Breakdown: Social Media Workflow, Process, Triage

Left: Altimeter Research found that most companies lack a formalized process –and even out of the advanced, only 76% had a process in place, read the full report on Social Readiness. The purpose of these breakdown posts is to serve as an industry reference as the space advanced to optimization and performance.  The assumption is that a company is forming a Center of Excellence or ruling body, or has recently done so before deploying this key component. Needs: Companies desire to be efficient –not having a workflow puts company at risk Like our bodies, cities, and corporations, all complex organisms have a natural process and order that helps to reduce inefficiencies and increases the end goals.   So what if … Continue readingBreakdown: Social Media Workflow, Process, Triage

Breakdown of a Dedicated Social Media Engagement or Command Center

Left: Dell’s Social Media Command and Listening Center, Austin Texas. The purpose of this post is to be an industry reference for this social business use case, please leave comments with further additions. Many a year ago, I worked at a web hosting company that had a Network Operations Center (NOC) that looked like NASA’s mission control.  Enclosed in a glass ‘fishbowl’ the 20-50 staff, systems, training, technology were all used in conjunction to support the network traffic of the customers websites, see Google images.  The “NOC” was externally packaged and marketed as a cutting edge feature of a top performance center, touted on customer tours at HQ, and had internal mystique and prestige of those who were there. Today, … Continue readingBreakdown of a Dedicated Social Media Engagement or Command Center

Video Replay: 10 Reasons Customer Care Has Changed and How To Build a Strategy

Responding to Customers In Social Support May Be Hurting Your Brand. Why? You may be teaching your customers to yell at their friends in order to get your attention. You must develop a social support strategy that involves an escalation process, will scale, and use the right internal processes and software to succeed. In the above recorded webinar, you can watch the replay and learn about the business case (why many companies have fallen down in social media crises) understand market data on trends on adoption rates and spending, and a five step escalation framework with over a dozen examples. Above: The 5-Tier Social Support Approach 10 Reasons How Customer Care Has Changed: There are some significant shifts on how … Continue readingVideo Replay: 10 Reasons Customer Care Has Changed and How To Build a Strategy

Social Media Mission Control, The Contact Center Must Evolve #SocialSupport

Left: Gatorade’s (Pepsico) Social Media Mission Control Center in Chicago listens and supports customers wherever they are in their lives. (Video, WSJ) Customers have been blessed –and cursed– by call centers where customers call into customer support phone lines when they have woes to solve. Now, expect similar strategies to now use Social CRM technologies (read the report) to first listen to customers where they already are, and respond in real time.  In fact we know of Gatorade being the first to launch their Mission Control center (see video below) and Dell’s head of Social Media, Manish Mehta, announced at our conference last week they are going to launch the Dell Social Media Mission Control center at their HQ. How … Continue readingSocial Media Mission Control, The Contact Center Must Evolve #SocialSupport

Reinforcing Customer Service in Social Mediums: #SocialSupport

Large companies are struggling internally to support customers in social channels. Why? It’s a long term commitment, goes against existing support avenues, and is a major cultural shift. I want to kick off an opportunity to tell your story of customer service, why?  If support in these mediums is making your life easier as a customer, it’s important you provide companies with this feedback, so they can add to their internal business case. If you’re a customer, and have been supported, service, helped, or thanked by a company and their employees in social channels, here’s your chance to tell them: It’s easy, go to Twitter, and Tweet to the brands that have helped you, and tag it #socialsupport.  You can see the … Continue readingReinforcing Customer Service in Social Mediums: #SocialSupport

Matrix: The Four Social Support Strategies

At the Altimeter Group, I cover Customer Strategy, which encompasses not only marketing, but also support, expect our discussion to grow as social technologies impact the whole enterprise. The Social Support movement is afoot (see opportunities), and more companies will be connecting existing marketing and support systems with the social web. Many companies, like Comcast, Wells Fargo, Intel, BestBuy, JetBLue are responding to customers and in some cases, supporting them in near real time. The challenge is that these teams are unable to scale, even a support team of ten full time folks at Comcast will have a hard time responding to all customers in all social channels. As a result, expect companies to resort to scalable ways to respond … Continue readingMatrix: The Four Social Support Strategies

Social Support: Companies Are Teaching Customers To Yell At Their Friends

Update: I polled my microblogging network on which brands have supported them on Twitter, see which brands have ‘taught’ their customers to yell at their friends. Recently, I started teaching puppy Rumba tricks beyond the basic sit and stay, I even made a video. How do I do it? I show him the move, then praise and reward him once it’s done. Repeat, over and over. Although customers aren’t dogs, (save for Purina and Dogster), we’re slowly training our customers that if they want better customer support, that they should say it loudly and in public –thereby influencing their friends. [As companies accelerate their social support efforts, responding to customers in public reinforces the behavior of complaining to everyone they … Continue readingSocial Support: Companies Are Teaching Customers To Yell At Their Friends

How Customer Support Organizations Must Evolve

How Customer Support Organizations Must Evolve  View more presentations from jeremiah_owyang. Customer support is tactical, a cost-center, and the clean-up-kids at the company.  Well, that’s the mentality that needs to change.  Instead, customer support can be strategic, a value center, and proactive towards customer needs. The lines between marketing and support continue to blur, as customers share their experiences (most recently, Dooce vs her Whirlpool washing machine) the support experience she has becomes a PR task. Support organizations must quickly evolve as customers connect to each other –and share their stories –using social technologies. How Customer Support Organizations Must Evolve: Companies need to stop treating support as lowly department to deal with customers problems, and start to advance their role. Go Beyond … Continue readingHow Customer Support Organizations Must Evolve