Industry Index: List of Social Inbox Aggregator (SIA) Providers

Written by Jeremiah Owyang (Customer Strategy) and Ray Wang (Enterprise Strategy), Industry Analysts at the Altimeter Group. We’re tasked with a difficult job as industry analyst in one of the fastest emerging markets. Part of our role is to find new trends, identify their impact, and rate and rank who offers them. In the past, I did this for this list community platform marketing, and the Social Media Management System market (SSMS). Despite the influx of new entrants, even a new set of features is now emerging on the industry, and I’m here to identify it now. Situation: More social data causes a cacophony of noise Soon your fridge, car, and house will tweet. (plants already do, and I ordered … Continue readingIndustry Index: List of Social Inbox Aggregator (SIA) Providers