Field Report: Shanghai and China’s Social Web

It’s been three years since I’ve been back to China (see all my posts on Asia) to report on the local web scene but am now in Shanghai and have met with a handful of folks that are looking at social business within China. Don’t take this as a proper research report, but just sharing what I heard from speaking to a handful of professionals who are looking at the social web, culture, and business such as Sam Flemming, Bryce Whitwam, and hearing from Nicolas Zurstrassen of Nike present at the Social Media event where I was speaking. Field Report: Shanghai and China’s Social Web, What I Learned: Caveat:  Don’t take this as complete research, it’s just based on what I learned … Continue readingField Report: Shanghai and China’s Social Web

Meet the Arabic Blogosphere: Read The Comment Section

Blogging Strategy Extending Your Voice To The World View more presentations from Jeremiah Owyang. The purpose of this post is two-fold: 1) To share my keynote presentation about blogging strategy, 2) Help connect the Arabic bloggers with my Western business readers and community. I’m in amazing Doha, in the nation of Qatar, who’s sponsored my travel to speak at the ictQATAR and my friends at ForumOne event about blogging.  Qatar wants to reach out and connect with the world, I’m excited to be one of those who can help bridge. Blogging conferences in the US were popular a few years ago –and have given way to Facebook conferences, and now Twitter or last week’s “Real Time” focus at LeWeb. The … Continue readingMeet the Arabic Blogosphere: Read The Comment Section

Olympic Photos

2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony – Get more Docstoc Buzz This slideshow (photo credits here), I found embedded on Sean Percival’s site really shows how China is giving it their all to impress the world. Despite the many criticisms, they’re putting their best foot forward. I was in Beijing a few years ago, and they were starting construction, had banners up, and were very anxious and excited to host the world. While certainly not as dramatic, I’ve collected my best of my best photos of China, on this post to raise awareness about the earthquake disaster earlier this year. What’s most interesting? watch the flickr photos come in tagged “olympics” you see both ceremony and boycott photos, many in near real … Continue readingOlympic Photos

Slideshare: Universal Mccann International Social Media Research

Universal Mccann International Social Media Research Wave 3 view presentation (tags: socialmedia research social media) It’s difficult to see the detailed text of this sldieshare, so I recommend clicking to the main site, then clicking the small button that says “Full” which will take you to the full screen view. Update: Thanks to Benedict’s comment, this report is now in PDF. I stumbled onto this large slide deck of global social media stats called the Universal Mccann International Social Media Research Wave 3. They break down usage of many different types of behaviors from creating to consuming blogs, rss, social networks, online videos, and uploading images. They provide a global viewpoint that you don’t see very often. While I don’t … Continue readingSlideshare: Universal Mccann International Social Media Research

Video: Facebook’s Spanish Translation Misses the Mark (4:20)

Click To Play I interviewed Maria and Aaron Contente, who are both native Spanish speakers from Mexico, educated, and are successful professionals in Silicon Valley. Maria Contente manages many of the relationships with our clients at Forrester in Silicon Valley and Aaron is an engineer at a large industrial company. After enjoying a home cooked Mexican meal (and a spicy cocktail), I asked them for their honest feedback on Facebook’s recent Spanish release. Watch the video to find out that the new version reads awkward. Apparently, Facebook outsourced some of the translations to the members, in a crowdsourcing effort of 1500 members, but in some cases there’s no substitute for having a professional translator. Apparently, a French version will soon … Continue readingVideo: Facebook’s Spanish Translation Misses the Mark (4:20)

Video: How to Globalize your Website with Taj Peyton, Web Strategist at Intel (3:15)

Click To Play I was just at Intel’s Sales and Marketing event on Tuesday, and was really glad to meet Intel’s EMEA Web Strategist (which is what I call decision makers), Taj Peyton. He’s responsible for understanding each of the unique needs of cultures in his European market and developing localized versions of the corporate Intel site –no easy undertaking. Watch this video and you’ll learn -Why you should or should not localize -What you research -Other than language, how are regionalized sites are different than corporate website -How to get started -Management is a nightmare, what tools to use? I ran out of memory, so the interview got cut short a few seconds, but there’s a lot of meat … Continue readingVideo: How to Globalize your Website with Taj Peyton, Web Strategist at Intel (3:15)

The “Irrelevant Corporate Website” now in Hebrew (and how to translate websites)

When I first wrote the Irrelevant Corporate Website, I never expected it to grow and spread, it’s now been translated into several languages, the most recent one in Hebrew, thanks to Omer Rosen who lives in, Rishon Lezion, Israel My colleague Charlene Li recently showed me the Google Translator tools that can do more than babelfish as it can translated an entire webpage, and maintain the look and feel. Enter in a URL, and watch it translated. Here’s a few examples of my post being translated by Google from German to English, Greek to English, Italian to English. Sadly, there is no option to translate Hebrew to English.

The ‘Irrelevant Corporate Website’ translated to Dutch

A few months ago, I wrote a post about the impacts of social media to the corporate websites, and how it must evolve, it’s been translated by the community to many languages by volunteers. I’d like to thank Jacqueline Fackeldey (who focuses on human to human marketing) for re-translating it to Dutch. Original English version And here’s the updated and slightly modified Dutch version At the bottom of the English post you’ll see links to other translations. If you know someone that has a blog and wants to translate it to Chinese, Japanese, or any of the other languages listed, it’s pretty easy to do: Translated, send me an email and I’ll promote the translation and add the link to … Continue readingThe ‘Irrelevant Corporate Website’ translated to Dutch