The Fight on Google’s Results Pages: Community Platforms

Dell’s Bob Pearson was right, a company’s corporate homepage is really As I was doing follow up research on some of the vendors in the community space, I was entering in some keyword searches on Google to find different product pages. Although a common practice, it’s interesting to see which vendors buy sponsored links on the right hand column of the search screen. It’s not easy to tell if they’ve purchased these keywords directly to display if someone enters a vendors name, or if they bought greater search terms like “community software”, either way it’s an indicator of what Google, or the vendors think their most relevant competitors are. Search marketing is a pretty normal practice, but over the … Continue readingThe Fight on Google’s Results Pages: Community Platforms

Panel: Search Engine Optimization for New Media

I’m sitting here at the Thin Air Summit in Denver, anyone who is here on a Saturday is very serious about social media –I guess I fit the bill. I don’t know that much about SEO when it comes to social media, so I’m going to blog some of the key findings. Moderator: Micah Baldwin Panelists: Brett Borders, Elizabeth Yarnell, John Fischer Elizabeth a book author had a desire to promote her book Glorious One-Pot Meals –without using a traditional publisher. Her advice? The goal is to be found, rather than focus on traditional marketing which is ‘target markets’. Think beyond keywords and be actionable Bad: “Elizabeth Yarnell, Author” instead use the title bar to put in keywords about your … Continue readingPanel: Search Engine Optimization for New Media

Your Corporate Homepage is Really

I’m not a search expert, but it’s important to note the impacts social media and search engine results have to your online strategy. Google Results Is Your Real Corporate Homepage Corporations spend a great deal of money and resources to make sure that their corporate homepage looks great. What’s a corporate homepage? It’s the pro-company, pro-brand homepage that highlights what the company does, and it’s latest product campaign or initiative. It’s the starting point in what I call the Irrelevant Corporate Website (and the community has translated this post into 10 languages). Fortunately, this is NOT the corporate homepage, as many overlook that the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for your brand is the actual corporate homepage. The same amount … Continue readingYour Corporate Homepage is Really

Remembering the Many Opportunities of Social Media –not just the Impacts of Advertising

Social Media impacts every aspect of our cultures, from business, politics, journalism, media, and advertising. Within just the business realm, it impacts research, marketing, support, product development and employees within the firewall. Despite the vast impacts of this shift “power has shifted from large organizations to individual participants” as humans connect with other humans, we often forget to see the larger picture. Aaron Wall is someone I respect, he is certainly a domain expert in search marketing, in his recent post The Inconvienent Truth About Social Media Marketing, he gives a perspective –that’s limited from a search marketers perspective –is bearish on social media marketing. Several people asked me to blog my responses, so here it is: [Social media marketing … Continue readingRemembering the Many Opportunities of Social Media –not just the Impacts of Advertising

Back in Google Search Results

For over a month, my blog was not being indexed by Google. I recently upgraded to a dedicated server, and apparently something wasn’t toggled correctly, and some websites found my blog to be a 403, permission issues. Although I was being indexed by Yahoo, MSN, ASK and others, google was no longer displaying my blog in any search results. I’ve never spent money on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) nor do I go to any great efforts other than blogging best practices, to make sure I score well. I’ve been using Google as the main way to find my own blog posts, as it’s the fastest way, the native blog search returns way to many values, and not necessarily sorted by … Continue readingBack in Google Search Results

Change in Google Results?

I’ve lost my mojo! I used to tell people the easiest way to find me was to Google search “Web Strategy”, or even search for “Jeremiah”. In the last few days, I’ve noticed that I’ve fallen off the search results. What’s interesting is that my old blog that I’ve not updated in 1.5 years on blogspot (a Google property) scores high in the results, and this blog on wordpress (which I update daily) isn’t even on the first page. Strangely, I still have many incoming links, increased traffic (according to Google analytics) and I’ve not changed my posting behavior. I certainly don’t do any black hat (or even white hat) SEO, what you see is what you get. I know … Continue readingChange in Google Results?

Video: Brian Keith tells you find out what you should know about Search Marketing

Click To Play Brian Keith (of Portent) and I have been interacting online from blogs, emails, and phonecalls for quite sometime. I’m glad to finally meet him in San Francisco on a roofop terrace at the FamilyOven headquarters. He’s involve with Search Marketing, and I asked him some key questions. And yes, he was avoiding the sun, those Seattle need to get out more. BTW the Portent website has baby pictures of them, and it reads “We were born for Internet Marketing” clever! Find out what the web strategist should know about Search Marketing before getting started.

The Social Impacts of Facebook going public

Today Facebook announced that it will allow Google and other search engines to crawl it’s index pages. Previously, Facebook was a private network. What’s the big impact to society? For most folks (non-bloggers), when someone searches on their name (perhaps at the next job screening) their Facebook profile could come up higher than their business LinkedIn profile. Brace yourself, personal and business lives are colliding.

2 Minute Interview: David Berkowitz on the Future of the Search Industry

Click To Play How did David respond when I asked him “What the future of search? What’s the industry going to look like in 2 years?” I had the rare pleasure of having my friend David Berkowitz, who writes the Marketers Studio and a column on MediaPost visit me from New York. David and I have become fast friends as we share our passion for the web, it’s technology, social media (which he calls emerging media…whatever that means) and celebrated at last Jan’s BlogHaus. David’s one of the most respected voices in the Search Marketing space, he was in from NY to speak at Google. If you’re reading this in email or a feedreader, access the post to see the … Continue reading2 Minute Interview: David Berkowitz on the Future of the Search Industry

Computers vs Humans: Who will win the Search War?

Colleague Robert Scoble (who doesn’t want to be on Techmeme) suggests that human type systems (like the social graph) will be better at finding and delivering relevant information. It’s suggested that Google is already dead, but doesn’t realize it. MacroSearch engines are too slow to adopt to MicroSearch engines that are looking at small groups of poeple, their network, and how the share information. Watch his video and let me know what you think –I really believe he’s onto something again. (Update: On a related vein, we should also be paying attention to the growing discussion about LifeStreams, a way of aggregating personal information. Done correctly, this could aid the social graph in finally organizing our personal and network data)