Breakdown: Corporate Social Media Team

The purpose of this post is to be a living document and industry reference on the topic of social media teams, as part as my ongoing coverage of corporate social media programs.  This perspective stems from industry research and deeper client engagements, see other ‘breakdown‘ posts. Business Needs: By definition, social business requires transformation within a company, resulting in leadership, program management, and a team to see this change through.  In most cases, we see this team as a centralized resource that’s often cross-functional working closely with a number of corporate functions as well as business units ranging from product teams, geographies, the field, and departments.  Without this team, the company will struggle to scale as different business units launch … Continue readingBreakdown: Corporate Social Media Team

Social Media will Normalize –Why Dedicated Roles and Direction are Required

Normalization in corporations Dan Schawbel eloquently writes his position on why he believes that in the future that there will not be any social media experts within corporations. He asserts that these easy to use communication tools will normalize and be adopted by everyone –without having a centralized resource. He uses the metaphor of email experts in the 60s and how they aren’t needed now. He’s not the only one to think this, this is a stance Edelman’s Steve Rubel also takes. Trendwatch: Roles are appearing I respectfully disagree, as I’m seeing something else happen: centralized groups of social media decision making, budgets, best practices, and training are emerging within corporations –some are centralizing. One thing is for certain: full … Continue readingSocial Media will Normalize –Why Dedicated Roles and Direction are Required

Scorecard: Should Startups Have Community Managers?

Marshall poses the question (and does analysis and conducts informal interviews) do startups need Community Managers? He points to my growing list of enterprise class companies who are adopting these roles, but we should also examine the startup. First of all, if you don’t know what a community manager is, start with these four tenants on my blog, or read the Forrester report (aimed towards corporate, not startups) how to staff for social computing. An excellent piece, but let’s step it up and look at the bigger question, for startups, corporations, or mid sized companies. The real question to ask is “Should companies engage customers and prospects in a collaborative nature online”. The answer? “it depends”. Marshall’s post gleans opinions … Continue readingScorecard: Should Startups Have Community Managers?

List of Full Time Social Media Professionals Grows

When I first started this list, there were about 8 names on it, just about every day, I continue to add more names, and I’ve thus had to segment the list out by verticals. What is this list? It’s a list of full time social media professionals at Enterprise size companies. As noted in my recent research report, there are two main roles that are appearing, the social computing/media strategist (I count 54 folks on my list), and the community manager (I count 47 folks). When I wrote the report it was focused on interactive marketers, so it didn’t include an R&D viewpoint, as such, I’ve now added a third category to the list of product managers that create social … Continue readingList of Full Time Social Media Professionals Grows

The Challenge of the Social Media Executive Recruiter

I’m in a fortunate position that I spend most of my days talking to vendors, buyers, investors, and of course, analysts in the social media industry. But now, I’m starting to talk to more and more recruiters. Some of it’s due to my career series called “on the move” but mainly because that brands are starting to take this movement seriously. In my recent Forrester report “How to Staff For Social Computing” I outlined two roles. The social media/computing strategist, and the online community manager, I recently met yet another recruiter (read my findings from the first one) who is focused on bringing forth social media strategists to large brands, and they both have the same problem. Coincidently, he read … Continue readingThe Challenge of the Social Media Executive Recruiter

List of Social Computing Strategists and Community Managers for Enterprise Corporations 2008 –Social Media Jobs and Professionals

If you’re interested in jobs for this space, please read the “on the move” posts. Understanding how companies staff, organize, and prepare for social media/computing is one of my top interests personally and professionally. Having been a former Online Community Manager at Hitachi Data Systems, I want to make sure companies do it right. I’m often asked which companies have one of the two emerging roles, (companies love to benchmark against their peers) so I’ve decided to start a list, not only to back my research, but also for those wanting to show to their companies “hey this is starting to happen for real”. The first role is the Social Computing Strategist, the second is the Community Manager, although the … Continue readingList of Social Computing Strategists and Community Managers for Enterprise Corporations 2008 –Social Media Jobs and Professionals

Social Media FAQ #6: Who “Owns” the Social Media Program?

I’ve started a new series, called Social Media Frequently Asked Questions. It’s a collection of the top asked questions I hear over and over. I’m putting them here on my blog is a great place to help everyone quickly get educated, convince their boss, or be able to help their clients get over these hurdles, so please, pass them around. If you’re seeking advanced topics, cruise through the web strategy posts (it goes back pages and pages) I’ve been speaking to a couple of companies each week from a variety of industries, and each at different levels of expertise (see the five questions I use to gauge their level of sophistication). Now, in 2008, I’m often on the phone with … Continue readingSocial Media FAQ #6: Who “Owns” the Social Media Program?

People on the Move in the Social Media Industry: June 18th, 2008

I’m starting this post series (see archives) to recognize and congratulate folks who get promoted, move, or accept new exciting positions. Please help me congratulate the following folks: Luke Armour joins Fleishman-Hillard’s digital practice in Cleveland as a Senior Acct Executive, part of his duties will be focused on social media, in addition to other programs related to digital marketing, congrats! Scott Monty, formerly of Crayon social media agency joins Ford Motors to head up their social media practice. John Cass joins me at Forrester Research at our Boston HQ as our Online Community Manager, great guy, I’m super pleased to have him, we’re already engaging and having a good dialog. Doug Haslam joined SHIFT Communications who is on my … Continue readingPeople on the Move in the Social Media Industry: June 18th, 2008

…Famous Web Quotes for $500 please

I’m writing this from the plane, as I travel to Cambridge at Forrester’s HQ to teach a Social Computing Workshop with Peter Kim tomorrow. As I daydreamed while watching the clouds go by, I couldn’t help by reflecting on all the stupid things I’ve heard in my short 9 year career, here’s the real nuggets: Here’s some ridiculous things I’ve heard in my short career of 9 years in web: “The company is fine, despite some streamlining, we’re on a growth track” (My former CEO before we went Chapter 11 at Exodus Communications, FAIL) “All those guys in the other group are assholes” J.M. (Hmm, if you think everyone else is the asshole, doesn’t that make you the asshole JM?) … Continue reading…Famous Web Quotes for $500 please

What I learned meeting the Executive Recruiter: Natives, Immigrants and VPs of Marketing in Social Media

Just got back from meeting with an executive recruiter, no, I’m not planning on leaving Forrester, I was helping a friend, as well as doing some research about social media skillsets. You see this recruiter (he’s left a comment, and his name is Matt Raggio, you can reach him on his website) finds executive talent for social media startups here in Silicon Valley. He’s well connected to the VC community, and knows when leadership teams need to be built out. See the challenge for many companies right now is that social media is a very important aspect of marketing, especially if your company is selling soical media products, services, or software. While the traditional forms of marketing don’t go away … Continue readingWhat I learned meeting the Executive Recruiter: Natives, Immigrants and VPs of Marketing in Social Media