Podcast: For Immediate Release Social Business Readiness

I had the honor of joining one of the top podcasts in the space For Immediate Release podcast series which has been publishing as long as I can remember on how communication, technology and business intersect. It was an honor to spend my Saturday morning discussing Altimeter’s latest report on Social Business Readiness, how companies are ill-prepared, social media crises, and what companies should do. You can tune in directly with the four options below: Download the MP3 file (14.1Mb, 35:09) Get the show on iTunes Subscribe to the FIR Interviews RSS feed Get the FIR app for your iPhone and for your Android device (visit the Android Marketfrom your device) Thanks Neville, and Shel, for inviting me to share.

Audio: Opportunities with Social Media and Tourism

Left: The crew at Hawaii Public Radio, Oahu.  Left to Right: Ryan Ozawa (@hawaii),  David Lau (@synwpn), Kara Imai (@hawaiikara), Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang), and Burt Lum (@bytemarks) How to hotels, restaurants, attractions, airlines, entertainers and cruise ships use social media to connect with tourists?  Listen in to find out. Thanks to Burt Lum (Twitter) and Ryan Ozawa (Twitter), the hosts of the long running tech show called “Bytemarks Cafe” on Hawaii Public Radio. At the Hawaii Tourism Conference in Oahu two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of presenting a primary research findings from a project Altimeter was contracted to do (with my colleagues Alan Webber and Christine Tran) on the socialgraphics of Hawaii tourists. I was joined on the … Continue readingAudio: Opportunities with Social Media and Tourism

Podcast: Understand Facebook Connect for Business

Invest 20 minutes to listen to this podcast focused on how Facebook Connect helps brands connect with existing communities.  This podcast, hosted by Aaron Strout of Powered, was joined by the digital editor of AdWeek, Brian Morrissey and marketing blogger/consultant, Susan Getgood, and myself. You can also download the Mp3 file directly.  Get more details about the podcast from Aaron’s blog directly.  A few themes:  Social marketing is about getting your customers to talk to customers –not just a brand blasting to customers. Update: Here’s the example I mentioned about VW using FB to serve up contextual content, to learn more about this trend, read “The Future of the Social Web” which was Forrester’s top report in Q2 2009 and the … Continue readingPodcast: Understand Facebook Connect for Business

Marketing Voices: Three Recommendations for Marketing Leaders (11min)

Long time friend Jennifer Jones interviewed me at Forrester’s Foster City office in California, and I shared three practical recommendations for them to start doing. Listen in to the above short podcast embed, or download the file directly. Customers own your website and what you can do to get it back Social media resources: understand the 80/20 Rule How marketers can be more strategic within the corporation by leading the social charge across departments such as sales, client teams, HR, product development, support, and leadership. I hope you forward this to your CMO and VPs of marketing.

Podcast: Jazz with Jaffe

Last week I jumped on a call with Joseph Jaffe, who focuses on social media marketing.  Usually in my career, day job, and blogging style, I’m very structured, organized, and well…analytical.  I gave all that up to have an impromtu converation with Joseph to discuss social.  Listen in and tell me what you think. A few topics we end up talkin about are:  Importance of signal vs noise, PR blackouts, Sponsored Conversations, Mother bloggers.   Let me know in the comments if you think you’d listen again –or why you would not.

Podcasts: Marketing Voices and For Immediate Release

People often ask me, how do you stay on top of the industry news so well? My answer? I listen. One of the ways I get smarter about the field I cover is to listen to podcasts while driving, at gym, or going for a walk. The two top podcasts in this space to listen to are Marketing Voices by Jennifer Jones, and For Immediate Release by Shel and Neville. Social Media Executive Interviews: Marketing Voices Marketing Voices has short ‘tight’ interviews with practice leaders in the space, the questions and framing are really at an executive level, so this is the one to share with your bosses. Social Media News and Editorial: For Immediate Release On the other hand, … Continue readingPodcasts: Marketing Voices and For Immediate Release

Audio: Why Most Brands Fail at Social Network Marketing

Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at http://www.podtech.net/home/5308/forresters-jeremiah-owyang-the-best-and-worst-of-social-marketing If you’re reading this from a feedreader or an email subscription, advance here to the flash embed to listen to the audio file. Dear friend Jennifer Jones interviews me on my latest Forrester report The Best and Worst of Social Network Marketing. I discuss some of the high level points of why brands have had so many issues –and what they should do to succeed. 15 of the 16 brands we tested did not pass our criteria, I hope that if we retest them, they will have improved. Update: I’m doing a teleconference on this topic on behalf of my employer, should you wish to discuss this … Continue readingAudio: Why Most Brands Fail at Social Network Marketing

Audio: How Nike’s Jordan team leans on Social Media

Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at http://www.podtech.net/home/5091/nikes-jordan-brand-uses-social-marketing-strategies-to-build-consumer-loyalty Jennifer Jones, who hosts one of the top ongoing social media marketing podcasts, interviews Emmanuel Brown of Nike Jordan. I saw Emmanuel at the last Marketing Forum in L.A. he told us that employees are encouraged to work out a couple of hours every day. Actually, it’s more than encouraged, it’s mandatory. He discusses their Breakfast Club interactive program, which helps customers track and improve their daily sports routine, and recently won a Groundswell award for their efforts. They aren’t the only sports brand leaning on social media to reach customers. New Balance has a ‘studio’ type site, and Nike has launched an online community platform. Update: … Continue readingAudio: How Nike’s Jordan team leans on Social Media

Audio: Social Networks, Should companies build their own (White Label) or join existing ones (like Facebook)

Are you thinking about building a community on your own domain with one of the 70 white label social networking tools? Or have you thought about joining an existing community on a social network like Facebook or MySpace? We thought this heated debate was over, I took heat from Shel Israel and Doc Searls (look at all the trackbacks and comments) for my stance that in some situations, brands should build their own social networks. Brian Oberkirch fired up a thoughtful post on why he didn’t want to join the Fast Company social network. Ted Shelton of the Conversation Group charged an email to me, and we started a friendly debate, eventually we agreed that an audio podcast would make … Continue readingAudio: Social Networks, Should companies build their own (White Label) or join existing ones (like Facebook)

Predictions on the Social Graph for 2008: Charlene Li and Jeremiah

Listen in to the audio podcast by pressing the play button using the Forrester player above. Folks have asked for me to be transparent in our research, so I’m pulling you all in behind the scenes as Charlene Li and I discuss the topics we research on. Charlene Li, Josh Bernoff, Peter Kim, and myself collaborated on Top Social Computing Predictions For 2008. While many folks have already published their predictions in Dec, now’s a good time for us to share after the noise has settled down. While we each gave specific predictions for the year, Charlene and I focused in on the aggregation or portability of the Social Graph. Not famliar with what the social graph is? Then please … Continue readingPredictions on the Social Graph for 2008: Charlene Li and Jeremiah