Need to know about Facebook?

Marketing Profs, a great resource for Marketers, has hired me as a Forrester Analyst to present this webinar on Facebook this Thursday, it’s 90 minutes and just over a hundred bucks “Strategy First on Facebook: Opportunities of a Ready-Made Marketing Platform“. If your boss is asking you to develop a plan to think about Facebook, this will be a great primer to move you forward. It’s based on the keynote I gave at the Web Community Forum, but with some updated content as the website has since changed. Hope to see you there.

A few things you should know about Facebook: It’s the second largest social network, second to MySpace in North America, many of the registered are college educated the growth segment if folks over 30, it’s not just for students. It was the first to let third party developers create mini applications called “widgets”, and has recently been in the press for it’s innovative yet controversial privacy concerns over user data and the Beacon/social ads feature.

If you’ve other Facebook trivia you want to share, leave a comment below.