Why Magpie’s Advertising System Is Self-Diminishing

Testing a Twitter Advertising System I tested out Magpie, an advertising system that creates tweets in my tweet stream, from third party advertisers then pays me. Some have already blogged about their opposing thoughts on it, and some are publicaly open that they are now Magpies. For me, it was just a test that I’ve now ceased. Part of my job as an analyst covering social media is to use the very tools in which I cover. I use this knowledge to write reports, help clients, and make suggestions to the vendors themselves. You can expect brands to ask me “how should we engage in Twitter” and I’ll point them to this very post. There was quite the vitriolic reaction … Continue readingWhy Magpie’s Advertising System Is Self-Diminishing

How Microsoft Can Win The PC/Mac Campaign

For the last few months, er years, Microsoft has been getting their assets handed to them as Apple tears into their brand with the “PC vs Mac” clever ads. Microsoft has launched a new campaign with at least two phases, the first one showing Seinfeld and Gates acting as “normal guys” at the mall, at home, on the road. Most tech heads didn’t get it, but for the mainstream everybodies, it may have resonated. The ads may have been stalled, the reports contradict. The second phase, which launched last night, extends the “everybody is a PC” theme shows some highly structured actors (including the lovely Eva Longoria) showing how they’re a PC. I figured out that the theme was “everyone … Continue readingHow Microsoft Can Win The PC/Mac Campaign

What Facebook’s New ‘Engagement Advertising’ Means to Brands

Update: Only a few brands will trial these new ads, after testing, will then be broadly released later in the year. A few days ago, I had a private briefing before the press with Tim Kendall, Director of Monetization at Facebook, below are the findings, with specific recommendations for brands. As I get more information, such as results and data, I’ll update this post. Web Strategy Summary (90 Words) Facebook launched a new product called ‘Engagement Advertisements’ that encourages members to interact with the ads by leaving comments, sharing virtual gifts, or becoming fans. To combat dismal click through rates of traditional advertisements, these features emulate widgets and encourage users to increase member adoption, viral growth, and brand interaction. Brands … Continue readingWhat Facebook’s New ‘Engagement Advertising’ Means to Brands

Letting your Community Create your Advertisements

A few months ago, I covered Dell’s Green campaign called “Regeneration” which allowed community members to create their own art themed “green” and they were then given the opportunity to vote on which one was best. They turned over much of the marketing control to the community, while they become more of an enablement platform, rather than ‘forcing’ a message down their throat. They’ve taken the next step by assembling some of the winning drawings and created an emebeddable flash player that shows the art work being created in time-lapse style. Yes, you can see how the engaged community of artists hand drew each of these ads. As I understand it, they are not paid, this is voluntary, in hopes … Continue readingLetting your Community Create your Advertisements

Many Forms of Widget Monetization

Although there are many forms of Web Monetization (I’ve listed out nearly 15 forms), the newest iteration of web marketing: widgets, haven’t yet fully cashed in. Widget, Gadgets, Applications, Canvas Pages, Embeds, it goes on and one. One thing is clear, the rate of widgets continues to increase, take for example Facebook’s application platform has over 15,000, 20,000 applications in just about 9 months. Granted, many of those are slightly tweaked clones of each other, the top 100 widgets clearly has adoption. In some cases, there are sophisticated companies developing widgets, the RockYou’s and Slides of the world can really zero in and focus, or take the garage developers such as the two Russian developers who created Scrabulouos, or lastly, … Continue readingMany Forms of Widget Monetization

Crowd Sourcing your Brand: How the Data Portability Group leans on the Community to design, vote and reward it’s new logo

Fedora and Data Portability Logos, too similar for comfort. (image via Techcrunch) Turning over the logo creation to your community For a few years now, we’ve been saying that the brand is really owned by your customers, not your MarCom brand police team. Today, we’re seeing this actually play out in a very interesting twist. The Data Portability Workgroup launches The Data Portability group is a workgroup focused on building industry-wide standards for information to safely and freely pass from one site to another –all at the control of an individual user. Yes, I know we’re all sick of seeing yet another working group with little or no results, but this group appears to be making progress, I’m reviewing their … Continue readingCrowd Sourcing your Brand: How the Data Portability Group leans on the Community to design, vote and reward it’s new logo

Remembering the Many Opportunities of Social Media –not just the Impacts of Advertising

Social Media impacts every aspect of our cultures, from business, politics, journalism, media, and advertising. Within just the business realm, it impacts research, marketing, support, product development and employees within the firewall. Despite the vast impacts of this shift “power has shifted from large organizations to individual participants” as humans connect with other humans, we often forget to see the larger picture. Aaron Wall is someone I respect, he is certainly a domain expert in search marketing, in his recent post The Inconvienent Truth About Social Media Marketing, he gives a perspective –that’s limited from a search marketers perspective –is bearish on social media marketing. Several people asked me to blog my responses, so here it is: [Social media marketing … Continue readingRemembering the Many Opportunities of Social Media –not just the Impacts of Advertising

Hey Armchair Critics, Rate the SuperBowl ads this Sunday using Twitter “TwitterBowl”

I’ve created MicroMedia events before, this time, I want to frame it as an overlay to the multi million dollar advertising event, the Superbowl. [TwitterBowl is a real-time social experiment where the audience rates million dollar advertisements in real time using Twitter] Are you a superbowl ad critic? Of course you are, everyone is. Even if you don’t watch the superbowl, those pervasive ads will end up in YouTube, Digg, and your cousins blog and your best friends Facebook profile. Tired of others choosing which one was the funniest/stupidist/biggest waste of time? Well this year, you can rate your own superbowl ads using Twitter, and see what everyone else in Twitter thinks too. There’s just three steps: 1) Sign up: … Continue readingHey Armchair Critics, Rate the SuperBowl ads this Sunday using Twitter “TwitterBowl”