What Facebook’s New ‘Engagement Advertising’ Means to Brands

Update: Only a few brands will trial these new ads, after testing, will then be broadly released later in the year. A few days ago, I had a private briefing before the press with Tim Kendall, Director of Monetization at Facebook, below are the findings, with specific recommendations for brands. As I get more information, such as results and data, I’ll update this post. Web Strategy Summary (90 Words) Facebook launched a new product called ‘Engagement Advertisements’ that encourages members to interact with the ads by leaving comments, sharing virtual gifts, or becoming fans. To combat dismal click through rates of traditional advertisements, these features emulate widgets and encourage users to increase member adoption, viral growth, and brand interaction. Brands … Continue readingWhat Facebook’s New ‘Engagement Advertising’ Means to Brands

Video: I’m Running For President of the United States

Well not really. My new friend Avi Bhatnagar showed me this clever viral video that combines personalization, as well as a social marketing impact. You can add your friends in the ‘spread this’ page to spread it among your friends and family, you can create your own here. Quite honestly, the video effects (while are obvious upon a close inspection) are a pretty good, all things considered. I noticed in my recent research report on Social Network Marketing campaigns, that DiGiornio had a simliar type of personalized social campaign that let you prank calls on your friends with the “Ditcher” –expect to see personalized marketing, interactive marketing, to meld with social marketing.

Interview with Musician Ronald Jenkees: How YouTube helped to carve out a career

Video Above: Musician Ronald Jenkees messin with an e-piano sound. (If you’re using a feedreader or email access this post to see videos) Update: he’s now added this song as a higher quality MP3, available on his blog. I’m taking a break from my normal corporate web strategy posts for today, instead want to introduce you to Ronald, who despite his mild mannered appearance really uses his passion and socila media tools to share it with the world. Frankly, I was inspired, and even more so that he responded to my email –and let me do an interview with him. Ronald Jenkees (his blog) (see his YouTube Channel), who I found on my ‘recommended’ list on YouTube on an iPod … Continue readingInterview with Musician Ronald Jenkees: How YouTube helped to carve out a career

Why Media and Corporations Should Allow Content to be Embeddable

If you work at an online media company, or are a stakeholder for content on a corporate website, forward this to the decision makers and engage in an email or in person dialog. How Media and Marketers are Missing an Opportunity A few days ago, I embedded a slideshow of fantastic images from Beijing’s opening Olympic ceremony. An embed is code that I can easily paste into my blog post, and it will show media (such as a youtube video). [The community will ‘scrape’ content that is valuable to them, often without attribution. Get ahead of their behaviors for your content and package it for them] Within a few hours, a commenter informed me of the actual photography source, the … Continue readingWhy Media and Corporations Should Allow Content to be Embeddable

How “Janet” Fooled the Twittersphere (and me) She’s the Voice of Exxon Mobil

The game is up, “Janet” is not an official Exxon representative A few days ago, the Twittersphere was curious, interested, and excited to see a member of Exxon Mobil’s employee ranks to join the twitter conversation and engage in conversation…sadly, she’s not a real employee. You can see the fake Twitter account called ExxonMobilCorp The mystery unraveled –in 3 days Shel Holtz was one of the first to discover this (update: he’s posted this thoughts), as he commended Exxon for their efforts, their response was “It’s not us”. The mystery continued to unravel as I received an email from the Houston Chronicle Press wanting to talk to me about what I knew (Update: The Chronicle’s story is now live) –the … Continue readingHow “Janet” Fooled the Twittersphere (and me) She’s the Voice of Exxon Mobil

Why Social Network Marketing Misses Out: Playing Solitaire at a Party

If you work at an interactive agency or at a brand that’s interested in marketing at social networks, this post is for you. Agencies and Brands unsure what to do I can see the deal now, and I’m sure many of you have been in these meetings (client or agency side). The agency knows the brand manager is familiar, comfortable, with traditional interactive marketing campaigns in the past. So, the agency comes to the table repurposing a successful microsite now to meet a “Facebook strategy”. The brand manager nods, signs off, and the agency gets to work. Weeks to months later, the campaign launches on Facebook, with many of the computer-to-human features that you’d see on a microsite but it … Continue readingWhy Social Network Marketing Misses Out: Playing Solitaire at a Party

Forrester Report: Best And Worst Of Social Network Marketing, 2008

It’s true, most social network marketing isn’t being done effectively, why? Many brands (and their agencies) are deploying “interactive marketing” (user to website) experience rather than relying on the tools of social networks “social marketing” (member to member). As a result, many brands are wasting their time, money, and resources to reach communities in social networks without first understanding that the use case is very different than a microsite campaign. Don’t just take my word for it, research from Deloitte also suggests the same –WSJ (link via Fabrice) In this latest report, we created a scorecard (which you can use to checklist your own efforts) which amplifies the real opportunities of social network; the community themselves. This report is great … Continue readingForrester Report: Best And Worst Of Social Network Marketing, 2008

Brands Obsess over Female Bloggers (Examining the Economics)

(Above Picture: 22 brands provide schwag (real and useful products) to the Blogher pre party…imagine the marketing at the actual conference) I just got back from the pre Blogher party at Guy Kawasaki’s house, even today, as I gave a social computing workshop, I heard from yet another brand that they are desperately trying to reach women bloggers. Why? Well first of all, many of them control the financial spending at the household (ahem, that’s true at my house) and they are also ‘creators’ with blogs, pictures, video and podcasts –they’re influencers. With so many brands understanding the new “Google” world, where influence can happen from digital creators, they do what they can to reach them. I spoke to a … Continue readingBrands Obsess over Female Bloggers (Examining the Economics)

50 Ways to use Social Media, listed by Objective

Chris Brogan, who continues to dazzle us with his thoughtful and helpful social media blog posts (I recommend subscribing to him) lists out “50 Ways Marketers Can use Social Media to Improve Their Marketing“. In twitter, Jon Burg suggests the lists could be segmented to further help understanding, I recommenced doing this by the 5 social computing objectives we’ve found at Forrester. I’ve taken Chris’s exact list, but have segmented it into the five objectives. This way, you’re not randomly choosing tactics without first having a goal in mind. Of course, the first thing to do is to first understand how your community uses social technologies, start by using this free social technographics profile generator. 1) Listening: Gleaning market and … Continue reading50 Ways to use Social Media, listed by Objective