AI Events I’m Hosting and At Which I’m Speaking

Above: Llama Lounge Aug 24th SF, I’m addressing the AI startup community at a packed venue. Over 800 registered for 200 capacity event. photo from Heinz B.

August 2023 was buzzing in the SF Bay Area with a record of 106 in-person AI events. On the funding front, several AI companies made waves, with many reaching that coveted unicorn status. As we step into September, the tech conference season, brace yourself for major hyper-scalers and cloud giants unveiling their AI innovations. A drive up Highway 101 the main artery between Silicon Valley and SF, I have spotted over a dozen billboards highlighting AI. It’s clear: SF & Silicon Valley’s heart now beats for AI.

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Catch you soon in the AI circuit!

Jeremiah Owyang

PS: I have some upcoming announcements about my new directions in the AI space, stay tuned.