List of Social Computing Strategists and Community Managers for Enterprise Corporations 2008 –Social Media Jobs and Professionals

If you’re interested in jobs for this space, please read the “on the move” posts.

Understanding how companies staff, organize, and prepare for social media/computing is one of my top interests personally and professionally. Having been a former Online Community Manager at Hitachi Data Systems, I want to make sure companies do it right. I’m often asked which companies have one of the two emerging roles, (companies love to benchmark against their peers) so I’ve decided to start a list, not only to back my research, but also for those wanting to show to their companies “hey this is starting to happen for real”.

The first role is the Social Computing Strategist, the second is the Community Manager, although the titles vary, and sometimes it’s a part-time function, there’s clearly a trend as corporations staff.

It’s important to note, that in the end, these skills (the ability to communicate online) will disperse and grow to many employees. Generation Y comes to us with these abilities built it as a “digital natives”– yet the need to organize will still occur, it’s a knee jerk reaction to every corporation.

This list, which I realize is going to be a lot of work, will be an ongoing index of these professionals, I will only do this for a limited time (probably till end of 2008, or until I can’t scale).

Unlike a wiki, I will be vetting this list to ensure quality. Kindly leave a comment but first read the requirements:

1) This is your full time (and current) job even if you have a variation on the title –you are not a consultant. Sure, you do more than social media alone, but the organization realizes you’re on point as the expert.
2) You’re at a large corporation, in fact, a Fortune 5000 company, or you’ve over 1,000 employees. I can easily list out thousands of community managers at startups, but I’m trying to demonstrate how large corporations are moving forward.
3) Provide reference: You must provide your title, and a link to your blog/profile/linkedin that indicates your role and title, perhaps a post that announced your title or intentions.
4) Indicate which role you are, a Strategist (inward focused) Community Manager (externally focused), or Research of Product focused (developing a social media product/service for sale)
5) This is primarily for external efforts with customers and prospects –not internal
6) If you do not meet the requirements to meet this list, you can create your own, and I’ll prominently link to it. Update: April 2009, Ted has created a list for community managers that focus on internal communities.

I’ve you’re a social media professional (at a smaller company, agency, startup) I’ve a list for everyone on my “on the move” posts.

Ongoing List of Social Computing Strategists at Enterprise Corporations
The Social Media Strategist, whose job is to lead the internal charge, develops the program, gains resources, convinces management, and measures success.

Key differentiator for this group? They are primarily internally focused program managers.


  • Ken Kaplan, Broadcast and New Media Manager, Global Communications Group at Intel Corporation
  • Bob Pearson, Vice President, Communities & Conversations at Dell
  • Chris James’s Experience, Social Media & Community Strategist, Advanced Micro Devices
  • Gunjan Rawal, Worldwide marketing manager at Intel Software Network
  • Adam Christensen, Social Media Manager, IBM Corporation
  • Bryan Rhoads, Sr. Digital Strategist at Intel Corporation
  • Brian Ellefritz, Sr. Mgr, Social Media Marketing at Cisco Systems
  • Todd Watson, Social Media and Search Marketing Manager, IBM Software Group
  • Rawn Shaw, CoE Lead – Social Software Programs & Enablement at IBM
  • Vanina Delobelle, Global Product Director, Monster
  • Jeanette Gibson, Director of New Media, Cisco Systems
  • Karen Snyder, New Media Program Manager, Verisign
  • Marc Sirkin, Sr. Marketing Manager – The Microsoft CIO Network at Microsoft
  • LaSandra Brill, Manager, Web & Social Media Marketing at Cisco Systems
  • Tac Anderson, Social Media – CRM – Search, HP
  • Adam Gartenberg, Team Lead, Social Marketing Initiatives at IBM
  • Christopher Haro’s Experience, Social Media Manager, Premiere Global Services
  • Justin Kestelyn, OTN Editor-in-Chief, Oracle
  • Richard Binhammer, Senior Manager, Dell
  • Deanna Bell, New Media Program Manager, Cisco
  • Dave Mastronardi, Program Manager / Implementation Architect at Raytheon
  • Jamie Pappas, Social Media Strategist, Evangelist, and Enterprise Community Manager, EMC
  • Michael Brito, Global Social Media Manager, Intel
  • Annie Rodkins, Social Media Manager, Intel
  • Lorna Li, Web Marketing Manager , Social Networking & Social Media, SalesForce
  • Kelly Colgan, Media Relations Specialist, Schneider Electric
  • Dan Schawbel, Social Media Specialist, EMC
  • Bob Duffy, Senior Social Media Strategist, Intel
  • Mark Yolton, Senior Vice President, SAP Community Network, SAP
  • Steve Mann, GVP, Social Media & Customer Experience Strategy, SAP
  • Bob Duffy, Senior Social Media Strategist, Intel
  • Fred “Fritz” Alberti, Senior Manager of Social Media, Salem Communications
  • Tilly McLain, Community Manager, MyBlogLog, Yahoo
  • Diane Davidson, Sr. Manager of Customer Success and Community Program, Cisco, the WebEx Technology group
  • Rick Reich, Sr. Mgr, Social Media & Technologies, Citrix Systems
  • Rachel Makool, Sr. Director, Community Development, eBay
  • Electronics

  • Mark Squires, Head of Social Media Communications, Nokia
  • Marcie Cohen, Sr. PR Manager, Sony Electronics
  • Hospitality

  • Cassandra Jeyaram, Social Marketing Manager for InterContinental Hotels Group
  • Automotive

  • Chris Barger, Director, Global Communications Technology, General Motors
  • Scott Monty, Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager, Ford Motor Company
  • Christopher Barger, GM Director of Global Communications Technology, General Motors
  • Sylvia Marino, Executive Director Community & Social Media Operations, Inc.
  • Airline

  • Paula Berg, Public relations specialist, Nuts about Southwest Blog, Southwest Airlines
  • Brian Lusk, Manager Customer Communication, Nuts about Southwest Blog, Southwest Airlines
  • Morgan Johnston, Manager Corporate Communication, JetBlue Airways
  • Alma Dayawon, Electronic Communications Manager, The Boeing Company
  • Aerospace

  • Ariel Waldman, NASA CoLab program coordinator
  • Finance and Insurance

  • Ed Terpening, VP of Social Media Marketing at Wells Fargo
  • Matthew Anchin, Vice President, Online Communications, American Express
  • Christine Morrison, Social Media Marketing Manager at Intuit’s Consumer Group
  • Scott Wilder, GM – Online Communities at Small Business Division, Intuit
  • Paula Drum, Vice President, Marketing, H&R Block
  • Alan Edgett, Sr. Director of Advanced Marketing Systems, Experian Interactive
  • Justin Gibbs, Online Marketing Strategist, Manager, Experian Consumer Direct
  • Annalie Killian, Director of Collaboration, Intranet, Communication and Innovation at AMP
  • Shawn Morton, Senior Consultant for Social Media at Nationwide Insurance
  • Matt Anchin, Vice President, Online Communications, American Express
  • Matthew Lehman ,Web Experience Director, Progressive Insurance
  • Consumer Products

  • Jim Deitzel, Sr. eMarketing Manager at Newell Rubbermaid
  • Lindsay Lebresco, Public Relations & Social Media Manager at Graco Children’s Products/Newell Rubbermaid
  • Bert DuMars, Vice President E-Business & Interactive Marketing, Newell Rubbermaid
  • Retail

  • Todd Feldman, Sr Manager, Emerging Marketing Channels, Circuit City Stores, Inc.
  • Stephanie Pike, Manager, Content and Community, Circuit City Stores, Inc.
  • Gary Koelling, Sr Mgr Social Technology, Best Buy
  • Steve Bendt Sr. Manager of Social Technology, Best Buy
  • Denise Garciano, Online Content & Community Specialist, PacSun
  • John Andrews Emerging Media Sr. Manager at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc
  • Research

  • Yemil Martinez, Director, New Media Marketing and Web Strategy, Institute for International Research (IIR) a subdivision of Informa
  • Michele Frost, Director, Web Marketing at Forrester Research
  • Heathcare

  • Marcus Frank, UX Strategist & Creative Director, National Cancer Institute
  • Burt Lum, Business Relationship Manager, HMSA
  • Shwen Gwee, Lead Business Analyst, Health Informatics and New Media at Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • Media Gaming and Entertainment

