Audio: Why Most Brands Fail at Social Network Marketing

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Dear friend Jennifer Jones interviews me on my latest Forrester report The Best and Worst of Social Network Marketing. I discuss some of the high level points of why brands have had so many issues –and what they should do to succeed. 15 of the 16 brands we tested did not pass our criteria, I hope that if we retest them, they will have improved.

Update: I’m doing a teleconference on this topic on behalf of my employer, should you wish to discuss this further and learn more.

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  1. Nice interview and tease for your report! Thanks so much for posting this. I haven’t read your report, but a comment comes to mind. In your interview you put a lot of emphasis on member creation of content and the importance for marketers to make these opportunities available. And let me say I’m also a huge advocate with my clients for connecting people to each other. While I realize that “creation” is at the “top” of the Forrester technographics ladder (based on “sophistication” of skills/interaction), it is *equally* important for marketers to create engagement & measurement for the *other* activities on that ladder within the community. We tend to forget that not everyone is engaged in communities in the same way.

    HP Labs has done some really fascinating research about online communities that marketers should also consider. One study specifically that is fascinating is on the effect of controversy within networks/communities and the effect that has on the tone and direction of the discussion. Some very relevant thoughts to take into account as marketers engage – and measure the insights they are getting from these communities. It may also inform marketers on ways they might need to engage. If you haven’t seen this, I highly recommend taking 15 minutes to listen to Scoble’s interview with Dr. Bernardo Huberman of HP Labs.

  2. with some extrapolation you can see how these ideas could apply to far less sexy brands but can you share any positive examples from the data?

    great stuff as usual

  3. Insight is a good thing, well done. Marketing is coming of age with your help. Your research is spot on, how by creating great products and letting customers interact creates a stronger brand. One way to help at the C level, is to take a look at what market intelligence could provide for the day to day.

    It is about creating a tone with your customers that matters and having the means to hear the collective voice.

    Thank you.

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