Upcoming Conferences to Attend: Where will you be?

There are two conferences that I recommend you attend if you read my blog, the topics and presentations are closely aligned to what I’m interested in, and I know both of the organizers –they give good conferences with high value.

The first one is the Internet Strategy Forum Summit, July 17-18 in Portland, managed by my friend Steve Gehlen. He’s even offered a discount for readers of my blog (many web decision makers). Enter in WEBSTRAT as the discount code to get 10% off. I won’t be able to attend this year (I did last year) but Charlene Li will be one of the presenters. enjoy!

Graphing Social Patterns by Dave McClure, is a successful conference on the topic of Social Networks. I was a moderator at the last one in San Diego, and the upcoming one in Washington DC on June 9-11th will be a hit. I’m still trying to work out my schedule so I can attend.

But those are just two of my recommended conferences to attend (Web 2.0 expo, any Forrester Conferences, and SXSW are compulsory, of course) and if you’re in the bay area, there’s plenty of reocurring meetups (see large list).

Update: I attended last year’s community unconference (you control the agenda), and will do so again this year, It’s run by Bill Johnston, who I’ve interviewed for my research report on Online Communities, this is a great event I forgot to mention.

What upcoming conferences would you suggest?

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  1. Thanks for posting this, I was just thinking that I needed to find out what conference(s) to attend next.

    I know, for me, that the BlogWorld and New Media Expo in September is a high priority. Last year’s keynote by Mark Cuban was outstanding, and this year I may even submit a speaker proposal, wish me luck.


  2. Friends, if you’re reading this, and someone has already suggested a conference to attend, be sure to vocalize so we can weight the answers from multiple responses.

  3. A good post idea.

    I’ll be at:

    – the Community 2.0 Conference (May 12-15). Here’s the link:


    This is the second year for the event. I found that the networking opportunities last year were very good. Great to meet and learn from others with a passion for the space. I notice that Charlene Li is one of the keynotes this year.

    – the mesh conference (May 21-22). Here’s the link


    A reason to come up to Toronto, Canada!

    A maybe is an upcoming Forum One unconference event:


    A shout-out to Bill Johnston and his team who put on a nice event.

  4. I am helping to organize a panel as part of the Entrepreneurs’ Conference at the UCLA Anderson School of Management in Los Angeles on May 9, 2008.

    The conference will feature over a dozen entrepreneurship-focused panels and workshops, a fast-pitch competition, networking opportunities and distinguished speakers.


  5. BlogHer in San Francisco for sure. And not just because I am speaking there. It was the conference that got my blog from wannabe to BE status overnight.

  6. My shows of interest in the next couple of months are:

    – Melcrum’s Intranet 2.0 show in Orlando- May 15
    – Enterprise 2.0 June 6-9th
    – Online Community Unconference June 18th

  7. May: DMA’s ACCM in Florida
    Jun: PRSA Digital Impact in NYC
    Jul: ad:tech Chicago
    Aug: SES San Jose
    Sep: Blogworld Expo in Vegas
    Oct: DMA08 in Vegas
    Oct: PRSA08 in Detroit
    Nov: Pubcon in Vegas

    Graphing Social Patterns looks great and I’m really trying to get to ISF to see pal Mike Moran speak.

  8. Jeremiah,

    I’m attending Emetrics Summit in SF next week at the Palace Hotel (which reminds me, if your around it would be great to meet you, finally).


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