Video: Facebook’s Spanish Translation Misses the Mark (4:20)

Click To Play I interviewed Maria and Aaron Contente, who are both native Spanish speakers from Mexico, educated, and are successful professionals in Silicon Valley. Maria Contente manages many of the relationships with our clients at Forrester in Silicon Valley and Aaron is an engineer at a large industrial company. After enjoying a home cooked Mexican meal (and a spicy cocktail), I asked them for their honest feedback on Facebook’s recent Spanish release. Watch the video to find out that the new version reads awkward. Apparently, Facebook outsourced some of the translations to the members, in a crowdsourcing effort of 1500 members, but in some cases there’s no substitute for having a professional translator. Apparently, a French version will soon … Continue readingVideo: Facebook’s Spanish Translation Misses the Mark (4:20)

Audio: Overview of Social Networks, Facebook (7:45)

Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at Jason Lopez, former colleague/friend/journalist from PodTech’s newsroom interviews me on the phenomenon we know as Facebook, I also discuss how the web will be distributed, move offsite, and ‘fly’ around the web. I hope you find this insightful. If you need other information see my tags on Facebook Strategy, or for a broader view, see social networks. If you’re seeking a weekly digest of this space, I go to great lengths to watch this space, and publish a weekly digest of the social networking space. On a related note, I’ve made some predictions on the crowded white label social network space (over 60 vendors) I’ve made some … Continue readingAudio: Overview of Social Networks, Facebook (7:45)

Case Study: How Sony Leveraged A Popular “Vampire” Facebook Widget To Reach It’s Community

A Widget Case Study Yesterday, I gave a teleconference on Facebook as a ready-made marketing program. I gave a few examples of success, and the audience was hungry for success metrics and numbers. One of the case examples was about rebranding an application/widget in this case, Rock You’s vampire application. Sony rebrands popular Vampires Widget with 30 Days Night, upcoming Vampire movie Vampires, which you may already know as the RPG where members bite each other to receive points (and duel) was already popular with over 3 million installs in Facebook. Sony pictures, the parent company of the very scary 30 Days Night vampire horror film rebranded the existing application, and launched a sweepstakes contest to generate registrations and glean … Continue readingCase Study: How Sony Leveraged A Popular “Vampire” Facebook Widget To Reach It’s Community

Results from a quick and dirty Facebook poll

A few minutes ago, I completed my Forrester teleconference on Facebook, apparently it was very popular and hand more sign ups than most other topics. During the session we ran a poll to those that were attending (most are web marketers and web strategists). Here are the responses: 1. Do you use Facebook for your personal or professional life? a. Yes 124/196 ( 63%) b. No 50/196 ( 26%) c. Not Sure 3/196 ( 2%) No Answer 22/196 ( 11%) 2. Does your company use Facebook for Marketing purposes? a.Yes 45/196 ( 23%) b.No 103/196 ( 53%) c.Not Sure 25/196 ( 13%) No Answer 25/196 ( 13%) 3. Does your business plan on using Faecbook for business in 2008? a. … Continue readingResults from a quick and dirty Facebook poll

What Facebook’s Developer Announcement means: How Community can be Portable

Update: Several have suggested that this announcement is nothing new, (See initial announcement in 2006) and upon further investigation (and a quick email exchange with the Facebook team) confirms this to be right. What’s new is that it’s now easier to do than before. Regardless, the awareness of this feature is low within the marketplace, and everything I write in the following still stands true. Consider this awareness raising, and more of these types of distributed web tactics to continue in 2008. My goal is to simply tech speak and boil it down to what it means for you, a web strategist. I’ll update this post as I learn more information. What Facebook wrote In their most recent announcement they … Continue readingWhat Facebook’s Developer Announcement means: How Community can be Portable

Need to know about Facebook?

Marketing Profs, a great resource for Marketers, has hired me as a Forrester Analyst to present this webinar on Facebook this Thursday, it’s 90 minutes and just over a hundred bucks “Strategy First on Facebook: Opportunities of a Ready-Made Marketing Platform“. If your boss is asking you to develop a plan to think about Facebook, this will be a great primer to move you forward. It’s based on the keynote I gave at the Web Community Forum, but with some updated content as the website has since changed. Hope to see you there. A few things you should know about Facebook: It’s the second largest social network, second to MySpace in North America, many of the registered are college educated … Continue readingNeed to know about Facebook?

Facebook: Innovative yet Conceited

Ellen Lee did a great wrap-up article over at SFGate on Facebook in 2007, she called me up for my opinion on the company over the last year. I suggested that Facebook is very innovative (the first to lead an application platform, and to do social based ads) yet remains very arrogant. (twice not including customers to make decisions over their very own privacy of the newspage and beacon). Having betrayed the trust of it’s users twice, a third time is going to result in mutiny, and users will start leaving, it wont be hard for some users to organize and move. What could Facebook do better? Involve it’s customers members (Update: See Doc Searls comment) in testing and decision … Continue readingFacebook: Innovative yet Conceited

Video: The pitfalls no one tells you about Widgets (3 min with Rodney Rumford)

Click To Play Rodney Rumford, of FaceReviews, one of the speakers at the Web Community Forum shared his expertise with Widgets, which are mini-applications that can be deployed on top of existing communities –like Facebook. Rodney shares some of the pitfalls to watch out for, as well as gives some specific actionable steps to overcome these issues. Measurement is key in adjusting a product in mid-flight. According to Rodney, two attributes that make a successful widget are engagement and viral growth. Instead of the term engagement, I prefer attributes like attention or interaction or both. It was great to catch a beautiful view of Seattle, rare this time of year due to the rain.

7 Key Learnings you should know from the Web Community Forum

I just spent the last two days exploring nearly all aspects of Facebook with 100 brands, marketers, widget companies, and developers at Seattle’s Web Community Forum (with a focus on Facebook). Some have had success (some were strategic…others were in the right place at the right time), but many are trying to make sense of what to do. But what does it all mean, what’s the big takeaway? A few high-level themes that I observed: 1. Hard to keep up: Facebook platform is constantly changing Nearly every developer who presented mentioned that the Facebooks developer platform F8 is constantly changing, and sometimes without notice, it’s difficult to keep up. New features are released (such as the ability to read messages … Continue reading7 Key Learnings you should know from the Web Community Forum

Facebook: Opportunities of a Ready-Made Platform

| View | Upload your own I’ve just completed my keynote here at the Web Community Forum, my presentation was a kick off: Your Facebook Strategy: Opportunities of a Ready-Made Platform. I also cover some of the challenges, including the recent BeaconGate, and most importantly, how to develop a strategy that makes sense. If you’re not familiar with Facebook, I’ve written this primer: What you should know about Facebook. In addition to being an Analyst covering social networks, I’m a user too, you can add me as a contact (I’ll add you back) or join the Web Strategy Group. Tris Hussey has blogged about the presentation and there were a tremendous amount of tweets from Teresa on Web Comm Forum. … Continue readingFacebook: Opportunities of a Ready-Made Platform