Adapting to Radical Changes in Business

Colleague Brian Solis’s latest book, which focused on organizational change across many of today’s disruptive companies launches –I want you to buy End of Business as Usual now for your team. In the spirit of Groundswell, Open Leadership, and Engage, another book to your business library is available. The book is organized in two distinct phases. The first focuses on the changes to the converged and connected customers, the external forces. This is suitable for anyone who’s focused on customer strategy from marketing to support to product innovation. The second half is designer for changes leaders within your company. These change agents within corporations may be managers, VPs, and your CEO who wants to shift the corporation to quickly adapt. … Continue readingAdapting to Radical Changes in Business

Book Review: ‘Good For Business’ Asks The Right Questions, But Doesn’t Give the Answer

I’m attending Steve Forbes’s CMO event in Florida with Charlene Li, and part of the recommended reading for all attendees is the book Good for Business, which came nicely packaged to my desk. Not one to defy Steve Forbes, and certainly wanting to be a good student, I’ve consumed the book on my flight, and share my notes openly, here’s what I found: The Thesis: The Corporation of the Future Should Inspire Trust Selling products to make a profit is no longer sufficient. Companies must also appease the human nature of their customers as they are now demanding sustainability, open conversation, helping the community, transparency, and an ethos and mission they can relate to. The book asks four fundamental questions, … Continue readingBook Review: ‘Good For Business’ Asks The Right Questions, But Doesn’t Give the Answer