It’s About Intent: Affiliate Links in Twitter

Humans have a way of always experimenting with new systems to see how they can be monetized or streamlined –it’s a natural part of the web. A few months ago, I experimented with Magpie Twitter ads as an analyst, and quickly found the community revolted against it. Another revolt could be at hand as I’ve recently learned that some Twitter users are putting in affiliate links in their Tweets (some are not disclosed), thereby recommending products (like to Amazon) resulting in them generating a cut of revenue if the product is purchased. I know if someone buys a Kindle based on your affiliate link, that person can generate $35, not bad for a simple link. Of course, it comes down … Continue readingIt’s About Intent: Affiliate Links in Twitter

What Happens When Twitter Gets Mainstream Attention

Twitter is getting a tremendous amount of buzz from brands, celebrities, media, politicians, and athletes. Despite the hype, it’s still a very small social networking site (likely under 10mm), compared to the social giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and MySpace (150-300mm), see my stats page to learn more. I assert that mainstream attention is different than mainstream usage. Even respected analyst firm Gartner suggests that the backlash may start as this microblogging tool gets mainstream attention, although I’ll suggest we haven’t even begun to see the upcoming revolt, as the pivot point is dependent on mainstream usage. Here’s what we should expect to happen over the next few months: Mainstream media and celebrities to flood Twitter The tool, having received … Continue readingWhat Happens When Twitter Gets Mainstream Attention

Video: How To Use Twitter and Connect in the Comments

I’m getting more and more client calls asking about Twitter, although I tend to think most of my readers are the super social elite folks you’d find in Friendfeed. Yet, in reality, many agencies, brands, and executives are just hearing about this microblogging services from the recent media buzz. The above video, created by Lee and Sachi LeFever (I hung out with them in SXSW) of CommonCraft is available here on YouTube, or you can use their license and use for internal education. If you’re seeking to find some of my Forrester colleagues, Alexis Karlin in our web marketing team has an ongoing roster of Forrester employees who happen to be on Twitter. If you happen to be a client, … Continue readingVideo: How To Use Twitter and Connect in the Comments

Sponsored Aggregation: Impacts to Twitter, Federated Media, Microsoft, and the Community

My job is to dissect new and moving parts into ways that business decision makers can understand, I hope to do just that: Web Strategy Summary Twitter is finally monetizing. Working with social media marketing vendor Federated Media, Microsoft has sponsored an aggregation tool that collects all the voices and tweets of executives. While none of the executives were paid, and it’s not influencing their editorial, these public tweets are being monetized by the brands involved. (Added this previous sentence, thanks to Dom in the comments) It’s featured from the Twitter homepage (top right column) this program called ExecTweet gives exposure to the voices of executives and promotes Microsoft’s campaign. Getting the Facts I just got off the phone with … Continue readingSponsored Aggregation: Impacts to Twitter, Federated Media, Microsoft, and the Community

The Future of Twitter: Social CRM

Twitter has multiple business models to choose from I get asked over and over: “How do you think Twitter will monetize? What’s their business model?” While it’s clear they’re already experimenting with ‘house’ ads, ads that promote features of their service, I’m not sure that’s going to be the right direction for them. We already know that click through rates on social networks are low, why? because people are there to communicate with each other –not search for information like Google or on a media site. It’s possible they could turn on ads in the search tool, as people are seeking information. Yet all of these tactics have been done on other social sites, I think that Twitter has a … Continue readingThe Future of Twitter: Social CRM

The Social, Mobile Web: An Entourage In Your Pocket

There’s been a series of announcements this last two weeks, many which are happening here at SXSW, yet it’s important to look at what these changes mean as a collective, here’s my take: While working on my report the future of the social web, I was white boarding out ideas with Josh Bernoff on some of the changes that will be happening as social technologies become more important. It’s clear that as mobile devices become more prevalent, and social communities grow online that they’ll take main stage in our personal and business lives. As I was explaining to him how I think they could be all pieced together, I said “your friends will be with you as you travel”, being … Continue readingThe Social, Mobile Web: An Entourage In Your Pocket

Ask Jeremiah: The Comprehensive FAQ Guide to Twitter

Need a Twitter expert in your corner? I’m here to help! New, Advanced? Shy? Submit a Question I’ll take the most rudimentary basic question to the most advanced, don’t be shy. This is a living FAQ, if you have a question for me, Jeremiah, leave a comment and I’ll answer, if you’re really shy, you can email me, but I can’t promise I’ll see it (I get a lot of emails). I’ll be updating this over time, so please bookmark, and share with your network. Was this helpful? spread the word If you liked the post, please tweet it, by copying and pasting this into twitter: Got a question about Twitter? ask @jowyang Alright, let’s get to work, I’m … Continue readingAsk Jeremiah: The Comprehensive FAQ Guide to Twitter

The Twitter Spoofer

Apparently, a spammer is creating dozens of Twitter accounts, each one has one letter added to my profile name jowyang and is linking to a ‘get rich quick’ scam. I’ve received hundreds of messages from replies, direct messages, emails, and even a long distance phone call warning me. It’s likely a computer program, as it’s just adding one unique letter to my name, then following thousands and sending them direct messages. Many suggest that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I supposed I should be flattered. I’m not going to link to any of these accounts not to give them any attention, but I see this as an opportunity for Twitter. How so? If there was a ‘report … Continue readingThe Twitter Spoofer