  • Jessica Baker, Marketing Manager, Interactive Media, American Greetings Interactive
  • Michael Hall, Community Product manager,
  • Charles Miller, Director, Inbound E-mail Operations and Blog Outreach, DIRECTV, Inc.
  • Eby Ghafarian, Manager, Product Engagement & Community Development at Hachette Filipacchi Media (,,
  • Jean Fahmy Director, Director, Digital strategies, Transcontintental Media
  • Jason Richman, Director, Digital Product Strategy, NBC Universal
  • Daniel Thornton, Community Marketing Manager at Bauer Consumer Media
  • Charles E. Miller, Director, Inbound E-mail Operations and Blog Outreach, DIRECTV, Inc.
  • Agency

  • Shiv Singh, Vice President, Social Media & Global Strategic Initiatives, Avenue A Razorfish
  • Brad Mays, Senior Vice President (Social Media), Fleishman-Hillard
  • Jon Burg, Emerging Channels Specialist with Digitas
  • Services

  • James Davidson, Web Strategist, Creative Services & Branding, Manpower

  • Ongoing List of Community Managers at Enterprise Corporations
    The Community Manager, who’s job is to primarily be a community advocate is a social media user, and is externally focused, they are primarily the face to the online community. As companies scale, I expect to see these types or roles appear often for each product group at larger companies, they often report directly to the strategist or at least have a dotted line.

    Key differentiator for this group? They are primarily an externally (customer/community) facing role.


  • Lionel Menchaca, Community Manager, Dell
  • Anton Chiang, Web Communities Manager, Juniper Networks
  • Lacy Kemp, Social Media Communications Specialist at RealNetworks
  • Stephen Spector, Sr. Program Manager, Community, Citrix
  • Michael Sandoval, Global Communities Manager, Texas Instruments
  • Vishal Ganeriwala, Sr. Manager of Citrix Developer Network, Citrix
  • Amie Paxton, Channel Community Manager, Dell
  • Angela LoSasso, Community & blogs strategist, HP
  • Tom Diederich, Social Media/Web Community Manager, Cadence Systems
  • Bill Pearson Bill, Manager, Intel Software Network, Intel
  • Josh Hilliker, Community Manager of the vPro Expert Center, Intel
  • Robyn Tippins, Community Manager, Yahoo! Developer Network at Yahoo!
  • John Summers, Community Manager at NetApp
  • Mario Sundar, Community Evangelist at LinkedIn
  • Tom Ablewhite, Community Manager, Thomson Reuters
  • Craig Cmehil, Community Manager for the SAP Developer Network
  • Lou Ordorica, Social Media Producer at Sun Microsystems
  • John Earnhardt, Senior manager, media relations and blogger in chief, Cisco Systems
  • Deirdre Walsh, Community Manager at National Instruments
  • Rachel Luxemburg, Community Manager at Adobe
  • Aaron Tersteeg, Software Developer Community, Intel
  • Josh Bancroft, Software Developer Community, Intel
  • Jeff Moriarty, Software Developer Community, Intel
  • Cathy Ma, Yahoo Community Manager, Yahoo Europe
  • Shashi Bellamkonda, Social Media Swami , Network Solutions
  • Ian Kennedy, Product Guy, MyBlogLog, Community Manager, Yahoo
  • David Kim, Manager, Online Marketing and Communities at Symantec
  • Marilyn Pratt, Community Evangelist, SAP Labs
  • Scott Jones, Community Manager and Content Strategist, SDN at SAP Labs
  • Badsah Mukherji, Sr. Community Manager at VMware
  • Jon Mountjoy, Community Manager & Editor-In-Chief at Salesforce
  • Senior Director, OTN & Developer Programs Oracle
  • Jake Kuramoto, Oracle Apps Labs, Oracle USA
  • Kelly Feller, Web Marketing Manager leading the IT Community site Open Port, Intel
  • Erica Kuhl, Sr. Producer & Community Manager, Community
  • Aaron Tersteeg, Community Manager (Multi-core Development) Intel Software Network, Intel
  • Jeff Moriarty, Community Manager (mobility) for the Intel Software Network, Intel
  • Alison Bolen Editor, Sascom voices blog, SAS
  • Melissa Daniels, Community Manager for All-Star group for Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo!
  • Amy Barton, Strategic Programs Manager, Intel Software Network, Intel
  • Holly Valdez, Community Manager, Cisco, the WebEx Technology group
  • Electronics

  • Ray Haddow, Blogger Outreach, Nokia
  • Charlie Schick, Lead on Nokia corporate blog, Nokia
  • Media, Gaming, Entertainment

  • Kellie Parker, Online Community Manager at Sega
  • Kristopher Shaw, Community Manager at MTV Networks UK
  • EM Stock, Senior Community Manager at Sony Online Entertainment
  • Katie Hamlin, Community Manager,, Random House
  • Justin Korthof, Community Manager at Microsoft
  • David Cushman, Digital Development Director, Bauer Consumer Media UK
  • Laurent Courtines, Community Manager at AOL
  • Research

  • John Cass, Online Community Manager, Forrester Research
  • Finance

  • Scott Moore, Senior Online Community Manager at Schwab Learning
  • Jose Antonio Gallego, Community Manager at BBVA (Spain)
  • Amy Worley, Director, Marketing Manager, HR Block
  • Fran Sansalone, Community Manager for the Open Calais Web Service, Thomson Reuters
  • Automotive

  • Karen Spiegler, Community Manager,, Inc.
  • Alicia Dorset, Blog editor, General Motors
  • Retail

  • Slaton Carter, Online Community Development Manager, Whole Foods Market
  • Winnie Hsia, Online Community Moderator, Whole Foods Market
  • Consumer Goods

  • Jennifer Cisney, Chief Blogger, Kodak
  • Agriculture

  • Christopher Paton, Social Media Team Lead, Monsanto

  • Ongoing List of Social Media Researchers and Social Media Product Managers
    It’s become evident there are other roles within large enterprises that focus on Social Computing, in fact, these folks are researchers, analyzing online behavior or creating specs for future products. Expect large enterprise software companies to offer these features in their product suites in the coming future.

    Key differentiator for this group? They are researching or building social media products that will be brought to market.


  • Jonathan Grudin, Principal Researcher, focused on the adoption of emerging (social computing) at Microsoft
  • Marc Davis, Social Media Guru, Yahoo! Corporation
  • Kingsley Joseph, Sr. Manager, & IdeaExchange, SalesForce
  • Jamie Greenly, Product Line Director Salesforce Ideas at
  • Lawrence Liu, Senior Technical Product Manager for Social Computing, Microsoft SharePoint
  • Frank Gruber, Principal Product Manager for AOL in the social networking & platforms group, AOL
  • Alan Lepofsky, Senior Strategist at Socialtext
  • Filiberto Selvas, Social Media Strategy Director at Avenue A Razorfish
  • Marty Collins, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Social Media Strategist Windows/Windows Live, Microsoft
  • Matthias Zeller, Group Product Manager, Project Genesis, Adobe Systems
  • Moz Hussain, Director of Product Management, Unified Communications Group, Microsoft Corporation
  • Suzanne Minassian, Product Manager for IBM Lotus Connections, IBM
  • Steven Tedjamulia, Sr. Business Product Manager at Vignette Corporation
  • Dan Truax, General Manager for the Microsoft Server and Tools Online (STO) group, Microsoft
  • Dick Costolo, Social Media, Google

  • Related Resources
    I’ve kick started this list with a few that I know, please be detailed in the comments, as I’ll be reviewing to ensure accuracy. If you’re seeking a job, or wanting to hire folks, start with my “on the move” series of posts. Also see the New PR Wiki list of CEO blog. Shel Israel’s Global Survey of interviews on text and video have stories of many of these folks. Mario Sundar has a list of community mangers of all industries and sizes. Connie Benson left this list of community managers on twitter.

    What and How to Submit
    First, read the requirements stated above. Then submit Name, Title, Company, Which category (see descriptions), URL to bio that describes body of work. I prefer a link to your LinkedIn account that shows your role, as well as description of social media program or project.

    If you’re shy, send me an email at, subject line should be “social media role” (I get hundreds of emails every day)

    Update June 24: Bear with me, this is a major undertaking and I’m reviewing each entry. I also found quite a few comments being withheld by wordpress, I approved the ones I could find (using keywords to filter 25,000 spam comments). Please, carefully read the requirements before submitting, some I cannot add due to volume. If you wanted to create a list for SMB or internal folks, I’m happy to link to it.

