Thinking Long Term: Google’s New Browser ‘Chrome’

With nearly every tech blogger pontificating on the cartoon, firefox vs IE vs chrome, or expressing love for the ‘cloud’, only a few folks are thinking about the long term implications to Google’s new browser called ‘Chrome’. Harry McCracken does some forward thinking and raises … Continue readingThinking Long Term: Google’s New Browser ‘Chrome’

Video: I’m Running For President of the United States

Well not really. My new friend Avi Bhatnagar showed me this clever viral video that combines personalization, as well as a social marketing impact. You can add your friends in the ‘spread this’ page to spread it among your friends and family, you can create … Continue readingVideo: I’m Running For President of the United States

Build your own “IdeaStorm” with UserVoice

Embrace your Customers At Forrester, we use the term Embracing as a social strategy where customers and employees work together using social tools to build next-generation products. Quite a change for the strong headed product manager, who now has to set the roadmap, while in … Continue readingBuild your own “IdeaStorm” with UserVoice