Video: How To Use Twitter and Connect in the Comments

I’m getting more and more client calls asking about Twitter, although I tend to think most of my readers are the super social elite folks you’d find in Friendfeed. Yet, in reality, many agencies, brands, and executives are just hearing about this microblogging services from the recent media buzz.

The above video, created by Lee and Sachi LeFever (I hung out with them in SXSW) of CommonCraft is available here on YouTube, or you can use their license and use for internal education. If you’re seeking to find some of my Forrester colleagues, Alexis Karlin in our web marketing team has an ongoing roster of Forrester employees who happen to be on Twitter.

If you happen to be a client, Zach Hofer-Shall and me wrote this report on how to use Twitter based on the Groundswell objectives, or you can catch me at these Twitter conferences: the 140 Twitter conference in Mountain View on May 26-27th, or at Twtrcon in SF on May 31st. Yes, I find it curious we have Twitter conferences, but people said the same thing about blogging conferences in 2006.

If you’re new to Twitter, first read my Twitter FAQ. Then if you want to connect with other folks that are readers of the Web Strategy blog, leave a comment below, then others will follow you in my community, and we can all connect. I’ve noticed that new users have no idea what to do (empty bar syndrome) when they’re not connected with others, I hope this spurs things along for new members.

Update: Oh yeah, this is interesting, I helped Tony get on the Tyra Banks TV Show.