Timeline: Corporations in the Collaborative Economy (Ver 2, Oct 2014)

The longest graphic in the history of my career is embedded below, some mobile devices may not properly render. As the Crowd Economy Rises, Brands Seek to Collaborate We’ve been tracking corporations in the Collaborative Economy, and released version 1.0 in April, 2014. Now, as we approach the Crowd Companies members-summit in NY next week, we’ll be dissecting and analyzing the different deployments large companies are rolling out to participate in sharing, marketplaces, as well as co-innovation with makers. The scope? This collaborative or crowd based economy continues to rise (study, and daily numbers), and therefore corporations are adapting their business models to adjust to this peer-to-peer commerce movement. Below Graphic: Frequency of Deployments Since our initial tracking in Feb 2013, the … Continue readingTimeline: Corporations in the Collaborative Economy (Ver 2, Oct 2014)

Slides: Real Time Web Is Not Fast Enough– Three Strategies For Business

Real Time Is *Not* Fast Enough: Three Strategies For Companies To Get Ahead View more presentations from Jeremiah Owyang. I’m about to present at LeWeb, Europe’s largest internet conference with this year’s focus on “Real Time”.  With information moving even quicker, there’s a new strategy needed for companies to adopt.  Since the accompanying slides are best used with narration, here’s the gist of my presentation: Real time data is exploding at a rapid pace with the influx of status features and mobile devices.  This brings new opportunities for people to get information when they need it and opportunities and the companies that want to provide contextual information.  Yet, despite the opportunities, most companies are unable to keep up with the … Continue readingSlides: Real Time Web Is Not Fast Enough– Three Strategies For Business

How Customer Support Organizations Must Evolve

How Customer Support Organizations Must Evolve  View more presentations from jeremiah_owyang. Customer support is tactical, a cost-center, and the clean-up-kids at the company.  Well, that’s the mentality that needs to change.  Instead, customer support can be strategic, a value center, and proactive towards customer needs. The lines between marketing and support continue to blur, as customers share their experiences (most recently, Dooce vs her Whirlpool washing machine) the support experience she has becomes a PR task. Support organizations must quickly evolve as customers connect to each other –and share their stories –using social technologies. How Customer Support Organizations Must Evolve: Companies need to stop treating support as lowly department to deal with customers problems, and start to advance their role. Go Beyond … Continue readingHow Customer Support Organizations Must Evolve