What’s Wrong With Corporate Social Media, and How To Fix It

What’s Wrong With Corporate Social Media?

Well, A lot of things. I was invited to join a panel designed by Peter Kim (he used his blog to gather feedback) at the Web 2.0 expo to explore just those topics. We managed to get Charlene Li, and it was like a mini-reunion. Over dinner the preceding night, we decided to focus on four key challenges that we see across the social media marketing industry.

The Four Major Challenges of Social Media Today

1. How to get culture to adopt & get executives to buy in?

2. How to make social media “campaigns” work?

3. How do you measure social media?

4. Does social media even matter?

Folks who blogged the session:
There were a handful of folks who live blogged or reported the sessions (a rarity these days, thank you) and rather than I rehash what we said, I’d rather let you go see what they wrote:

  • Susan Etlinger from the Horn Group
  • Jennifer Leggio, Zdnet
  • Holger Nauheimer
  • Mia Dand
  • Michael G. Cayley
  • Shanee Ben-Zur from Voce
  • The Four Fail Whales of social media, CRM Magazine
  • Audio: Charlene has now posted an MP3 of the session, listen in.
  • For additional information, we made the session interactive and encouraged everyone to write back their thoughts and solutions using the #smfail tag. I’ve looked through the hundreds of tweets, and there weren’t a lot of solutions but mainly retweets and folks tweeting what was said on the panel. It was great to be with my former colleagues, if you get the opportunity to work with them now, I consider you very fortunate.