Llama Lounge 10: Enterprise AI Hosted at HanaHaus Palo Alto

HanaHaus hosted Llama Lounge 10: Enterprise AI

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I’m the organizer of the Llama Lounge AI Startup Event Series, which has now completed ten events in about a year. The format celebrates AI founders, features them at demo stations, 30-second pitches, and we invite over 50 VCs (estimated over $100B in assets under management in the room), and AI leaders from business, gov, media, and influencers. Over 450 startups have applied to demo, and most events have hundreds of people on the waitlist vying for a ticket.

Last Thursday, April 25th, Palo Alto hosted the 10th edition of Llama Lounge at HanaHaus, where a line of founders, investors, and enterprise AI leaders stretched down the street, eager to get in. The famous and iconic HanaHaus is a coworking spot on University Avenue in downtown Palo Alto, a mainstay of the tech community. Tech influencer Robert Scoble was live streaming and recording from a VisionPro.

Event Highlights:

  • Pre-Event Gathering: A pre-event across the street was held by 500 Global, which brought together founders and funders, gearing up for pre-event networking.
  • Demonstrations: At Llama Lounge, ten Enterprise AI startups took center stage, each given a 30-second pitch to showcase their solutions designed to transform enterprise operations. The demo floor featured live demonstrations, providing real-world examples, and fostered business connections.
  • Network Connections: The event included over 200 AI founders, 77 investors (estimated $100B+ in AUM), and 34 large enterprises who integrate or lead AI technology.
  • Opening Remarks and our Unique Call to Assemble: The content starts when I signal to the community to assemble by playing a very loud conch shell, followed by opening remarks and then a welcome from Collin Sommerhauser of HanaHaus, our generous host.
  • Historic Moment: A Cybertruck rounded the corner in front of HanaHaus, at the historic intersection where Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone at the original Apple Store, adding a layer of history to the event.
  • After-Event: At 9 PM, a few dozen attendees headed to the famous Rose & Crown bar in downtown Palo Alto, where many famous founders have spilled beer and plotted out their roadmaps

    Ten Enterprise AI Startups Featured as Demo Companies
    ?-Alecto AI: AI powered online identity infrastructure
    Amolino: Accelerate your sales playbook with AI
    Amplify: Brand-safe conversational marketing at superhuman scale
    Ascendo: Copilot for enterprise service teams
    Digital First: Autonomous marketing strategies with AI
    Nova AI: Automatically generate and run E2E tests
    Partner Element: Contextual intelligence for corporate buyers
    ScaleGrowth: AI Platform for Modern People Experiences
    TalentGenius: AI career success platform for tech pros
    Vidoc: AI Security Engineer

Line down the street to attend Llama Lounge 10 at HanaHaus

A Cybertruck pulled up, which is in front of the original Apple Store where Steve Jobs launched the iPhone 1, this was a historic moment on a historic intersection.

I kicked off the opening remarks: finding out that many founders are from Europe, Asia, and beyond. Silicon Valley is a place that welcomes all backgrounds and ideas.

Above: Ten AI Founders Demo to hundreds of AI leaders, founders, VCs, and corporate buyers

Collin Sommerhauser head of Hanahaus and SAP leader gives a warm welcome to all attendees.

Demo stations from Ten Enterprise AI Founders

The Ten Founders are Backstage preparing to go on stage to give a 30 second pitch to 300 AI Leaders

I welcome the crowd with the conch call.

I summon the community with the calling of the conch! Yes, a loud, slightly obnoxious, but oh so memorable sound.

I wrote this first draft, and then coaxed GPT4 to create the rest, keeping my point of view and voice.

All Photos by ErickD, hire him for your event, marketing or more.

200 AI Founders Plus the following leaders:

Registered VCs: Who Invest in AI Startups

  1. Blitzscaling Ventures
  2. 500 Global
  3. ACCESS Ventures
  4. Acorn Pacific Ventures
  5. Accel
  6. Accel Impact Ventures
  7. Altos Ventures
  8. Architect Capital
  9. Acquired Wisdom Fund
  10. BDev Ventures
  11. Bonds Investment Group, Inc.
  12. Bootstrap Labs
  13. Borderless Capital
  14. Blue Owl Capital
  15. Canaan Partners
  16. Cathay Innovation
  17. Climate Capital
  18. Davidovs VC
  19. Edgewood Ventures
  20. Eminence Ventures
  21. Enlight Ventures
  22. FalconX
  23. Frontiers Capital
  24. GenLab
  25. Georgian
  26. GIC
  27. GreatPoint Ventures
  28. Green Bay Ventures
  29. GSR Ventures
  30. Han River Partners (HRZ)
  31. Hilti Venture
  32. Hitachi Ventures
  33. Insight Partners
  34. Intel Capital
  35. J-Ventures Fund
  36. J2 Ventures
  37. JetBlue Ventures
  38. KIC
  39. Korea Telecom Investments
  40. Kubera Venture Capital
  41. Laconia VC and Vencaptial
  42. Lobby Capital
  43. Mach49
  44. MARL Accelerator
  45. Marubeni Ventures
  46. MDSV
  47. Monochrome Capital
  48. NEA
  49. NEC X
  50. NEC X Venture Studio
  51. Next47
  52. NTTVC
  53. OMERS Ventures
  54. Plug and Play
  55. Podium VC
  56. Practical Venture Capital
  57. Presidio Ventures
  58. Prosperity7 Ventures
  59. Race Capital
  60. Rebellion Ventures
  61. RingCentral Ventures
  62. SoftBank
  63. Scrum Ventures
  64. Shucker VC
  65. Singtel Ventures: Innov8
  66. Storm Ventures
  67. Swisscom CVC
  68. Urth Capital Advisors
  69. TeamIgnite Ventures
  70. TPG
  71. Transform Capital
  72. Transhuman Capital
  73. VMware Corporate Ventures
  74. Wells Fargo Strategic Capital
  75. Wipro Ventures
  76. Yamaha Motor Ventures
  77. Yellow Rocks!

Registered Enterprises: Execs and AI Program Leaders

  1. SAP
  2. Adobe
  3. Agora
  4. Ancestry
  5. Apple
  6. Atlassian
  7. Autodesk
  8. Cisco
  9. Coupa
  10. Goodwin
  11. Google
  12. IBM
  13. Intel
  14. J.P. Morgan
  15. Mastercard
  16. Meta
  17. Microsoft
  18. MGM Resorts
  19. Moody’s
  20. MongoDB
  21. Mozilla
  22. NetApp
  23. Nvidia
  24. Oracle
  25. Pinterest
  26. Snowflake
  27. Stanford
  28. Swisscom
  29. Travelers
  30. USC
  31. VW
  32. Williams Sonoma
  33. Yahoo!
  34. Zoom