Webinar Recording: Impact of Social Technologies to the Analyst Industry

Earlier this week, we hosted a joint webinar with Barbara French of Tekrati, Jonny Bentwood Edelman AR practice, and Carter Lusher of Sagecicle (Carter and Barbara were able to make it to The Hangar, see pic).  The topic?  To explore how social technologies impact the industry analyst space.

The Impact of Social on the Analyst Industry: A Roundtable w/ Jonny Bentwood, Barbara French, Carter Lusher, and Jeremiah Owyang from Altimeter Group on Vimeo.

We explored definitions, major impacts, disruptions to middle men, impacts to research, influence and personal brands. There’s no doubt that like the media industry, the analyst industry has been impacted by these simple publishing tools, and we’re seeing new business models appear like Open Research, at Altimeter Group, and variations at firms like Focus.com. The trio debated concepts and we tied it up to give final recommendations to analysts and analyst relations professionals.

Specifically for analysts what are the impacts?

  • Analysts can use these tools to listen in and identify research efforts.  They can also use it for primarily qualitative research.
  • Analysts can go direct to the product managers, and in some cases bypassing AR professionals.
  • Can develop personal networks, career brands, that carry with them further than reports under an umbrella brand.
  • Analysts finally realize they are also media in addition to their traditional roles.

Would love to hear your commentary after listening in to the discussion, what are topics that need to be dove into further?

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