People on the Move in the Social Media Industry: May 18th, 2008

I’m starting this post series (see archives) to recognize and congratulate folks who get promoted, move, or accept new exciting positions. Please help me congratulate the following folks: SF based Adam Metz has become a partner at theMIX, leaving Launchsquad. The company does social web strategy consulting, business development and public relations for a varied set of clients Kristen Taylor started a new position as the Online Community Manager for the Knight Foundation (who funds online journalism and community); previously, she was the Associate Director of Online Content and Social Media for PBS. Antonio Salgado Leiner of Mexico is excited to be new media and social media manager to social computing director at NeoSocial Media. Congrats to Jackie Danici who … Continue readingPeople on the Move in the Social Media Industry: May 18th, 2008

What is a Web Strategist?

My long time friend Martin McKeay (Network Security A-Lister) asked a curious question when I tweeted about Len Devanna, EMC’s Web Strategist. Martin asks: “I saw your tweet about EMC, saw that Len’s role is Director of Web Strategy. Better question would be what does that really mean?” What is a Web Strategist? Definition: The web strategist is responsible for the long term planning and ongoing programs for a website, at least one exists at every corporation. Scope: A web strategist (this isn’t just a term I made up for my blog) is a REAL job title typically found in large corporations where the web is a necessary communication channel, or a title used by internet consultants who provide high … Continue readingWhat is a Web Strategist?

Six Career Tips

Lately, a few friends of mine are making some moves in their careers, they asked me for my advice, so I decided to give them my observations. I’ll probably refer people to this post, I often use this blog to save me time. One caveat, my experience is within corporate, so if you’re of the entrepreneurial spirit, I don’t have as much insight. Six Career Tips To Help You Grow Learn something new every day When I was a lowly intern right out of college doing grunt work IT application clean up and light UI design, I asked harassed, my dear colleagues to teach me something every single day. They thought I was bright-eyed, cute, and naive and I ended … Continue readingSix Career Tips

How to Deal with Internal Stakeholders

The Web Strategist deals with many internal customers A Web Strategist is an web decision maker, in context of this blog, they are often within large corporations. They have internal customers that range from marketing, product teams, product marketing, support, PR, advertising, IT, and a plethora of external vendors. For many web strategists’ much of your effort won’t be dealing with users or your web team of developers and designers but with internal stakeholders. I’ve seen a lot of this when I was corporate web manager, and I’d guess that over 50% of my time was spent dealing with requests, problems, prioritization of internal stakeholders. (I managed an enterprise intranet, extranet, and aligned a disparate enterprise intranet) Your internal customer: … Continue readingHow to Deal with Internal Stakeholders

The Need For the Social Media Manager

Update: Constantin has created a new wiki of Social Media Managers and Strategists at the New PR Wiki. I stand by my research, personal experience, and industry monitoring that the need for social media managers will continue to be in demand for the foreseeable future. This post is a direct response, refuting and correcting Steve’s post that the Social Media Manager will go extinct. While I enjoy Steve’s predictions (as well as a peer) that the Social Media Manager will be extinct, I’m here to respectfully correct him and leaning on my research findings from my recent Forrester report: How to Staff for Social Computing. In fact, we’ve found that there are two roles to be found in corporations serious … Continue readingThe Need For the Social Media Manager

Trends: Corporate Adoption of Social Media: Tire, Tower, and the Hub and Spoke

Spending time with large corporations and getting to understand how they adopt social media is fascinating, recently, I’ve noticed a trend, not on public use, but on internal organization. Unlikes Advertising (which is often controlled by a single group) Social Media is being adopted by many business groups across the enterprise, from marketing, product teams, sales, to support. While not uncommon, social media tends to be a grassroots movement that comes from the edges (where customers are) of the company, where individual users, vertical marketers, and client facing teams exist. At least three models of social media orginization within a large corporation, which loosely resemble a tire, a tower, or a spoke model. The Tire Common to grassroots movements within … Continue readingTrends: Corporate Adoption of Social Media: Tire, Tower, and the Hub and Spoke

Guest Post: Forrester’s Web Strategist Michele Frost “On Hiring the Community Manager”

I write for the web strategist (web decision makers at companies) and was really pleased that we got a top notch professional here at named Michele Frost here at Forrester Research. A few weeks ago, I announced that Forrester is seeking a Community Manager, and wow did we get a response, over 20 resumes! I offered her the opportunity to guest post, and she’s decided to take me up on the offer, she shares her experience building the right team, esp in the world of social media Guest Post from Michele Frost, Director, Web Marketing at Forrester Research The custody battle is over! After much debate, I’m thrilled to say that Forrester’s newly created position of Online Community Manager will … Continue readingGuest Post: Forrester’s Web Strategist Michele Frost “On Hiring the Community Manager”

The Agency of the Future is a “Connected” one

I can’t imagine ever advising a client to deal with an advertising, PR, or interactive team that doesn’t get social media. Of course, I’m biased as I’m sitting right smack in the middle of the social media space. But with the power shifting to the participants, agencies must demonstrate they can participate before they can ever help clients with it. Sadly, most agencies still don’t get the new space, or if they do, they lightly gloss it over by saying “Oh yeah, we’ve a blog” and when I look, it’s a bunch of self-serving posts written by a variety of different folks with little strategy and few comments. Jason Falls of social media explorer asks why I didn’t link to … Continue readingThe Agency of the Future is a “Connected” one

Video: Alastair Duncan on Corporate Website Leadership (3:30)

Click To Play Which department should take leadership of your corporate web strategy? Earlier this week, I flew out to Vegas to speak on a panel with Alastair Duncan is Chief Executive of MRM, at Intel’s sales and marketing event. I was really impressed by his nuggets, that I got him on video in the Sands conference center to talk about ownership and governance of web programs within corporations. Alastair’s blog is located Participation Marketing. What you’ll learn? Who really is in charge of web strategy programs? Which department (listen to his insightful answer) How to avoid making your website an irrelevant ‘picture on the wall’ How can Marketing and IT actually get along?

Web Strategist: Manage your time as you do money

For us web strategists (those who make decisions for web sites) time is a precious, limited resource that we’ve come to cherish. Here’s a few tips on how to manage your time effectively: [Time is Like Money: You never seem to have enough, and everyone wants a piece of it] Time is Like Money: You never seem to have enough, and everyone wants a piece of it. As a web decision maker within a company, you’ll have many touchpoints, since web is one of the most important mediums for business, you’re going to be in heavy demand. Remember the limited quantity: Cherish your time as you do your wallet or purse, this is yours, and unlike money, you can’t invest … Continue readingWeb Strategist: Manage your time as you do money