business strategy we should think about it as
  • For some reason, webex auto-showed webcams (powerbook users?) which was a potential major hazard for those who did not know they were being streamed at their desk. This needs to be fixed, could be a major embarrassment for folks.

    Also the chat room in the webex client was very active, I saw Kevin Marks, Marita, Pistachio and others chiming away. The organizer said this chat room was the one of the most active they’ve ever seen. Twitter was a big recruiter.

    There are several graphics that I could not effectively blog to text, I’ll link to the slides if they are published.

    When I live blog webinars or conferences (even doing screen grabs), not only does it help everyone else, but it helps me to get smarter. Writing really helps to cement knowledge to actionable work.

    Thanks Sean and thanks SAP for hosting this!

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