    Also, someone I respect suggested that this list is ‘outing’ those that may not want to be bombarded by vendors, most of these are submissions, and all records are public and found on LinkedIn. The kickoff list was a handful of people that were cited in public reports, who blog, or were in books. If you don’t want you name on here, simple email me and I’ll have it removed.

    July 30th: Over a month since I started this list, it continues to grow and grow. I think we’ve gotten past the major influx, and now just a trickle of users are being added.

    471 Replies to “List of Social Computing Strategists and Community Managers for Enterprise Corporations 2008 –Social Media Jobs and Professionals”

    1. Jeremiah,

      I’m the social media communications manager at IBM… which is a kind of hybrid of the two roles you describe. Quite candidly, there are MANY people at IBM involved at many levels in this space (how else would it be at IBM?).

      But here you go:
      Adam Christensen, Social Media Communications Manager, IBM Corporation

    2. OK, my computer crashed about the time I submitted this last time… so not sure if it went through or if my computer ate my comment. If not, and the comments are just moderated, forgive the repeat!

      I’m the social media manager at IBM. Based on your descriptions of the two roles, it’s a bit of a hybrid between the two. Frankly, there are a lot of people involved in social media at IBM, but at the corporate wide level, you can use my name.

      Adam Christensen, Social Media Communications Manager, IBM

    3. Great resource! A marketing vp at Siemens forwarded me the link just as I’m about to board a flight to give a speech on future work requirements / IT needs for Gen Y. I’ll be sure to pass along the link during my presentation.

    4. Great list, Jeremiah. We have dedicated social media folks in marketing and communications at Cisco. I am the Director of New Media at Cisco. I report into our SVP of Corporate Communications. My team oversess our online communications (our online press room – and new media programs (blogging, video, podcasts, virtual worlds, etc.).

      Btw – loved your Hawaii pics…I am planning a trip in August and can’t wait!


    5. Hi Jeremiah, my name is Natalie Hanson, I work at SAP in Global Business Operations. My current title is Director of Emerging Solutions, User Experience, & Portal Operations. I work within a KM competency center that is responsible for enabling sales & marketing employees. Within my part of SAP we are just getting started in this space, but my charter is to build out this area (Emerging Solutions= Social Media). In addition to my 10 years of business experience at SAP, I have a PhD in Anthropology. For fun I manage a couple of online communities at the intersection of applied social sciences & design. Best, Natalie

    6. I’m nominally EIC/Senior Director Oracle Technology Network, but more or less “manage” (if that can be said – oxymoronic) the Oracle Technology end-user community.

    7. Hey Jeremiah –

      Thanks for including me on the list! I had to pass off the social media part of my job when I transitioned to product development but I left it in the capable hands of Paula Berg (Public relations specialist) and Brian Lusk (Manager Customer Communication).

      Thanks for the shout out!


    8. What about strategists that work on behalf of the Fortune 5000 via agencies (PR, Marketing, and Advertising)? I’m sure there are more of those than internal people.

    9. Jeremiah, props for putting this list out there. I’ve already been friended by one of my peers and hope to connect with others as well. We all appreciate you helping us brand guys build up our skills and networks. Thanks again from all of us here at Cisco.

    10. Jeremiah,

      A former colleague of mine Deirdre Walsh is the Community Manager at National Instruments ( Her role includes online strategy , customer user groups and pr and she’s the face for the flagship software product on myspace, facebook, twitter etc. You can find her on twitter as @deirdrewalsh.

      Kamran – @kamrans on twitter

    11. Justin

      That list would be too large for me to start, this is enough for me to take on. If you wanted to create such a list, please do so and I’ll link to it.

      Brian, It’s a pleasure to see you all, looking forward to stopping by, let’s grow together.

    12. Hi Jeremiah,

      I’d like to nominate my client Lindsay Lebresco from Graco Children’s Products.

      Lindsay is the PR and Social Media Manager and the lead blogger at the Graco Baby Blog (

      Here is a link to her LinkedIn profile:

      And if you Google ‘Graco Blog’ you’ll get an indication of her excellent work!

    13. Hi Jeremiah,

      Count me in under “Social Media Researcher” please. I work with Kingsley Joseph at on the Successforce online customer community & social media marketing. My role includes:

      – Enterprises social networking
      – Social Media Marketing
      – Social Media research
      – New technology acquisition (social applications)
      – Search engine optimization – Social SE)

      More info on my LinkedIn profile:



    14. Hi Jeremiah (second time I’m trying to post this, apologies if it’s a repeat),

      I’d like to nominate my client Lindsay Lebresco, PR and Social Media Manager for Graco Children’s Products.

      Graco are a division of Newell Rubbermaid and the launch of their corporate blog earlier this year took the tally of Fortune 500’s blogging to over 10%. Lindsay is the lead blogger for the Graco Baby Blog ( and manages Graco’s wider social media strategy.

      As a proof point, here is her LinkedIn account:

      Thanks! Great list!

    15. Earlier this evening, taking a walk through the past fantastic, I spidered Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR), as much as anything to get a sense of how such a fine organization withered on the vine. In the last newsletter they commented on how they were having to lay off staff.
      The story of my life, watching my peers getting laid off while others made their fortunes.

      Some say history is value neutral. *shrug* I say, not alone, that it’s written by the victors.
      But then I’m the sort who thinks that “winning” isn’t everything.


    16. This could become the chio pet of a blog post where it keeps growing and growing every day, week, month, year. What I really like about this is that I’m getting to see and meet new colleagues from other companies. I can certainly add more names from Intel like Open Port community maven Kelly Feller, Tools and Approach dynamo Bob Duffy, BlogMamma Annie Rodkins, Software Developer Community wise men Aaron Tersteeg, Josh Bancroft and Jeff Moriarty… But what I see here in the growing list are so many people I’d like to meet in person. Summer wine party at Jeremiah’s?

    17. Ken

      I sent you an email, need some additional info. Thanks, it’s so hard to keep track of all that Intel is doing.

      Sure, summer wine party at my house for the internets!

    18. Anyone who is going to submit, here’s what I’m looking for

      What to Submit
      Name, Title, Company, Which category (see descriptions), URL demonstrating body of work

    19. Hi Jeremiah,

      You listed me under technology as the IBM New Media Lead, which I was till December last year. I started my own “social media” consulting company called Blackline on January 1, 2008. I cover European clients from Brussels.

      I know my former IBM colleague Chris Barger is responsible for new media. You can find his profile here:

    20. Hi Jeremiah!

      Loving your list.

      I’m Rudy Bachraty, Social Media Guru at

      My role focusses on both Inward and Outward social media initiatives and strategies.

      About Trulia:
      Trulia is the fastest growing real estate site according to Comscore and we recently won the 2008 People’s Voice Webby award.

      My online business card:

      My Profile on Trulia:

      My welcome post on Trulia Blog:

      Looking forward to learning more about everyone on your list.



    21. Philippe Borremans

      Thanks for stopping by, I went off your LinkedIn Profile, I guess I mis-read it or it needs to be updated. I’ll update the post.

      Thanks, I hear a lot of great things about Trulia. Is Trulia an enterprise company? some define that as 1000+ employees or a Fortune 5000 firm. Wishing you all the best in your pursuits.

    22. Hi Jeremiah,

      As always, you are bringing community awareness and the people behind that together. Here is my info

      Name: Shashi Bellamkonda
      Title: Social Media Swami ( Yes thats eactly what my business card says.I had a internal contest to give me a title !)
      Company: Network Solutions (
      Category : Technology
      Main focus is on Community and Customer outreach and I am the public face of the company in the social media.
      URL :
      Linkedin :

    23. Hi Jeremiah — thanks for including me on the list. I’m no longer with AOL (I’m consulting on my own for social media and online community), so I don’t fit under the criteria at this time.

    24. You’ve got WordPress automatically flagging anything with 2 URLs in, from what I can see happening… might make it tricky or confusing for anyone to include their URL, and their LinkedIn address…

    25. Jeremiah:

      Your missing some key leaders in the space. At least ones that we are working with.

      Find me tomorrow at Forrester’s Fin. Svs. Forum in NY – participating in Pete’s panel for an update.

