Webinar Recording: Converged Media Imperative

Need to learn more how Paid, Owned, and Earned are going to work together? We call this ‘Converged Media’ and it’s coming to a website near you. Please listen into this webinar which provides an overview from our recent research report on the Converged Media Imperative (download now), it provides business demands (with data), real world case examples, requirements for success, an examination of workflows (more here), and a list of requirements to get started.  I’m pleased to be joined by my co-author Rebecca Lieb, and special thanks to researcher Jessica Groopman, and Andrew Jones. The recording is available below, please sit back, listen, and learn how companies are starting to converge ads, corporate content, and social now. The Converged … Continue readingWebinar Recording: Converged Media Imperative

Webinar: Scale and Trust: Making the Case for a Formalized Social Advocate Program

Want to learn about Formalized Social Advocacy Programs? An embedded recording is below. What are some of the most advanced social media programs by companies? We see formalized Advocacy Programs like Fiskers Fiskateers, Intel Insiders, Microsoft MVPs, Walmart Moms (and Dads), and beyond (see this quora thread) as the most advanced. Why? In order to gain scale and trust, companies must give up significant control and management to allow these advocates a platform to speak. Furthermore, we found in our research that these advocacy programs often put the advocates front and center, often before the brand. Altimeter has been tracking these programs for research for over 2 years, and have conducted a handful of workshops for clients, but for the … Continue readingWebinar: Scale and Trust: Making the Case for a Formalized Social Advocate Program

Recording: Three Disruptive Business Research Themes

Advance your career and learn about the three Disruptive Business Themes companies cannot ignore. Working among our team of analysts and researchers, Altimeter’s Research group has found three common higher level themes that will disrupt all businesses. Working among our analysts from mobile, content marketing, advertising, analytics, leadership, change management, user experience, and social, we’ve distilled all of the trends we’re seeing and found a common thread among them. We generated the three research themes with the following in mind: the goal was to ascertain business disruption trends –beyond just technology changes. Each Altimeter analyst provided a unique viewpoint to help create a consolidated view of disruptive trends. All Altimeter analysts will focus on these research themes for 2012 and … Continue readingRecording: Three Disruptive Business Research Themes

Altimeter Webinar Recording: State of Social Media Management Industry

This week, Altimeter (myself and Andrew Jones, researcher) hosted a webinar stemming from the the recent report on Social Media Proliferation, which you can download the full report on this blog post. In the embedded slides and video below, you’ll be able to get additional insights on how we perceive how this market will change in the coming years: We’ll see a vendor shakeout, although expect pure play vendors of each of the five uses cases to remain Consolidation will occur from market forces of email marketing, web analytics, CMS, marketing automation, brand monitoring, support software and beyond These tools, in the long run, will marry into existing communication tools to become a new form of a unified digital marketing … Continue readingAltimeter Webinar Recording: State of Social Media Management Industry

Recording: Apply Social Across the Customer Hourglass

Left: The Customer Hourglass looks at the entire customer experience –beyond the marketing funnel. Today, 82% of marketing departments have formalized social media programs, and are just spreading to other business units such as 30% of customer support and a mere 16% of product teams have formalized programs, read the data to learn more. Yet, in our research of the corporate social strategist, we found that their desire to span across multiple business units was a career goal. Segmented primarily into marketing, social media programs must extend across the entire customer lifecycle. To visualize how this change will occur, it’s best to follow a customer framework, rather than gear this by departmental silos. The Customer Hourglass combines both the traditional … Continue readingRecording: Apply Social Across the Customer Hourglass

Video Replay: 10 Reasons Customer Care Has Changed and How To Build a Strategy

Responding to Customers In Social Support May Be Hurting Your Brand. Why? You may be teaching your customers to yell at their friends in order to get your attention. You must develop a social support strategy that involves an escalation process, will scale, and use the right internal processes and software to succeed. In the above recorded webinar, you can watch the replay and learn about the business case (why many companies have fallen down in social media crises) understand market data on trends on adoption rates and spending, and a five step escalation framework with over a dozen examples. Above: The 5-Tier Social Support Approach 10 Reasons How Customer Care Has Changed: There are some significant shifts on how … Continue readingVideo Replay: 10 Reasons Customer Care Has Changed and How To Build a Strategy

Detailed Guide for Download: How To Successfully Produce A Professional Grade Webinar, Webcast, or Teleconference (The Ten P’s)

Above: Click image to download the Webinar Checklist Sheet on Slideshare. Webinars continue to be an important way companies connect to customers for education, marketing, sales, and customer support purposes.  Yet most companies relegate these tasks to junior staff at the last minute, forgetting a key number of crucial steps and increase risk.  While tools like Cisco’s Webex, GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, and Microsoft LiveMeeting and Slideshare Zipcast, (Or Virtual events with On24, INXPO, Unisfair ) offer a variety of technologies, they don’t provide a strategy or a comprehensive checklist on the many components needed. Get to know the Ten P’s Master the Ten P’s, and notice that steps one through seven are actually before the actual webinar performance. The Ten … Continue readingDetailed Guide for Download: How To Successfully Produce A Professional Grade Webinar, Webcast, or Teleconference (The Ten P’s)

Webinar Recording: Impact of Social Technologies to the Analyst Industry

Earlier this week, we hosted a joint webinar with Barbara French of Tekrati, Jonny Bentwood Edelman AR practice, and Carter Lusher of Sagecicle (Carter and Barbara were able to make it to The Hangar, see pic).  The topic?  To explore how social technologies impact the industry analyst space. The Impact of Social on the Analyst Industry: A Roundtable w/ Jonny Bentwood, Barbara French, Carter Lusher, and Jeremiah Owyang from Altimeter Group on Vimeo. We explored definitions, major impacts, disruptions to middle men, impacts to research, influence and personal brands. There’s no doubt that like the media industry, the analyst industry has been impacted by these simple publishing tools, and we’re seeing new business models appear like Open Research, at Altimeter … Continue readingWebinar Recording: Impact of Social Technologies to the Analyst Industry

Research and Webinar: Facebook Marketing Criteria for Success

We’re embarking on yet another research report to identify how some top brands are using the Facebook platform well. While no longer a one-off effort, many brands are already using Facebook for customer communities, word of mouth marketing, and are starting to integrate it with their own corporate website.  At the end of July, I’ll be publishing our findings, as well as grading some of the world’s top brands on their Facebook efforts.  We’ll be conducting a heuristic evaluation (acting like actual customers) and rate and rank these efforts with a variety of diagnostics. After we publish this independent Altimeter research study in late July, I’ll be sharing the findings on a webinar sponsored by LiveWorld, where I’ll discuss what we … Continue readingResearch and Webinar: Facebook Marketing Criteria for Success

How To Successfully Produce A Webinar: Follow the “Ten P’s”

Webinars an effective way to engage prospects Webinars are increasingly important to the online marketplace who doesn’t have time to attend a conference, peel away from the office, or wants to learn on their own time. In fact, webinars, webcasts, and teleconferences can also be a long term asset as it’s viewed multiple times, and will continue to generate qualified leads. Yet most have the wrong mindset, fail to plan, and miss qualified leads Yet, most webinar producers do it wrong, or they miss key steps in planning, or fail to follow up and ‘pursue’ attendees.  A common mistakes? Not engaging with the distracted multi-tasking audience, and recognizing that webinars are now a two-way medium –even if chat features are … Continue readingHow To Successfully Produce A Webinar: Follow the “Ten P’s”