Audio: Why Most Brands Fail at Social Network Marketing

Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at If you’re reading this from a feedreader or an email subscription, advance here to the flash embed to listen to the audio file. Dear friend Jennifer Jones interviews me on my latest Forrester report The Best and Worst of Social Network Marketing. I discuss some of the high level points of why brands have had so many issues –and what they should do to succeed. 15 of the 16 brands we tested did not pass our criteria, I hope that if we retest them, they will have improved. Update: I’m doing a teleconference on this topic on behalf of my employer, should you wish to discuss this … Continue readingAudio: Why Most Brands Fail at Social Network Marketing

Audio: How Nike’s Jordan team leans on Social Media

Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at Jennifer Jones, who hosts one of the top ongoing social media marketing podcasts, interviews Emmanuel Brown of Nike Jordan. I saw Emmanuel at the last Marketing Forum in L.A. he told us that employees are encouraged to work out a couple of hours every day. Actually, it’s more than encouraged, it’s mandatory. He discusses their Breakfast Club interactive program, which helps customers track and improve their daily sports routine, and recently won a Groundswell award for their efforts. They aren’t the only sports brand leaning on social media to reach customers. New Balance has a ‘studio’ type site, and Nike has launched an online community platform. Update: … Continue readingAudio: How Nike’s Jordan team leans on Social Media

Video: Hanging at the Bloghaus

Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at If you’re reading this in email or a feedreader, come visit this post to watch the embedded video. I was lucky to be at the very first BlogHaus at SXSW in Jan 2007, and was really pleased to return to yet another version at SXSW this week. Stephanie Agresta interviewed me, and we talked about SXSW, and what I’m watching as an important technology.

Video: I get schooled by Guy Kawasaki “The Young and the Old Samurai”

Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at Jennifer Jones the host of Marketing Voices continues to improve in quality, with her strong background in broadcast TV, she continues to bring professionalism by interviewing the top leaders in the marketing industry. Her latest guest, who needs no introduction is famed Guy Kawasaki. Featuring his latest project Alltop a preset bookmarking service organized by verticals. Every day, I’m seeing new companies that are pushing technology to meet business needs, and in my honest review, I gave Guy a great review on the marketing of his services, but a less than steller review on innovation. Initially, when I did that review, there were only a few sites … Continue readingVideo: I get schooled by Guy Kawasaki “The Young and the Old Samurai”

Audio: Overview of Social Networks, Facebook (7:45)

Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at Jason Lopez, former colleague/friend/journalist from PodTech’s newsroom interviews me on the phenomenon we know as Facebook, I also discuss how the web will be distributed, move offsite, and ‘fly’ around the web. I hope you find this insightful. If you need other information see my tags on Facebook Strategy, or for a broader view, see social networks. If you’re seeking a weekly digest of this space, I go to great lengths to watch this space, and publish a weekly digest of the social networking space. On a related note, I’ve made some predictions on the crowded white label social network space (over 60 vendors) I’ve made some … Continue readingAudio: Overview of Social Networks, Facebook (7:45)

Marketing Executives should listen to Marketing Profs Podcast

I had a chance to connect with Jennifer Jones, the hostess and MC of Marketing Voices Podcast yesterday. She’s one of my former colleagues and will be a long time friend. I learned that her podcast, which helps marketing leaders understand social media is continuing to take off. Although I made a list of the many marketing podcasts, as I understand it, the listernership is up to 100,000 downloads in the last month, that blows away almost any other podcast that I know of. Apparently some big name brands have noticed too, she’s now sponsored by Webex AND Intel, both companies want to reach marketers and the social sphere, respectively. Her show is also syndicated by MarketingProfs, one of the … Continue readingMarketing Executives should listen to Marketing Profs Podcast

How experiences shape and mold

I’ve been gone from PodTech for nearly a month, and can really be objective in remembering the experience. You never realize how much something matters to you until you move away from it. Sadly, John Furrier has moved away from PodTech yesterday, and steps onward. John, who I often refer to as a visionary, recently had dinner in Palo Alto, I told him I was thankful that he hired me, and I would have done it all over again. Aside from the many friends I still have at PodTech, I learned some really important skills. I got an informal dose of media training as I learned from some of the great producers, editors, stars, and creators. I became more confident … Continue readingHow experiences shape and mold

Video: The “Fanboys” of Facebook

I wasn’t able to attend Dave McClure’s Facebook conference, but am enjoying the different opinions from the A-List crowd, they never fail to entertain. Fellow panelists Robert Scoble, Rodney Rumford, and Dave McClure had to fight their way into the conversation. Thanks Tom for the video. Be sure to watch the final minutes where you hear Dave rant about open vs closed, and finally Calacanis rip on some poor soul, be nice guys. By the way, does anybody know if Mark Zuckerberg showed up to the conference?

Web Strategy Show: Joseph Loon on AOL’s online community

I had the opportunity to interview Joseph Loong of AOL’s Community Connection (which has blogs, forums, photo galleries, social network features) at Miami’s WeMedia conference at the University of Miami. He’s one of the community folks at AOL Blogs and helps the community become more efficient bloggers and communicators and shares with us the challenges to big media corporations like AOL and what the future holds. Thanks Rocky for editing!

Video: Understanding Facebook for Marketers

I’m so honored and pleased to have met Jennifer Jones, my former colleague at PodTech. We’ve become fast friends over the past year, I remember when we first met in person during my interview, we hit it off immediately! Jennifer draws from great experience crafting the first PR industry, and has worked with many of the greats, including CEOs of companies we all know in Silicon Valley. She’s well connected to the VC industry, and I continue to learn a lot from her insight and experience. Yes, she’s been a major influencer on me to understand and appreciate better the PR industry and strategic marketing. If you want to hear our discussion about Facebook, you can check out this discussion. … Continue readingVideo: Understanding Facebook for Marketers