Study: Digital Health & Wellness in the Age of Quarantine

Summary: Fresh data from consumers on their adoption of tech wellness and tech health consumer products, trust in tech vs health institutions, as well as surprising data on longevity data. Image from Pexels In 2018, a report by the Global Wellness Institute found that the global wellness economy was worth $4.5 trillion USD, growing at an average of 6.5%—nearly twice as fast as the global economy, the traditional health sector has a market cap of nearly $12 Trillion. As health and wellness technologies integrate with our routines and habits, they are gathering an unprecedented amount of data about our daily lives—over 335 petabytes per month to be exact. Nearly every brand and organization that has a stake in the health … Continue readingStudy: Digital Health & Wellness in the Age of Quarantine

2021 Trend: Pandemic Tech

This Year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES – January 11-14) is all virtual because of COVID-19, but what’s most interesting is the rapid turn towards pandemic technology. It seems that the tech world has turned out in force to solve the challenges created by the pandemic.  What Is Pandemic Tech? Pandemic tech refers to technology that aims to fight the threats posed by pandemic infectious disease through identification, warnings, sanitization, management, and analysis of data.  There is actually a crowdsourced community of innovators that has named itself PandemicTec. These innovators are backed by a resource network dedicated to bridging the gap between the infectious disease community and the technology innovation ecosystem. Here are just a few of the incredibly high number … Continue reading2021 Trend: Pandemic Tech

Device Review: Which Wearables are Worth Your Wellness Investment?

In this post, my firm, Kaleido Insights analysts review three wearable devices: Apple Watch Series 6, Oura Ring, and Whoop Band. by Jeremiah Owyang, Jessica Groopman and Jaimy Szymanski The wearable industry is booming as technological advancements race to meet emergent health needs. But, how effective are these high-tech gadgets as enablers of consumer wellness? At Kaleido Insights, we’ve identified five major technology themes that are impacting all businesses, and among them include: Digital Trust, Health & Wellness, and Ambient Computing. One class of technologies, wearable devices, spans across these themes, as both interfaces for data collection points and technologies designed for humans to alter their behaviors. On occasion, the Kaleido Insights analysts test out new technologies that fit our research trajectory. … Continue readingDevice Review: Which Wearables are Worth Your Wellness Investment?

How Digital Fitness Companies Are Thriving During 2020

KARA Smart Mirror Because of COVID, gyms were forced to close their doors. Regular gym-goers have been seeking other ways to keep up their weight training and fitness regimens. Then there are those people who hadn’t concerned themselves much with being healthy and in shape before they found themselves in the middle of a pandemic. These individuals have received a wake-up call from a virus and have realized that they have a better chance of combatting COVID symptoms if they are healthy and fit. They can’t go to a gym but they can exercise at home.  Digital Fitness Provides an AnswerFitness instructors have been quick to move online, yoga classes have taken to Zoom, downloads of fitness apps have risen … Continue readingHow Digital Fitness Companies Are Thriving During 2020

Peloton Gets Riders Addicted: Especially During Isolation

Why is Peloton emerging as one of the top home-based fitness option during the quarantine with 66% increase in sales, with a stock that’s increased 77% since the stock market collapse on March 13th, 2020?  It’s not just about the hunk of sweaty metal, plastic, and electronics – they’ve tapped into a sense of belonging, even when we’re physically separated.  Peloton is just what the isolated, activity-craving, homestayer needs to scratch multiple primal itches. It’s true, ask anyone who owns at Peloton, and they will tell you all about it, till you promise to buy one for yourself.  Their secret sauce has many ingredients. But, as I surmise it, it’s getting “A-DOSE” from the addictive tech-group-workout. A-DOSE: The Secret Sauce … Continue readingPeloton Gets Riders Addicted: Especially During Isolation

Video: Tech Wellness Speech from Techonomy Conference, NYC

It was an honor to present at Techonomy event in NYC this spring. If I had to summarize three words to this event, it’s “Tech, Business, and Purpose”. They frequently made references to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which we should all be aligning our efforts towards. In this short 12 minuted “TED” style speech, I spoke about the rising trend of Modern Wellbeing, where consumers are using technology to improve their own health and wellness. They’re leaning on powerful companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and hundreds of startups. I have a longer version, and even a workshop that I’ve presented to HR leaders, you can read my other related posts on this topic, under the Modern Wellbeing category. … Continue readingVideo: Tech Wellness Speech from Techonomy Conference, NYC

Investors Bet on Wellness Tech: Startups Funded $2 Billion

Investors are betting that humans turn to tech startups for wellness solutions. Wellness is not just a buzzword, it’s a $4.2 Trillion market and growing. It’s a movement and it’s happening now. Our society has taken a turn and people are more focused on their physical, mental and spiritual health than ever before. Being happy and healthy has evolved into a top priority. In walks technology…Apps and startups have enabled this movement by creating technology to address our mind, fitness, sleep, diet, reproductive health, environment and beyond. WellTech has been surging with innumerable apps and companies over the last decade. Investment activity has followed in suit with over $2.2B in investment in the 97 modern wellness startups we’ve identified as … Continue readingInvestors Bet on Wellness Tech: Startups Funded $2 Billion

Who’s Who in Corporate Wellness Technology (CWT)

Employees are burning out, losing sleep, becoming less healthy, and being compounded by stress. Furthermore, healthcare costs continue to increase as companies struggle to maximize the productivity of their employees while also retaining them. It’s ironic in many ways, but companies are turning to technology to help employees cope with too much technology. Here’s a summary note from our deeper research on this space after interviewing dozens of companies, startups, experts and attending events. With 80% of today’s companies offering wellness programs, there is a massive market for services in this space. Apps and comprehensive platforms are filling the needs of employers to provide wellness and engage their employees with wellness offerings. From on-demand meditation to one-stop-shops for all that … Continue readingWho’s Who in Corporate Wellness Technology (CWT)

Tech Startups Build Tools for Wellbeing

A new market has emerged. Technology has intersected with our wellness – to aid in monitoring, promoting, augmenting and managing our well-being. These low-cost technologies are transforming the field, making tools for managing wellness accessible to anyone who wants to adopt them. This stands in stark contrast to the way the current, traditional health industry approaches health and wellness, by requiring traditional practitioners, insurance, and a wide range of costs. Users are turning to technology to supplement their diet, to develop their mind, aid their fitness, their sleep, and their reproductive health, improve the design of their environment and much more. Using these new tools, they’re not approaching wellness in a vacuum – the offerings typically involve supportive digital communities … Continue readingTech Startups Build Tools for Wellbeing

Many Industries are Impacted by Modern Wellbeing

I, along with my colleagues at Kaleido Insights, have started a new research stream (a series of publications) in the area of Modern Wellbeing. Technology is impacting yet another massive movement which will cause significant ripples across society, economies, and business models. Over a decade agoI was analyzing how social technology democratized information, forever changing communications, media, marketing, and even governments. About five years ago, I dove in deep on the Collaborative/Sharing Economy, where yet again, technology empowered humans to take commerce into their own handsThey could get what they needed from peers. Both of these trends continue to also have impact to the economy, society, human interactions and beyond. Now I see yet another movement – the Modern Wellbeing … Continue readingMany Industries are Impacted by Modern Wellbeing