Beyond Tools, Marketers Must Focus on Content (Altimeter Report)

Marketers, have you ever been in an agency pitch that focuses on the tool and channel and forgets about content? Or, from the other side of the table, have you ever had a client on the brand side ask you for your Twitter/FacebookPinterest strategy –but doesn’t have anything meaningful to say? Our industry is afflicted with shiny object syndrome, a focus on the new tools, without thinking about the content that will drive it. As we mature and the tools make it easier to share information, companies need to be extra sensitive to the content that will be shared, both that’s created by the brand, and the customer. Altimeter’s latest report by Industry Analyst Rebecca Lieb, takes that topic head … Continue readingBeyond Tools, Marketers Must Focus on Content (Altimeter Report)

NBC: Social Media and Research Industry

The practice of Open Research is continuing to become a trend, but not just limited to the research reports that Altimeter is sharing, but with websites like Wikipedia,, Quora, Linkedin Q&A, and communities like Social Media,org, Marketing Profs, and WOMMA and beyond. I see the trend that corporate buyers can talk directly to each other –without a middleman or expert in between. As a result, some thought leaders are giving away their best knowledge and not holding back in order to be top of mind. Join in and hear our lively discussion on NBC with Scott McGrew, Ben Parr from Mashable, and Joseph Menn from Financial Times, we didn’t limit this discussion to research industry, but to media, hardware, … Continue readingNBC: Social Media and Research Industry

My Customer Strategy Research Agenda: 2011

Below is my research agenda (which includes my research team Christine Tran and Andrew Jones) for the customer strategy group here at Altimeter Group. I’ll cross post this from the ‘Research Tab’ on the upper right of my blog. Research, A Subset of the Web Strategy Mission While I’m best known as an “Industry Analyst”, I choose that title as that’s easiest to understand, overtime, I hope to do away with that title. Although research is the foundation for all my activities, recognize that it’s only part of how we help clients in their education, research, strategy, and planning. My career mission, (which is greater than any job I work at) is to help companies connect with their customers using … Continue readingMy Customer Strategy Research Agenda: 2011

Webinar Recording: Impact of Social Technologies to the Analyst Industry

Earlier this week, we hosted a joint webinar with Barbara French of Tekrati, Jonny Bentwood Edelman AR practice, and Carter Lusher of Sagecicle (Carter and Barbara were able to make it to The Hangar, see pic).  The topic?  To explore how social technologies impact the industry analyst space. The Impact of Social on the Analyst Industry: A Roundtable w/ Jonny Bentwood, Barbara French, Carter Lusher, and Jeremiah Owyang from Altimeter Group on Vimeo. We explored definitions, major impacts, disruptions to middle men, impacts to research, influence and personal brands. There’s no doubt that like the media industry, the analyst industry has been impacted by these simple publishing tools, and we’re seeing new business models appear like Open Research, at Altimeter … Continue readingWebinar Recording: Impact of Social Technologies to the Analyst Industry

Register for the Webcast: The Impact of Social Media on the Analyst Industry #SocialAnalyst

Social technologies have impacted every industry, and most in a disruptive nature as middle men (and women) have been cut out, consumers turn to each other, and the lines of communication have become direct. The Industry Analyst space, which is known for research, advisory, insights, and ability to influence buyers and media, has directly been influenced. While we’ve lately seen some major changes to the industry analyst space using social technologies, the question that many (buyers of research, Analyst Relations, Analysts, and their management) are wrestling with is ‘how’ does social technologies impact the space, and how can I take advantage of it.   Some questions that quickly come to mind are: how does social impact research, client relations, vendor … Continue readingRegister for the Webcast: The Impact of Social Media on the Analyst Industry #SocialAnalyst

When Analyst Relations Get Social

I had an interesting conversation with the head of marketing of a vendor here at Forrester’s marketing conference. She told me about the changing role of AR. Now, the role of AR must evolve, as analysts have direct connections to employees of their company, and have the ability to circumnavigate that traditional relationship. For example, I can easily tweet out “anyone in the sharepoint team have have a moment for some questions” and I’d suspect they’d quickly respond in seconds, whether or not the AR person was involved. To respond to these times, I’ve found that the best AR folks do the following things: 1) Listen to analysts and synthesize. Now, AR folks can listen directly to the thoughts and … Continue readingWhen Analyst Relations Get Social

Social Media Marketing Storyboard #2: The Social Reef, an Industry Perspective

Social Reef: An Industry Perspective View more presentations from jeremiah_owyang. The last time I did a storyboard, it received positive reviews, so I’ve decided to do it again.  Often, I have a hard time describing to others what I do for a living –just exactly how do you explain to your parents that you’re an industry analyst for the social web?  As a result, I’ve created this slidedeck that goes well with my fishing theme on what I see as an industry analyst. This is likely the fastest moving industry in the world –for the last few years, I work many hours during the weekdays and a few during the weekends to keep up.  While in it’s formative years now, … Continue readingSocial Media Marketing Storyboard #2: The Social Reef, an Industry Perspective

Tips From a Road Warrior

I’ve never traveled more than I do in my current role. Although it comes in spurts, I’m currently traveling 4 out of 5 weeks. While it can certainly take a toll on loved ones and your own body, I’m starting to get more comfortable with traveling a bit more efficiently. I won’t say I’ve got it down right, but here’s a few things I’ve learned, my hopes are that you’ll chime in and add your tips below in the comments, alright let’s get started: Tips From a Road Warrior: Flying a lot? Get a Travel Agent I’ve a travel agent, Carlson Wagonlit (thank you Ron!), that helps me coordinate my often multiple city destinations, they use my frequently flyer numbers … Continue readingTips From a Road Warrior

Report: Social Media Marketing Up During Recession

I’m sitting across the street from the SXSW convention center, yesterday the organizer Hugh Forrest told me that attendees to the Interactive portion (a great deal with a focus on social) was up aprox 20% (just an approximation). I’ve seen many social media strategists (see list) here at the conference that are here to network with the influencers, get educated at the sessions, and to soak in what community really means. During a recession, marketers are often forced to reduce budgets, in fact, it’s often one of the first buckets to get trimmed. In our latest research: Social Media Playtime is Over, we found that 53% of marketers are determined to increase their social media budget during a recession, and … Continue readingReport: Social Media Marketing Up During Recession

Vaporware in the Social Media Space

A common practice in the enterprise software industry (and beyond) is to announce products, make a lot of noise about it, but slowly roll it out in pieces over the coming quarters or never at all. This is called Vaporware and I’m starting to see small examples of this in the social media industry. As a response, I’m going to start calling out vendors that do that. Why? it protects buyers from getting caught up in the hype of an announcement, flashy videos, and buzzword industry-changing definitions. I fill the space with enough buzzwords myself, there really isn’t any room left for vendors. Graciously, I will list of vendors on this blog post that make big pronouncements without demonstrating their … Continue readingVaporware in the Social Media Space