Podcasts: Marketing Voices and For Immediate Release

People often ask me, how do you stay on top of the industry news so well? My answer? I listen.

One of the ways I get smarter about the field I cover is to listen to podcasts while driving, at gym, or going for a walk. The two top podcasts in this space to listen to are Marketing Voices by Jennifer Jones, and For Immediate Release by Shel and Neville.

Social Media Executive Interviews: Marketing Voices
Marketing Voices has short ‘tight’ interviews with practice leaders in the space, the questions and framing are really at an executive level, so this is the one to share with your bosses.

Social Media News and Editorial: For Immediate Release
On the other hand, For Immediate Release (FIR) is about a 40 minute show that includes news, commentary, tech reports, voices from Singapore. They debate, discuss, and dig into issues at a greater depth more suitable for the practitioner –one to share with the folks in the field.

During work, I listen to the Properly Chilled podcast (iTunes) and Dave’s Lounge (iTunes) to get the latest beats, each one is often an hour long of free, fresh music.

What podcasts do you listen to for professional education and for music?