Audio: Overview of Social Networks, Facebook (7:45)

Jason Lopez, former colleague/friend/journalist from PodTech’s newsroom interviews me on the phenomenon we know as Facebook, I also discuss how the web will be distributed, move offsite, and ‘fly’ around the web. I hope you find this insightful.

If you need other information see my tags on Facebook Strategy, or for a broader view, see social networks. If you’re seeking a weekly digest of this space, I go to great lengths to watch this space, and publish a weekly digest of the social networking space.

On a related note, I’ve made some predictions on the crowded white label social network space (over 60 vendors) I’ve made some predictions to CIO magazine, White-Label Social Networking Set for Shake-Up? Yup, a shakeout will happen.

5 Replies to “Audio: Overview of Social Networks, Facebook (7:45)”

  1. Hi J:

    I am doing research on ˜Facebook in the Enterprise™. I have seen a lot of experiments out there (from Serena to WorkLight) and I have the basic picture.

    What I am missing is the ËśWidget™ piece; Do you have any examples of the ËśFacebook Apps™ that are facilitating social networking in the business (..and beyond, of course). For example, an Facebook application that shows where people are (in-out office, meeting with people in their network, on the road…).

    The ˜Out of the box™ Facebook app does not do much for the requirements of the (internal business.. Even the Groups/Nets are pretty simplistic. The ˜Apps™ are where this is really going to happen..

    Interested in your thoughts. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks – MikeB

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