      Visible Technologies

    26. Hi Jeremaiah; Interesting list. I believe I fit the bill (and I work with Blake Cahill at Visible).
      name; Marty Collins
      Title: Sr Product Marketing Manager, Social Media Strategist Windows/Windows Live
      Company; Microsoft
      Category: Technology
      Focus; leading Social Media Strategy and evangelising that strategy to internal groups, including securing budget and exec approval; publicly facing role sharing strategy and collaborating with other industry strategists

    27. If you are taking names of the folks leading the charge for social media as an internal collaborative suite of tools – i.e. Enterprise 2.0, then I am the Enterprise Social Media Program Manager for Intel. See link for latest blog post discussing some of my work LinkedIn:

    28. Great idea. I recently joined Thomson Reuters, serving as Community Manager for the Open Calais Web Service, reporting to the Evangelist for the initiative. It’s a ton of fun and a wild ride, living in the Semantic frontier.

    29. Great list!

      I am the Emerging Channels Specialist with Digitas, a leading digital media and marketing shop.

      Among the many hats I wear, is that of Social Media Strategist. In this role, I am tasked with leading our various capabilities and clients through Social Media Monitoring, Insight Generation, Go-To-Market Strategy and at times, Implementation (overseeing activation/participation).

    30. Hi Jeremiah,

      I am the Social Enterprise Evangelist at Jive Software. It’s my job to hook up with these types of people when they decide to do a pilot of Jive Clearspace. My role is to enable them to successfully conduct a pilot based on business measurements, and to provide lessons learned about user adoption best (and worst!) practices with our software. This includes internal marketing campaign materials, various workshops, and other materials. For free. 🙂

    31. I’d like to nominate my colleague Ludovic Fourrage who is the Group Program Manager for Microsoft Academy. Since 2006 he has pioneered the use of Web 2.0 technologies to bring learning and knowledge sharing inside Microsoft to new levels. In 2007 he launched the first enterprise-class podcasting platform called Academy Mobile to more than 30,000 Microsoft employees. Later in February 2007 Ludovic Fourrage shared his vision for the Liberal Enterprise with John Havens, author of Tactical Transparency.
      In June 2008 he announced the availability of the Podcasting Kit for SharePoint, and shared with customers his thoughts on how to apply 2.0 technologies to the enterprise in this session at Enterprise 2.0 (
      He has been identified by the community as one of the top Enterprise 2.0 influencers (
      Ludo is married with one child and lives in Seattle, WA.

    32. Hi Jeremiah: I am the Managing Editor of User-Generated Content at and launched the online community on July 2, 2007 of which I am the editor. I manage all aspects of the community and spend countless hours communicating with users and tailoring features to fit their needs.

      Angela Connor, Managing Editor, User Generated Content New Media Group
      Managing Editor/

    33. Ok, I’ll throw my name in the hat! Alan Lepofsky, Senior Strategist at Lotus/IBM. I’ve spent the last 15 years helping companies learn to share information internally, as well as connecting to partners, suppliers, and customers. (even competitors!) Long before the buzzwords of web 2.0, Lotus was preaching the value of collaboration. The tools and culture have evolved, but many of the same principals still apply today.

    34. Thanks all for submitting, lots of great folks here

      In order to keep my scope manageable (it’s already difficult) I’ve added folks that are part of enterprise size companies with Forrester defines as over 1000 employees.

      Lots of great folks, thanks for your understanding, I’m doing my best and wow, this is a big undertaking.

      Just added quite a few folks from comments witheld in spam, it’s a problem as it inserts them in the timeline, I have to re-read all the comments.

      Paolo, does Ludovic have a LinkedIn account? I’d prefer to link to that.

      LaSandra, is Nory internal or external? I’ve changed the scope of this listing to be external, I can’t handle internal.

    35. Hi Jeremiah. Great idea – we’ll all end up linking here!
      My title is Digital Development Director but my linkedin profile says I’m an evangelist for the dominance of communities and the power of the network.
      I work at Bauer Consumer Media in the UK.

    36. Hi Jeremiah,

      I started at SpinVox 9mths ago as a ‘Digital Marketing Product Manager’ – since February this role has developed and a few months ago I was made Head of Social Media Strategy
      Inwards, yes. But also outwards – blogger outreach, community/relationship manager… etc!

      SpinVox is the market leader in voice to text technology, over 300 employees worldwide and recently closed a funding round of $100m with Goldman Sachs.

      And some links for you sir,

      James Whatley, Social Media Strategy, SpinVox,,,

      Oh – and when I moved –




      PS – Not sure I qualify, but at least this made me update a few things.

    37. I have been working informally on getting Best Buy interested in customer communities for many years. This is the year we get them done. Started with a beta pilot with Fixya, then moving towards our own community design coming this fall. I am responsible for the strategy design, launch, and overall business model of community support for our customers.

      Scott McIntyre – Director Business Development


    38. Hi Jeremiah,
      That’s quite a list of comments to go through… You have some work ahead of you 😉

      In any case, here’s the info you asked for:
      Name: Dvir Reznik
      Title: Lotus Software Sales
      Company: IBM Israel
      Which category: Ongoing List of Social Computing Strategists at Enterprise Corporations and Ongoing List Community Managers at Enterprise Corporations
      URL demonstrating body of work:


    39. Hi Jeremiah,

      Thank you for putting out this initiative. It’s a welcome “water cooler” to baseline important trends in this job market.

      I am Director of Emerging Technologies and Research Analysis at Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society. We are one of the country’s largest member-based non-profit science organizations, representing about 60K scientists and engineers from all disciplines.

      My role encompasses mainly the first two of those you mention. I strategize on how we can position ourselves to provide value in a competitive environment. I support our blogs, forums and various other outreach media including our social media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn groups. I am also researching social networking products to evaluate which could best meet our needs to provide value and increase engagement. We’d expect to outsource significant development of a custom application.

      I am active on Twitter and have profiles on LinkedIn and Naymz, as well as a couple of dozen social media sites.

      I am especially interested in the implications of microblogging for business, government and lifestyle. My blog features regular posts on this topic.

    40. Alison Bolen, Editor, SAS
      Category: social media strategist for Enterprise Corp – Technology

      I edit the corporate blog for SAS, which is tied to the corporate magazine, sascom. I’ve also become an informal social media champion/strategist of sorts as we continue to explore this space. My linkedin is

    41. Laurent Courtines
      Community Manager at is part of AOL and AOL Games.
      I am on the team in an effort to educate our group on the goings on in social media and make sure that we keep our focus on newer web initiatives. With our demographic it has been difficult to reach goals but I am plugging away!
      I have an active profile on Blog

    42. Jeremiah,
      I’m the Community Manager for Yahoo! Messenger, which means I fall under the Ongoing List of Social Computing Strategists at Enterprise Corporations/Technology category.

      I manage and moderate the All-Star group for Yahoo! Messenger.


    43. Hi Jeremiah,

      My name is Denise and I’m the Online Content & Community Specialist for PacSun.

      Name: Denise Garciano
      Company: PacSun
      Title: Online Content & Community Specialist

      I am both inward and external focused. I am a strategist to brand and develop our content (blogs) and external community areas (myspace, facebook, youtube, in order to reach out and create a connection with our customers.

      Content & Blogs:
      Style Section on

      External Communities:

      -Denise Garciano

    44. Please read

      I’m greatly appreciative of all the wonderful comments and submissions, it’s great to see the industry move forward, and I’m happy to document

      This list however, has very specific requirements, please read what I’m seeking. Companies with over 1,000 employees qualify as Enterprise, please read the job descriptions.

      I have to limit my scope to keep myself sane, and I read each profile to qualify.

      If you feel like creating your own list, I promise to link to it and promote it.

    45. I am the User Experience and Creative Director within NCI’s Office of Communications and Education. I am also the social media evangelist and help lead our newly formed Social Media Working Group to develop knowledge and audience relationship strategies using social media.

    46. Please read the requirements friends

      Before you leave a comment for the list, please carefully read the requirements. I review each entry and submission, and this could end up saving a lot of back and forth emails.

      Thanks for working with me,

    47. Thanks for the add – and for this list. Your blog is quickly becoming a favorite resource of mine (found it via twitter, btw).

