Field Report: Shanghai and China’s Social Web

It’s been three years since I’ve been back to China (see all my posts on Asia) to report on the local web scene but am now in Shanghai and have met with a handful of folks that are looking at social business within China. Don’t take this as a proper research report, but just sharing what I heard from speaking to a handful of professionals who are looking at the social web, culture, and business such as Sam Flemming, Bryce Whitwam, and hearing from Nicolas Zurstrassen of Nike present at the Social Media event where I was speaking. Field Report: Shanghai and China’s Social Web, What I Learned: Caveat:  Don’t take this as complete research, it’s just based on what I learned … Continue readingField Report: Shanghai and China’s Social Web

Cultural and Social Media Observations From Japan

I’m in Dallas Texas right now, perhaps the most opposite place thank Toyko where I’ve been the last week, and have been avidly sharing my observations via Twitter, the following are some of these observations, as well as a bit more context beyond 140 characters. These observations are more of a personal and cultural note, rather than my field report that focuses on the business aspect of social media in Japan. Internet Adoption high in Japan: I met the top executive of a marketing company in Japan and he told me that 2/3 of Japan’s 120 million residents are on the web. Yet most Japanese corporations do not invest heavily in web: This executive also told me that only half … Continue readingCultural and Social Media Observations From Japan

Field Report: How Culture Impacts Japan’s Adoption of Social Technologies in Business and Life

Above Image: Social Technographics of Japan’s Online Consumers, this data (and more) is accessible from the Groundswell Profile tool. First of all, this isn’t formal research, it’s just a one week observation from an outsider who spoke to a variety of companies and experts at a blogger dinner. For ongoing commentary and dedicated research from a true expert, meet colleague Jonathan Browne who’s a Forrester analyst focused on Customer Experience and based in Tokyo –he has far more knowledge, experience, and research on Japan than I likely ever will. I’m here for one week speaking to some of Japan’s top companies about my research on communities and social technologies, as well as keynoting Japan’s ZDnet conference on social technologies and … Continue readingField Report: How Culture Impacts Japan’s Adoption of Social Technologies in Business and Life

Early Morning In Tokyo and the Social Web

I have so much to share about my trip to Japan and meeting with dozens of people from Japan’s top companies, and over 20 bloggers and social media experts at last night’s blogger dinner. Perhaps the best way to share is to keep it short, here are my most recent tweets: One AM Tokyo City Never Dark, Soft Glow Sleepless City We Are We Often Forget Social Web About Culture, Not Technology Most Brands Do Not Join Yet Japan Use Social Web Fish Where The Fish Are Jet lagged Jeremiah, 1:48 AM, Tokyo

Tokyo Blogger Dinner

Above photo: I had a great time discussing the impact of social media on culture and business in Japan with Tokyo’s top bloggers. Image taken by Andrew Shuttleworth –used with permission The following portion is updated the day after the blogger dinner. Read Michael Whang’s blog report of “Tokyo 2.0” Jonathen Browne posts his thoughts on the movers and shakers of Toyko Last night’s blogger dinner with Tokyo’s finest was interesting, aside from meeting the movers and shakers in this space, discussed the social web and it’s impact on culture, we had a fun time enjoying food and drinks. I encouraged the attendees not to socialize but to also think about how social technologies impact culture, business, and Japan, we … Continue readingTokyo Blogger Dinner

Olympic Photos

2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony – Get more Docstoc Buzz This slideshow (photo credits here), I found embedded on Sean Percival’s site really shows how China is giving it their all to impress the world. Despite the many criticisms, they’re putting their best foot forward. I was in Beijing a few years ago, and they were starting construction, had banners up, and were very anxious and excited to host the world. While certainly not as dramatic, I’ve collected my best of my best photos of China, on this post to raise awareness about the earthquake disaster earlier this year. What’s most interesting? watch the flickr photos come in tagged “olympics” you see both ceremony and boycott photos, many in near real … Continue readingOlympic Photos

Guest Post: China: After the Earthquake, Before The Olympics

(Left photo: Paul Denlinger, Elliott Ng visit me at Forrester, Foster City, CA. If you’re interested in China and the internet, subscribe to their blogs) Jeremiah: This is the second post from Paul Denlinger (read the first here), who’s living in China, an internet expert and reporting back to us. He provides us the perspective that few can and I’m happy to have his input. Coincidentally, Paul cam by my office with Ellliot Ng last Friday, they’re working on some exciting stuff, and I hope to be part of it later this year. Without further ado, Paul shares some key insights that relate to China’s culture and impact on communications. China: After the Earthquake, Before The Olympics For many social … Continue readingGuest Post: China: After the Earthquake, Before The Olympics

Guest Post: How the Chinese Internet Becomes a Platform for Earthquake Grief (A local perspective)

Jeremiah: Paul Denlinger of Beijing is an internet expert on China, and I’ve offered him the opportunity to help share from an insiders perspective. Keeping in the theme of internet strategy and how the web impacts business, (and in this case the world) Paul, a resident of China, shares his perspective. Although a long post, please show him the same respect that you do for me. Chinese Internet Becomes Platform for Earthquake Grief Guest post by Paul Denlinger, Beijing, China The Sichuan earthquake of May 12, which first registered as 7.8 on the Richter scale, has now been revised upwards to 8.0. As of Thursday May 22 in Beijing, the number of fatalities has so far reached more than 52,000, … Continue readingGuest Post: How the Chinese Internet Becomes a Platform for Earthquake Grief (A local perspective)

Thank you, Global Citizens

Dozens of you left comments, blogged, or tweeted that you donated, and I am thankful. In the last week, I’ve been doing something I’ve never done before, using my platform to help non-profits to help China during this horrific disaster. I felt pictures (positive ones, to inspire, not make you feel guilty) would be more emotional than anything else. If you read the comments from the link above, you’ll see all those that lent a helping hand. I know many others don’t feel comfortable saying they did in public, so thanks to the silent donations as well. Despite the warm and fuzzy pics, the reality is bleak, with 30,000+ dead, an expected 5 million homeless, and the concern over disease … Continue readingThank you, Global Citizens

To Inspire You To Donate: PhotoBlog from China

In one of my recent posts, I encouraged others to donate, it actually worked, I know of at least 3 people that donated, I doubt I was the cause, as they had it within them to help. I’m sure many others donated, but didn’t want to say anything. CNN reports that: “The government estimated death toll rose Thursday to around 20,000 but could eventually top 50,000, Xinhua reported.” as of Thursday, so I fear that things will get worse. I’ve donated again, this time, my donation was more sizable than the first time around. You know what to do, consider not going out to that nice dinner, and donate that money to the Red Cross, it would mean a lot … Continue readingTo Inspire You To Donate: PhotoBlog from China