Altimeter Roundtable: Mobile Discussion on “Enrich, Engage, and Entrust”

Altimeter hosted our second roundtable lead with our newest hire, Chris Silva (blog/Twitter) who’s our newest analyst at Altimeter focused on Mobile Strategy. Chris also stems from Forrester, and was an analyst there focused on mobile, he was actually one of the trainers in my new hire orientation. Above: Mobile Proud! Roundtable attendees show off their personal devices at the Altimeter Hangar. Attendees consisted of representatives from startups, mobile app vendors, large device manufactures, brands, social web companies, and media creator: Almost Savvy, Appconomy, Ascentium, Avere Group, Box, DoubleDutch, FrontRow Antics, Janrain, LiquidSpace, Logitech, Mekanism, MIT/Stanford Venture Lab, Moxie Software, nvidia, Oracle, Pansonic, Quantinto, Ready to Go Information Technologies, Responsys, Retailigence, Rocket Fuel Inc, SAP, Seesmic, Social Guides, Sony Electronics, … Continue readingAltimeter Roundtable: Mobile Discussion on “Enrich, Engage, and Entrust”

Event Rollup: Gamification Discussion At Altimeter Roundtable

Last night, Altimeter hosted a first in many public roundtables on disruptive technologies. Twenty highly engaged folks that ranged form skeptics, brands, gamification vendor provider (Empire Avenue, Badgeville, Zynga, Gigya) to players of these games. The 1.5 hour discussion discussed how these platforms work, explored business models, how brands can get engaged, risks and challenges, and discussed how case examples are emerging. We had a mixture of Altimeter Roundtables are designed for everyone to participate and explore, challenge, expose risk, and discuss the future of disruptive technologies, and we did just that, below are the event highlights: Above: Lively discussion on the topic of Gamification for consumers, brands, startups at Altimeter’s HQ, The Hangar While we were able to live … Continue readingEvent Rollup: Gamification Discussion At Altimeter Roundtable

Slides: Invest in Scalable Social Business Programs (Keynote)

How should companies prioritize their social business efforts? That’s the very question we’ve been asked to tackle at today’s conference at Bazaarvoice’s Social Commerce Summit (live stream) here in Austin, Texas.  This room of 600 web strategists and social strategists (on brand side) are making key decisions for how companies will interact with their customers.  My goal? To help these strategists at the world’s largest brands how companies must prioritize their social business efforts for the coming years. We know through research that many companies are struggling to scale, the “1:1 customer conversations” do not scale, and the looming requests from business stakeholders only make the social business program more daunting as interest grows. We recommend that companies quickly invest … Continue readingSlides: Invest in Scalable Social Business Programs (Keynote)

SXSW 2011: Great for Networking, But No Technology Breakthroughs

I’m writing from a Jetblue flight from Austin back to Silly Valley, it’s a great chance for me reflect on what happened in the last few days at SXSW and sober up both from last night’s party and the excess of stimuli –they both require some detox. First of all, this is the type of event people love talk about when they’re there, but those who aren’t there may find the noise excessive. I’ll try to boil down the key things I observed, caveat, this is just one person’s perspective, leave a comment with your experience. SXSW, Bigger Than Ever Attendance was up, many rumored that it was up around 30% over last year, which was also growing. There were … Continue readingSXSW 2011: Great for Networking, But No Technology Breakthroughs

Event Summary: The Future of the Social Web

Nothing like ringing in the new year with a look at where the industry is headed. My job as an industry analyst is to assess where the industry is going, and how vendors and brands should respond to changes. My upcoming research on the topic of the future of the social web will do just that, and perhaps the most effective way for me to learn from the best and brightest in the industry is to bring them all to one room. A few months ago, I held an event to bring the industry top leaders together to discuss the future of social networks for my upcoming research report on the topic. I brought forth community platforms, widget companies, social … Continue readingEvent Summary: The Future of the Social Web

Google’s Social Media Team Reaches to Agencies (and hosts Facebook, MySpace, and H&R Block)

Left Image: The panel: Dick Costolo from Google, Paula Drum from H&R Block, Chris George from MySpace, and Tom Arrix of Facebook. See more pics on Picassa. Did you know that Google has a social media team intent on reaching brands and agencies? I didn’t either, and it’s my job to know. A few weeks ago I spoke at Google Chicago at an event for interactive agencies, Scuba Chris has the details, I presented my latest research The Best and Worst of Social Network Marketing followed by VP of Marketing Paula Drum of H&R Block. She was absolutely amazing as she toured the agencies through all the different social media programs that they’ve done over the past year, one amazing … Continue readingGoogle’s Social Media Team Reaches to Agencies (and hosts Facebook, MySpace, and H&R Block)

Web Conferences: Does Your Booth Standout?

I go to a lot of conferences, more than I want to admit. Part of my job is to cruise the vendor rows and talk to folks to learn about what new offerings that they have. It’s rare that I ever see a booth that grabs my attention, forces me to take a picture and then share it with many others. Last week at Online Market World in SF, I stumbled upon Doba appears to be an inventory middle-man that connects ebay sellers with companies with merchandise allowing for a marketplace where the sellers don’t have to have physical inventory, I guess in a way this is a digital wholesaler. Have you been to O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 expos? There are … Continue readingWeb Conferences: Does Your Booth Standout?

Wrapup: What’s on the mind of VCs, Entrepreneurs, and Industry Analysts

Left: Scale Venture Partners brought VPs of Marketing, CMOs and founders portfolio clients to meet with me last week. When we think of influencer groups in the social media space, we often think of top bloggers like Techcrunch, RWW, GigaOm, Fast Company, Cnet, yet there’s a whole ‘nother influence group that rarely gets ink –I’m starting to spend more time with them as it helps me to better understand the space. An inconspicuous influencer group . The last seven business days have been intensive full day sessions with vendors for my upcoming Forrester Wave research on community platforms. I’m always energized by the fire in the eyes and the passion that comes through when talking to founders and entrepreneurs. Sadly, … Continue readingWrapup: What’s on the mind of VCs, Entrepreneurs, and Industry Analysts

An Overview of Facebook’s F8 Developer Community

Above: Over 1000 developers attending Facebook’s F8 Conference, picture above the developer showcase, photo from Brian Solis use with attribution by creative commons Facebook’s Developer Conference F8 I attended Facebook’s F8 developer conference in SF last week, and met with many of the application developers on the floor, or at their booths. First of all, for those that had booths, it was expected they were demonstrating success within Facebook (who allowed them to showcase). The event itself was a real production, from food, drinks, sessions, panels, the night ended with a private conference from Thievery Corporation, a popular down tempo artist. I also recommend you read my take on what Facebook Connect means for corporate websites. [“Applications are the Microsites … Continue readingAn Overview of Facebook’s F8 Developer Community

How Sony Electronics Reaches Online –and Offline– with Bloggers

Although many brands forget that what happens offline echoes online, Sony is using a combination of digital and in person evangelism for a powerful concoction. Last night, I had dinner with Sony Electronics President Stan Glasgow and Top Blogger, Rick Clancy who publishes on the Sony Electronics Blog. Head or Corp Comm spearheading Blogging Efforts Rick, who is actually the head of Corporate Communications has decided to establish himself in the front (read his bio) as the lead blogger. This is unique, as in many cases corp comm folks find the product experts to come front and center in the blogs rather than themselves. Outreach: Visiting 42 Stores in 40 Days Now, in many cases, blogs created and run by … Continue readingHow Sony Electronics Reaches Online –and Offline– with Bloggers