    48. Hi Jeremy,
      You’re blog is a wealth of information—thanks!

      Katie Hamlin, Community Manager,, Random House,

      I am the Community Manager of, the web site of Fodor’s Travel Guides. Fodor’s is a division of Random House—there has been much dialogue back in forth between the various imprints here in the last year regarding social media. I’ve managed the community exclusively for almost 3 years.

    49. Enjoy your posts! I’ve included my info in your format so I wouldn’t leave anything out. Thanks.

      1) My official title is Product Manager, Social Networking and Community Moderation. This is a full-time postion.
      2) I am with Hoover’s, Inc. ( which is part of Dun & Bradstreet (NYSE: DNB)
      I oversee Hoover’s community programs, UGC, and our blog properties.
      4) My role is both inwardly and externally focused — it’s a new role, and I expect it will continually evolve.

    50. Hi Jeremiah,
      You can add me under Financial Service/ Banking as Director of Collaboration, Intranet, Communication and Innovation at AMP. (AMP is Australia’s largest retail and corporate superannuation provider, and one of the region’s most significant investment managers with more than A$129 billion in assets under management (as at 31 December 2007) .We have a market-leading distribution capability with a network of more than 2,000 qualified financial planners)

      I am driving the internal organisational uptake of social media through an array of technologies (wikis, blogs, team collaboration spaces, podcasts, and other community initiatives including Blogger meet-ups, barcamps, an internally developed Facebook employee directory, open innovation campaigns, and so on). On the cusp of bursting into the public domain!

    51. The UK-based Institute of Chartered Accountants’ IT Counts website, powered by Wordframe, which has just won a web 2.0 award, is managed by myself, Stuart Hall as community manager.

    52. Stuart

      Sounds like a great project. What’s the URL to the company website and blog?

      Annalie, I added, thanks for making my job easier by being so detailed with the submission.

    53. Sorry reading this whole thing is more effort than I have to contribute just now, but…

      Notably missing here are the members of Nokia’s Social Media Communications Team.

      Head of Social Media Communications, Mark Squires
      Blogger Outreach, Ray Haddow
      Lead on Nokia corporate blog, Charlie Schick

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    55. Aloha Jeremiah,
      Mahalo for putting this list together. I am working on social media initiatives at HMSA (Hawaii Medical Services Association). There are about 1700 employees at HMSA. My work at HMSA has both an internal and external aspect to it. I also maintain an online community call Bytemarks and have a weekly tech show on Hawaii Public Radio. Here are some pertinent information:

      Burt Lum
      Title: Business Relationship Manager
      Company: HMSA

      Category: Ongoing List of Social Computing Strategists at Enterprise Corporations and Ongoing List Community Managers at Enterprise Corporations

    56. A little late to the Game. My name is Kimberly Dillon and I am a New Media Strategists at TMP Worldwide. We are a global recruitment ad agency that helpp companies adopt social media in their recruitment and change management programs.

    57. Kimberly, I need more information about TMP, I don’t see it listed in your LinkedIn Profile. Also, the requirement is an enterprise size company, is it over 1000 employees? Sorry for the hassle, I’m vetting each one of these submissions. Please let me know, thanks for informing me.

      John, added thanks

    58. Director of Product Management, Unified Communications Group, Microsoft Corporation. My team looks after product management for Office Communications Server. I previously headed up product management for Windows Live Spaces, Live Writer and Events. In both my role is closest to that of “Strategist”.

    59. Great resource – did not see Cisco, the WebEx Technology group included. I am the Sr. Manager of Customer Success and Community Programs – own both the community strategy and overall community management. Holly Valdez, is our day to day Community Manager

      Great list. Regards, diane

    60. Hi Jeremiah,

      We’ve met a couple times on the Cisco campus but just to refresh your memory 🙂

      I’m a New Media Program Manager in Corporate Communications at Cisco focusing on external blogging and social media for the enterprise.

      BTW – just read the latest Forrester report on B2B Blogging – excellent report and 100% spot on. Great opportunities for improvement!

      Keep up the great work and thanks for pulling together this list!

      Deanna Belle

    61. Hey Jeremiah: Love the list. Thanks for sharing

      2nd request here to be added…
      (We met at Web 2.0 Expo in SF, and we talked again today on an HP Call.)

      I’m a community and blogs strategist for HP, Imaging and Printing Group, U.S.
      Run two wikis for HP:
      Contribute to a couple of HP blogs, including HP’s Backstage at Sundance blog:

      You can find me on LinkedIn at:

      Take care! Talk with you soon.

    62. Hi Jeremiah,

      surprising that there is only one social media professional under agencies. Wondering why. Any thoughts?

    63. Steve

      Yes, two reasons, this is just for companies with over 1000 employees. A majority of agencies are not at this size, or if they are, they are fragmented into many divisions

      Secondly, much of this training and skillset happens at the individual account team(s), so there’s often not a centralized source.

    64. Jeremiah Andick

      Can you give me a link to what you’re working on that indicates how you’re involving social media? See many other folks links to their linkedin pages. I need it documented or referenced.

    65. Suzanne Minassian, IBM, Lotus Division. I’m the product Manager for IBM Lotus Connections. For references, I have many a presence online. Here’s a list of them all and links to LinkedIn/FB/Twitter/etc – Most relevant would be my work blog – I was formerly in collaboration research and now I’m product focused.

      There are *lots* of people who fit your description at IBM. Gina Poole is the VP of Social Software programs at IBM, and we have a team who manages external facings social sites such as, developerworks, and the Lotus Greenhouse. I’ll point them here.

      Thanks for creating such a list!

    66. Jeremiah:

      what a great idea to create a network of social media professionals.

      I am the Director, Global Ecosystem and Partner Marketing at SAP.

      It is my responsibility to market the Business Process Expert community at SAP – , in terms of generating external awareness, as well as bringing interesting people and topics into the community.
      I work with Marilyn Pratt and Scott Jones who you already have on your list.

    67. Hi Jeremiah,

      Wanted to toss my community hat in the ring as well:

      Jayne Karolow
      Director of Community
      LocaModa, Inc.
      (mobile/web/OOH technology)

      Twitter: jayniek

      Thanks for the great list!

    68. Hi, I’m Jean Fahmy, newly created Director of Digital Strategies @ Group Transcontinental.

      We are the largest printer in Canada, 6th in NA. We also have over 150 online/offline brands which attract 4.2M uniques per month (that’s not bad in Canada).

      My role is to help the shift from the largest printer to the best digital organization.

    69. Hi Jeremiah –

      I hope that you will consider including Constant Contact’s community manager. CTCT, whose community, ConnectUp! is in the Groundswell book, and has been in operation for several years, is a great example of a thriving user community with over 18,000 members.

      Maureen Royal
      Director of Customer Experience, Constant Contact
      Linkedin profile:



    70. I have two names for you from Citrix Systems in the Community Manager role:

      Stephen Spector, Sr. Manager,
      * Stephen manages the open source community on behalf of Citrix Systems

      Vishal Ganeriwala, Sr. Manager of Citrix Developer Network,*4YBR_NAME*4SEARCH_1216862583504_Vishal_Ganeriwala
      * Vishal manges the Citrix Developer Network on behalf of Citrix Systems

    71. Hi Jeremiah – I’d like to be included on your list.

      I’m the *Community Manager* for Web 2.0 Expo. This is a global, annual conference that is co-produced by TechWeb and O’Reilly Media.

      My official employer is TechWeb (previously CMP). Parent company is United Business Media (traded out of London). Web 2.0 Expo is one “product” among many within the Live Events Group.

      Here are links to LinkedIn and two introductory blog posts I wrote –

      As for your last question – I cover a lot of ground in my role. I’m a brand evangelist and Web community-seeker (outward-focused) but I also bring in intelligence from the communities I’m a part of back to the Web 2.0 Expo team. It helps us develop stronger program elements, be reactive to the needs of the community and overall, increase the quality and reach of our event.

      I also encourage the use of social media tools among our sales and marketing teams (inward-focused). I’ve only been doing this work for just shy of 6 months now but long-term I want to make an impact within my organization, beyond the Web 2.0 Expo events. Just today I had a brainstorm session with a colleague – I’m working on a one-page tutorial/guideline doc (I’m a big fan of one-pagers) that will help teams at TechWeb adopt social media tools in their everyday.

      Hope this helps. Thanks for putting this list together.

      ~ Janetti a.k.a Janerri

    72. Hi Jeremiah,
      I’m Chris James and I’m the Social Media and Online Community Strategist at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and would like to be added to your list as well.

