How To Successfully Produce A Webinar: Follow the “Ten P’s”

Webinars an effective way to engage prospects Webinars are increasingly important to the online marketplace who doesn’t have time to attend a conference, peel away from the office, or wants to learn on their own time. In fact, webinars, webcasts, and teleconferences can also be a long term asset as it’s viewed multiple times, and will continue to generate qualified leads. Yet most have the wrong mindset, fail to plan, and miss qualified leads Yet, most webinar producers do it wrong, or they miss key steps in planning, or fail to follow up and ‘pursue’ attendees.  A common mistakes? Not engaging with the distracted multi-tasking audience, and recognizing that webinars are now a two-way medium –even if chat features are … Continue readingHow To Successfully Produce A Webinar: Follow the “Ten P’s”

Field Report: Shanghai and China’s Social Web

It’s been three years since I’ve been back to China (see all my posts on Asia) to report on the local web scene but am now in Shanghai and have met with a handful of folks that are looking at social business within China. Don’t take this as a proper research report, but just sharing what I heard from speaking to a handful of professionals who are looking at the social web, culture, and business such as Sam Flemming, Bryce Whitwam, and hearing from Nicolas Zurstrassen of Nike present at the Social Media event where I was speaking. Field Report: Shanghai and China’s Social Web, What I Learned: Caveat:  Don’t take this as complete research, it’s just based on what I learned … Continue readingField Report: Shanghai and China’s Social Web

Industry Index: List of Social Inbox Aggregator (SIA) Providers

Written by Jeremiah Owyang (Customer Strategy) and Ray Wang (Enterprise Strategy), Industry Analysts at the Altimeter Group. We’re tasked with a difficult job as industry analyst in one of the fastest emerging markets. Part of our role is to find new trends, identify their impact, and rate and rank who offers them. In the past, I did this for this list community platform marketing, and the Social Media Management System market (SSMS). Despite the influx of new entrants, even a new set of features is now emerging on the industry, and I’m here to identify it now. Situation: More social data causes a cacophony of noise Soon your fridge, car, and house will tweet. (plants already do, and I ordered … Continue readingIndustry Index: List of Social Inbox Aggregator (SIA) Providers

Roadmap: Integrating Social Technologies with your Corporate Website (Slides)

A few years ago, I wrote a controversial post suggesting corporate websites were irrelevant.  Why?  Decisions were being made off-domain by customers and peers.  Secondly, many marketers were trying to get customers to go to their corporate website versus joining where they already are, “Fish where the fish are.” Today, I’m pleased to see that the thinking –and technology, has emerged, where we’re finding a variety of companies that are integrating social technologies right into the corporate website, bringing the trusted discussions closer to the corporate site.  In fact, I’m kicking off the Gilbane CMS conference in SF as the keynote, and will be sharing this deck live on stage. Making your Corporate Website Relevant View more presentations from Jeremiah … Continue readingRoadmap: Integrating Social Technologies with your Corporate Website (Slides)

Matrix: How Facebook’s ‘Community Pages’ and Privacy Changes Impact Brands

This is one of those important posts to forward to your marketing team, agency partners, and to Facebook themselves. While there’s been plenty of coverage about user privacy concerns, attention on Facebook’s changes on brands hasn’t been adequately covered, this analysis is intended to unravel what’s at stake –and what brands should do.  I’ve spoken to a handful of brands and their representatives to learn what’s eating at them. Summary:  Facebook has quietly launched ‘Community Pages’ Hampering Brands Facebook has launched  several new policies and features since the F8 Conference ‘Crusade of Colonization’ which has resulted in a large backlash from media around user privacy.  It’s not clear if beyond the vocal media if users will leave the site in droves. … Continue readingMatrix: How Facebook’s ‘Community Pages’ and Privacy Changes Impact Brands

Reinforcing Customer Service in Social Mediums: #SocialSupport

Large companies are struggling internally to support customers in social channels. Why? It’s a long term commitment, goes against existing support avenues, and is a major cultural shift. I want to kick off an opportunity to tell your story of customer service, why?  If support in these mediums is making your life easier as a customer, it’s important you provide companies with this feedback, so they can add to their internal business case. If you’re a customer, and have been supported, service, helped, or thanked by a company and their employees in social channels, here’s your chance to tell them: It’s easy, go to Twitter, and Tweet to the brands that have helped you, and tag it #socialsupport.  You can see the … Continue readingReinforcing Customer Service in Social Mediums: #SocialSupport

Trend: Social CRM Consolidation

Social Software Is In the “Cambrian Explosion” Era Last weekend, I visited New York’s Museum of Natural History and Sciences.  I’m always fascinated by the dawn of life, and often draw a lot of parallels from the era of many new organisms and how many evolved and many who didn’t adapt to their environment.   In fact, the metaphor works very well in the fast moving social software space, as we’re currently in the Cambrian Explosion, where many new species are appearing (I’ve mapped over 100 community platform vendors, and E&Y has found over 125 social monitoring firms).  The barriers are so low for entry, and with a recession in place, we’re seeing an explosion of new firms.  Those that … Continue readingTrend: Social CRM Consolidation

Trend: When Digital Displays Fuel Social Commerce

Left: American Eagle’s flagship retail store in Times Square allows shoppers to post their photo to the marquee for their “15 seconds of fame”, you can even read how some shoppers, like Bryan, from Birmingham, posts his photo for the whole world to see. Smorgasbord of Digital at Times Square Makes it Hard to Stand Out After finishing my keynote at PRSA, I’m here in New York’s Times Square, and witnessed first hand the closing of the square yesterday during a false alarm bomb scare (it was just an abandoned cooler, thankfully).  After the Square was reopened a few hours later by NY’s finest, I got to sit down, and take in the digital sights and sounds.  Although I’ve been … Continue readingTrend: When Digital Displays Fuel Social Commerce

People on the Move in the Social Business Industry: May 4, 2010

In an effort to recognize the changes in the social media space, I’ve started this post series (see archives) to both track and congratulate folks who get promoted, move, or accept new exciting positions. Please help me congratulate the following folks: Also, my submission form has changed to a new URL, the former Google form was giving me problems, so please use this one going forward. Lots of movement in the social business category, including a few key hires at firms that get the social business landscape and quite a few submissions continuing to come in on the form. Giovanni Rodriguez Joins BroadVision as Chief Marketing Officer. I’ve known Giovanni for years, and consider him kind hearted, a strategic communications … Continue readingPeople on the Move in the Social Business Industry: May 4, 2010