Reinforcing Customer Service in Social Mediums: #SocialSupport

Large companies are struggling internally to support customers in social channels. Why? It’s a long term commitment, goes against existing support avenues, and is a major cultural shift. I want to kick off an opportunity to tell your story of customer service, why?  If support in these mediums is making your life easier as a customer, it’s important you provide companies with this feedback, so they can add to their internal business case. If you’re a customer, and have been supported, service, helped, or thanked by a company and their employees in social channels, here’s your chance to tell them:

It’s easy, go to Twitter, and Tweet to the brands that have helped you, and tag it #socialsupport.  You can see the river of mentions coming in now.

If you work for a brand monitoring or listening platform company and want to run a report for me, I’ll be happy to post your data findings after a quick review.  While there are very quantitative ways of measuring improved customer satisfaction, reduced response time, and lowered support costs, there’s nothing like good ol’ fashioned qualitative feedback.