      AMD is investing heavily in its social media and community-related endeavors and is very active in formulating new and innovative strategies to reach our customers and end users. Before this role, I was a part of the team at Dell who helped bring community engagement out of the web “backwater” and into the prominent role it now plays today.

      Look for great things to come from AMD in the near future around social computing. There is still a lot of trails to blaze in this space and we hope to be one of the innovators.

    73. I think Digitas should be in the agency category, no? The agency list is light but I’m sure agency types will make sure to let you know who they are — we’re agency types after all and can’t help but promote ourselves. I’m not sure we could debate whether any agency qualifies as enterprise but they certainly serve enterprises. Good post. This would be a nice set too.

    74. Hi Jeremiah
      I’m reading from Staniforth – a PR consultancy in the UK. We’ve started doing social media projects with people in large companies but occupying traditional comms roles rather than the emerging specialisms you’re listing.

      Would it be too much of a drag to segment in your list any new Social Computing Strategists and Community Managers coming out of the UK?

    75. Nancy Zimmerman (aka citizensbanker)
      Bank Evangelist
      Citizens Bank of Canada
      (note: the bank itself is 10 years old; its own staff is not ‘enterprise’ sized, but it’s parent company, Vancity, is)

    76. Winnie Hsia
      Online Community Moderator
      Whole Foods Market

      I work with Slaton Carter and have a more outward customer service / community building oriented role with social media (blog, Twitter, forums, etc) for Whole Foods Market.

    77. I work in a hybrid of those two roles (as many others have said themselves). I focus more internally but also deal with direct community management in the short run (though I am hiring for someone else to focus in that role). I work at Hachette Filipacchi (,,,, etc.). My title is: Manager of Product Engagement & Community Development. I am in the process of defining our social strategy now, so our current social platform is very web 1.0 still. That will change in the not so distant future. My LinkedIn profile is

    78. Thanks for submitting all, I’ve been a bit behind as I’ve been traveling and busy with research.

      I’ve added a few names, but please note, this list has specific requirements: I’m seeking folks in Enterprise class companies or organizations (over 1000 employees) and I use linkedin to help filter this (it shows company size)

      Should you want to create you own list, I’ll be happy to link to it, and promote it for the SMB space.

      Brian Davidson: I did some searches on Linkedin, but wasn’t able to find your profile, do you have one?

    79. Friendly greetings Jeremiah, I heard about this list from Valleywag. Just in case you wish to consider it, I’d like to share my info ” I work for Linden Lab, which isn’t over 1,000 employees, but I do have a useful reason why I’m still commenting… as you know, we’ve led, pioneered, and have numerous Community- and Social Media-focused roles, since our primary business is the virtual world Second Life.

      So here’s mine:

      Torley Wong (aka Torley Linden)
      Resident Enlightenment Manager (external-facing, has some aspects of community management but it’s quite a unique “hybrid” position suited for the needs of our organization) and numerous other blog posts 🙂
      I’m not on LinkedIn because I haven’t found a need for it.

      Keep on compiling and rock on, I hope this’ll be a useful resource in due time! 🙂

    80. Torley

      Thanks for stopping by, I’ve encouraged many others at companies under 1000 employees to start a list, if you choose to do so, I’ll link to it. I simply don’t have the time to manage it.

    81. Hi Jeremiah,

      Thanks for putting together this list. I am the Word of Mouth/Social Marketing Leader for the Small Business Division at Intuit. I fit in the social computing strategist role and primarily focus on engaging with new customers in communities that are not on our own web properties. Thanks, Kira

    82. Hi Jeremiah,

      You pinged me after my twitter tease 😉
      I guess I should be on this list, was too busy with SAP Mentor initiative and Community Day prep to post.

      SAP Chief Community Evangelist
      Founder and Host of Future Salon

      Check out this Thursday’s Salon about Open Source Learning with John Taylor Gatto, it will be an amazing one.

      All the best, Mark.

    83. Hi Jeremiah,

      Please add me to your list of Community Managers. I work for SMART Technologies, based in Calgary, Alberta. My formal title is Education Specialist – Web Communications. I handle the care and feeding of our education websites, run social media campaigns and also manage the SMART Exchange – a global community for educators. My linked in profile is here:

    84. Charles Miller
      Director, Inbound E-mail Operations and Blog Outreach
      DIRECTV, Inc.
      Category: Social Computing Strategist
      Industry: Media

      Directing the inbound e-mail operations and tackling social media simultaneously have their benefits — both are strongly linked by providing raw, documented customer sentiment that a company can listen to, learn from, adjust practices and respond to concerns — just accomplished through different customer communication methods.

      In the social media role, I direct the strategy for blog outreach, interact with our top customer-driven community leaders online (who drive an on-going customer beta testing program) and oversee the management of, a large peer-to-peer customer community customers with over 1/2 million unique visits monthly.


    85. Hi Jeremiah,

      A colleague just sent me this. What a great list that you’ve put together!

      I’m the worldwide leader of the Lotus Social Software community within IBM and, as such, I promote the use of social software, specifically Lotus Connections within IBM. Additionally, I’m the Americas Tech Sales SME and Evangelizer for Lotus Connections.

    86. (Digital Agency)

      Daniel Timothy Wood
      Digital Strategy Director

      PMSI – Portland | San Francisco | Austin


      Strategic Counsel
      · UX research and testing
      · Brand messaging and positioning
      · Online community development
      · Social media strategies

      Web Development
      · Web design
      · Application development/engineering
      · eCommerce
      · Microsites and landing pages
      · Rich-media content development

      Online Marketing
      · SEO/SEM
      · Online advertising
      · Email design and management
      · Campaign/audience measurement

      · Environmental/POS media
      · Multimedia presentations
      · Demo/Prototyping
      · DVD development

    87. Luis, I need more info, do you have a LinkedIn profile with more details?

      Folks, please read my requirements section above, unlike a wiki, I vett this list.

    88. Engauge is a multi service ad agency with a broad range of Blue Chip clients.

      I have been Director of Social Media for 3 years now.

      The client roster for our social media product is as follows:

      1) Chick-fil-A
      2) Dad’s Pet Care
      3) Zone Perfect
      4) Airborne
      5) NGK Spark-Plugs
      6) Osmocote
      7) Church’s Chicken
      8) Stok
      9) UJC
      10) Donatos Pizza

      We do everything from design and develop the creative to seeding the content over various social channels.

      My role is primarily as a Social Media Strategist, I evaluate each client’s current position and incorporate tools and partnerships to increase their social media footprint.

    89. Matt Lehman, Director of Web Experience
      Progressive Insurance
      Lead experience and social media strategy

      (also will be out for blog council meeting/blogwell in later October – it would be great to catch up for an hour)

    90. Hi Jeremiah, here™s my info:
      Imma grau
      forumclinic project manager ( Hospital Clinic de Barcelona. e-health and social communication. Virtual Comunities and Suport groups. We do also social and health communication research wiht medical doctors and Social scientifics.

    91. Hi Jeremiah,

      I’m the Social Marketing Manager for InterContinental Hotels Group. IHG is the largest hotel company in the world measured by the number of rooms.

      My linked in profile is

      I’m on point for our global, corporate social marketing strategy and for managing our private and public online communities.

      Posts (to validate my position) include:

      Great list!!! Very helpful!

    92. Aquent isn’t over 1,000 employees (yet!), but here’s our Social Guru’s bio:

      Judi Wunderlich is the Director of Strategic Initiatives for Aquent (, a 20+ year old global staffing/recruiting firm focused on jobs in the marketing, advertising, new media and creative industries. Judi™s role focuses on Social Media and Networking, and in creating and defining online user experiences and both individual and corporate brand definitions. She is very active in the Interactive community and has been a guest speaker at The Chicago New Media Summit, for internal North American Aquent staff training, and at universities and design schools like The School of the Art Institute. She also runs a 500+ member education and networking group (the Chicago Interactive Design/Development Group) that meets monthly to discuss current trends and best practices in online communications.

      Email Judi at Or better yet, INTERACT with her here:
      Chicago New Media Summit:

      Calling her is also an option: (312) 869-3000 “ if you can drag her away from the computer.

    93. Hi Jeremiah,

      I™m Chris Haro, Social Media Manager at Premiere Global Services (NYSE:PGI).

      About PGI:
      PGI is a multinational provider of on-demand communications technologies that simplify and automate business processes.

      Over 50,000 companies, including nearly 95% of the Fortune 500, use the Premiere Global Communications Operating System, or PGiCOS, for their daily communications.

      Business Card: Text “HARO” to 41411

      Best wishes,

    94. Hi Jeremiah,

      As Adam Christensen commented a while back, there are lots of us at IBM involved in Social Marketing, and I’m one of them.

      I’m the team lead for social marketing initiatives for IBM’s Data Management solutions (which include databases such as DB2 and Informix, as well as a whole host of associated tools and solutions).

      My role is an externally-facing one and involves looking at how we can use social marketing and community-based initiatives to communicate and interact with the people who rely on and care about our solutions.


      Thank you for putting this list together,
      Adam Gartenberg

    95. Hi,
      I’m Marc Needham – Director of Web Technology for Scripps Health in San Diego.

      Scripps Health is large health system with five hospitals, 18 outpatient facilities and over 12,000 employees.

      I am responsible for web strategy for the organization including internet, intranet, extranet, marketing and social media strategy. Currently we maintain active presences on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We are seeing some really interesting results and are excited about using these new tools to connect with our patients.

      My LinkedIn profile can be found here:

      And here is a link to a blog post I wrote recently about social media’s uses in the healthcare vertical:

    96. Hey Jeremiah, This is a great resource you’ve created!
      I’m the “New Media Program Manager” for VeriSign. Some things I do:
      — Educate colleagues about the benefits of social media
      — Research best practices & case studies to influence executives
      — Monitor the blogosphere and report on brand reputation issues
      — Run the blog program
      — Work with legal to develop policies around blogging and online communications
      — Develop a roadmap to formalize a Corporate Social Media Program
      — Advise business units on their social media marketing campaigns.

      I also write a personal blog, Tales from the Social Media Front Linewhich is meant to help other social media managers at enterprise companies who are searching for case studies and info about ROI.

    97. Hi Jeremiah,

      My name is Jason Burns and I am the Online Communications Manager with Disneyland Resort. I am responsible/have been an active participant in several ongoing social media initiatives for the resort including:
      -Production of audio and video podcasts
      -Creation of first social media outreach initiatives targeting members of the media and consumers using Twitter, Stumble Upon, Facebook, You Tube, Blogging, Multimedia News Releases, etc.

      Thanks for all your hard work and for pulling this community together!

    98. Hi Jeremiah,

      Thanks for your super prompt response on the previous post.

      I’m Cathy Ma @Yahoo! Europe. Working together with products, developers, marketing and social policy to make our sites more useful and engagement for people who want to share about their passion. On our partner sites with Eurosports, our users have generated over 500k comments in the first five months sine launching in June 08! Now working on how to bring out the creme and better our comment filtering system.

    99. PS: Obviously my title is Yahoo! Europe’s community manager, but as you talked about previously, we are a mix of social media strategist, listener and connector. Thanks for pulling us together.

    100. Category: Automotive
      Title: SVP, Group Mgt Supervisor – Chevrolet Digital Strategy
      Agency: Campbell-Ewald

      I’m finalizing Chevrolet’s 2009 social media and digital strategy over the next couple of weeks as we expand our integrated campaign development fully traditional advertising supporting our digital solutions and utilizing social media to inform our program objectives and approach.

      We have a fully dedicated team of Social Media Experience Planners that are tapped to support our full client base. My role is to lead Chevrolet into a digital revolution.

    101. Just a few of the smart, talented people I’ve had the opportunity to work with on communities like Yahoo, BabyCenter, and Edmunds. Your list feels incomplete without them:

      Ernie Hsiung, Developer Advocate/Community, Ning

      Heather Champ, Director of Community,

      Mario Anima, Director of Community, Current

      Rebecca Michals, Community Manager, BabyCenter

      Sylvia Lacock Marino, Direct of Community Operations,

    102. Hi Jeremiah,

      Great list — thank you!

      In my role as Market Intelligence Consultant for Premera Blue Cross, I actively research for and contribute to our social media initiative focusing on potential internal and external applications.

      I am also in the process of bringing on a new wiki/blog tool I will be using for intelligence and knowledge management; having successfully made the business case I hope to shift the culture a bit to one that embraces online collaboration (beyond email)!

      Very exciting times.

    103. Экономический кризис не страшен.Запущена антикризисная программа по поддержке фирм малого бизнеса в условиях финансового кризиса

    104. Jeremiah,

      Following up. I own the Webmaster community for Live Search. I drive our blogging, twitter and influential outreach programs as well run our social media measurement and sentiment studies.

      Our blog currently lives at moving soon.


      Jeremiah Andrick

    105. Hi Jeremiah,

      Thanks for creating this helpful resource:

      I am the Director of eCommerce Marketing at Waterford Wedgwood USA. My responsibilities include:
      – Development of Social Media Strategy and Tactical Roadmap for, and
      – Leveraging Social Media for Search Engine Optimization.
      “ Internal education on emerging trends in social media.
      – Online Reputation Management including monitoring the blogosphere for customer insights and feedback.
      “ Legal liason for trademark infringement issues and development of Social Network Posting Guidelines.

    106. Hello Jeremiah,

      Great list and gives some better understanding in these roles and what the internal vs. external tasks are about.

      Seems mostly US based, any chance you make this a global initiative?

      Bram Boertjes
      Channel Manager SPIL GAMES

    107. Hello Jeremiah,

      Thank you for taking the time to curate and share such a helpful resource.

      I™m Rhonda Lowry and my title here at Turner Broadcasting System, Inc is Vice President, Social Media Technologies. I spend my time between technology, sociology and business so I’m not sure I fit neatly into your categorization scheme.

      I research, teach, advise, consult, brainstorm and collaborate across our major news and entertainment networks and business units about that amorphous energy field universally labeled “social media” but in a hybrid model, that is adopting the principles inside the company with ourselves (i.e. “Enterprise 2.0”) and with our audiences and partners.


    108. Hi Jeremiah,

      I hate to nominate myself for your list, however, I have been the Director of Emerging Media at PR Newswire (a global company with over 1000 employees) for 2.5years. While “emerging media” might be a little different “social media”, this was a title chose 2 years ago because my job is to stay on top of the trends and help my company to do so. There will always be some kind of new form of media, so it’s not always about what some people will define right now as “social media”.

      Michael Pranikoff
      Director, Emerging Media
      PR Newswire

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    110. Hi Jeremiah,
      I share the Community Manager role for the EMC Customer Support Forums at EMC. Ours is currently a community closed to customers only. We have nearly 100,000 registered users.
      EMC is moving forward rapidly and I represent only part of where we’re going, other open communities also exist.


    111. Hi Jeremiah! Thanks for promoting this on Twitter last night. I’d like to add my name to your list, probably under the technology category.

      I am the Social Media “Strategist” at CSC Listed in the Fortune 500, CSC is a global consulting, systems integration and outsourcing company with 90K+ employees operating in over 80 countries. I am currently leading the business strategy for our corporate social media/collaboration, working with a number of global, cross functional experts.

    112. Jeremiah:

      Three more for your list –

      1. Bonin Bough who is heading up social media for PepsiCo.

      2. Stan Joosten who runs P&G’s social media labs.

      3. Lee Aase who heads up social media for the Mayo Clinic

      MotiveQuest LLC

    113. Hi Jeremiah and thanks for pulling this together. I™d like to add my name to your growing list under the Finance category.

      Company: CME Group (

      The role I’m taking on at the exchanges (CME, CBOT, NYMEX) as Director of Corporate Communications is more Community Manager as I help reach out to customers. Right now I am the public face of the exchanges in the social media on Facebook and Twitter (@cmegroup).

    114. Excellent list & resource. The number of people moving into this role and crafting the responsibilities and functions is pretty inspiring.

      I came here via post @ (

      That post was an excellent validation of the community manager idea that I’ve been working on and writing about for a little over a year now.

      It will be interesting to see how well large companies are going to be able to let true community develop outside of iron-fisted PR and marketing control.

      It’s a very cool time to be involved in this emerging area. So many new tools, techniques, and technology to really do new and exciting things!

    115. Jeremiah, I was recently hired as the Director Of Social Media and Senior Consultant at Authority Domains. My role requires:

      ¢ Map the use of Social Networking to the business objectives of Global 2000 Authority Domains customers
      ¢ Enabling a Social Media presence for Authority Domains around Social Media Consulting, SEO Optimization & Link Building.
      ¢ Design and execute launch strategy on three Social Media Consulting solutions, designed for Small, Mid-Level and Enterprise level businesses.
      ¢ Provide clients with community best practices related to content development, event programming, online facilitation, member outreach, and business objectives
      ¢ Responsible for the creation of Social Media workshops and training based on client need, budget and time-line
      ¢ Cultivate and drive new sales opportunities with new and existing Authority Domains customers
      ¢ Execute a clear business plan based on budget, client acquisition and marketing plan.
      ¢ Provide valuable content to the marketplace to drive interactions about the Authority Domains product lines.
      ¢ Continue to be a Social Media thought leader at

      I spent the first month on the job baking out the three Social Media Consulting products we will provide. I recently just finished posting those products here:

      Thanks for everything you do Jeremiah.

    116. Hi Jeremiah:

      First, thanks for the great site! It’s a regular source of good information for my team. I was recently named Strategy and Content Manager – Social Networking for Allstate Financial (#64 on the 2008 Fortune 500).

      Here’s my LinkedIn profile, I’m happy to connect with anyone on this list, simply mention the post in your invite.

      I am a strategist, focusing on structure and content for our community.

      I’m happy to talk with you (or anyone) more about staffing/organizing social media efforts. I recently made 2 posts on my blog about 1) Pros/Cons of aligning Social Media under different functions ( and 2) A staffing matrix for ensuring that you can staff a team with diverse talent (

      Thanks for the site, keep up the great work.

    117. We offer remote support,online tech support chat on our site.
      Free diagnostics on all repairs.We do On-site and in house desktop and laptop repair.We also do network and server ongoing support.Computer repair

    118. Hi, Jeremiah,

      I have accepted your challenge: “If you do not meet the requirements to meet this list, you can create your own, and I™ll prominently link to it.”

      I wanted to join your great list, but sadly do not qualify, as I am responsible for an internal community of about 5000. So, I started my own list and would be grateful if you would, indeed, link to it:

      Your blog is a great resource — thanks for sharing so many of your ideas and insights.

      –Ted Hopton

    119. Jeremiah,
      I’m the VP digital media at Smithsonian Networks (which is owned by CBS). I manage all our digital media properties website, blog, facebook, youtube and community. Since we are a new cable channel with (for the moment anyway) limited distribution on cable and satellite providers we are using social media to get the word out that we’re here and we have great programming that you can watch on your TV, but also sample on other platforms. My linked in profile is here

      Susanne Mei
      VP Digital Media, Smithsonian Channel

    120. Hey Jeremiah,

      I’ve recently joined the National University of Singapore Society as Director of Corporate Affairs and New Media ( My role on top of handling marketing, and corporate partnerships is to develop an integrated communications strategy employing all channels including social media, to connect and interact with our 14,000 members.

      My linkedin profile is

      HH Tong
      Director, Corporate Affairs and New Media
      National University of Singapore Society

    121. Jeremiah,

      Good to meet you last weekend at TWTRCON.

      I was named full-time Sr. Producer, Social Media, at the Los Angeles Times in late November (announcement:, with “+ Emerging Media” added to my title soon after.

      See for links to the 30+ social outlets I’ve set up in the past 6 months. Currently, my role is about 50/50 internal/external. Soon, I hope to be able to clone myself (or, better yet, hire an assistant).

      My linkedin profile is

      Andrew D. Nystrom / @latimesnystrom

    122. Hi Jeremiah,

      Great list! Thanks for putting it together.

      I’m one of the many at IBM involved in Social Marketing. I’m the Digital Strategist for Brand System, IBM Growth Markets (primarily: China, Australia, India, Russia, Czech Rep, Poland, Brazil). My role covers all things digital and social media is an ever increasing slice. I am the go-to person for SMM in Growth markets.

      Rowan Watts
      Digital Strategist, Brand System, IBM Growth Markets


      Many thanks again,


    123. Hi Jeremiah,
      Great post and most timely as Tom Diederich just spoke to my class and Charlene Li will be speaking next week. I don’t have your email but want to confirm your speaking to my Stanford class on July 14. I also need to send you some information. Would you send me your email address and confirm that you will be coming to the class. Much thanks. Robin

    124. Nice list, I work as Digital Media Technologist at and blog about “Social Media Marketing in India” at

      Kind Regards
      Vijay Rayapati

    125. Would like to update – Kelly Colgan, Media Relations Specialist at APC
      New – Kelly Colgan, Media Relations Specialist, Schneider Electric

    126. Enterprise Social Media Strategist

      Title: Sr. Product Manager for Web Services at Raymond James Financial

      Working out of the marketing department, I’m responsible for all national branch website programs (1700+ sites), 22 corporate sites including, and our corporate intranet. As such, I™ve been tasked with working with our director of Corp Comm, and key business unit managers to develop a social media strategy and guidelines for our associates, independent advisors, and corporate interests. Member of the SIFMA Internet Marketing Roundtable.

      I’m very interested in connecting with peers in regulated industries, particularly Financial Services.

    127. Hi Jeremiah – congrats again on the move to Altimeter Group. Please add me as a social media strategist, internal for a Fortune 500. I’ve been in the role for about 4 months now. Thanks.

    128. Трафаретная печатьНаша компания “Дана-НН” предоставляет услуги по нанесению текста и изображений на изделия способом трафаретной печати.

    129. Would like to update “ previous – Kelly Colgan, Media Relations Specialist at APC
      New “ Kelly Colgan, Media Relations Specialist, Schneider Electric

    130. Hi Jeremiah,

      Just came across your blog during the research I am conducting on online community management. Thanks for all of the work you’ve done in this area.

      I am a UxD/IA/Content Strategist with a strong background working with pharma and healthcare clients both on the agency and client side. I welcome the opportunity for you to add me to the list of social media strategists in the area of healthcare.



      A summary of my background and experience can be found on my LinkedIn profile:

    131. The list comprises of people that are technically minded and the leaders in a new innovation.

      You have not listed communities that are social or promoting a product like Dell or there are a lot of other companies that need a strategist to brand them and be out there amongst there consumers and evangelists listening and moderating.

      @Don…well put that “Building community online is not easy. And it™s not just for social networks anymore. Companies of all sizes, shapes and colors have recognized how important digital communities can be to their business, so many (if not most) are carving out positions specifically for community management. […]”

    132. Please add me:

      Jaime Punishill, Directory Strategic Planning & New Channel Development, Citibank

    133. Influence can be defined as the power exerted over the minds and behavior of others. A power that can affect, persuade and cause changes to someone or something. In order to influence people, you first need to discover what is already influencing them. What makes them tick? What do they care about? We need some leverage to work with when we™re trying to change how people think and behave.

    134. That was nice post. Thanks for the list. I gathered some useful information from this blog. Now a days many people prefer for computer related jobs as it gives them a good career. I got a job in computing field with the help of They guided me in a better way. It was more helpful for me. Thanks for sharing such useful information.

    135. Hi, great list you have going here.

      I am the full-time Social Media Specialist for Meijer, Inc. we're a Midwest-based, 5-state, 200-store chain that is credited with pioneering the “hypermarket” model. My job walks a line between social media strategy and community management, with some involvement in internal social efforts as well.

      You can find me online at:, (my blog) and

      Thanks for providing this resource.

    136. Hi Jeri , the list u have offered is good enough bt the flow of information is kind of disorganized. I was trying to read this post and had to read 2 times in order to get what it is all about..

    137. Hi Jeremiah,

      I really enjoyed your series on Social CRM. Please add me to your list for Technology Companies – Social Strategist.

      I am currently Marketing Director, SAP North American Online Media and Social Strategy. I manage our paid and earned media programs in SAP North American Field Marketing from strategy to execution. Also driving coordination with our Global Brand, Communications and Community teams. We are looking to orchestrate Social Media tactics across many of your defined use cases. I hope we can connect.

      My LinkedIn Profile:

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    139. You’ve got WordPress automatically flagging anything with 2 URLs in, from what I can see happening… might make it tricky or confusing for anyone to include their URL, and their LinkedIn address…     

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    141. Robert Bowling owns all the community manager position. Do you know why because he is a stealth clown.

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