Apple Devices Outpace Birth Rate

In this last quarter, Apple sold more devices than humans born on planet earth. It was just a little over a decade ago, when Apple had just a small share of overall tech sales, it’s amazing the come back they’ve had over the past years. Yesterday, Apple released their Q4, 2012 financial results (36.0 billion in revenues and quarterly net profit of $8.2 billion) and shared some of the stats of devices sold. The sales rate is impressive for a company that’s made a quick rebound into media, devices, and technology over the last few years and wanted to put it into context. To illustrate, I decided to run some numbers and compare the product rates compared to something we can relate … Continue readingApple Devices Outpace Birth Rate

Altimeter Report: Power to the People, Your Mobile Workforce

The term “mobile” is an amorphous term that can be applied to nearly every digital and technology strategy. So where should companies start? This report outlines a pragmatic approach based on: 1) Conducting a mobility audit 2) Examining Roles 3) Then choosing technology and partners choices. It’s important you understand that one size doesn’t fit all needs; know that a different strategy is needed for each persona needs –don’t choose technology partners first, then force it into the org. While this seems common sense for most, many are not approaching with this needs based approach first. Altimeter’s latest research report on how corporations should systematically develop a mobile strategy for their workforce is now published by Analyst Chris Silva. As … Continue readingAltimeter Report: Power to the People, Your Mobile Workforce

Slides: Developing a Learning Strategy for Mobile and Social (Keynote)

How should a modern organization factor in mobile devices and social technologies into their learning programs? That’s the exact question the Altimeter Group was posed with to answer for the mLearnCon 2011 conference today in San Jose. In fact, we found that there’s six distinct disruptions that need to be harnessed which we call the: Framework: The Mobile & Social Learning Honeycomb These six ‘cells’ so to speak have 6 opportunities to take advantage of, they include: Who Creates: From Expert to Crowd Who Learns: From Siloed to Group What Curriculum Is: From Static to Dynamic When It Takes Place: From Fixed Time to Time-Shifted Where it takes place: From Fixed Location to Anywhere How it is consumed: From Comprehensive … Continue readingSlides: Developing a Learning Strategy for Mobile and Social (Keynote)

Keynote: How to Develop a Mobile Strategy (Video and Slides)

Last week, I had the honor of keynoting the Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit in San Francisco, to provide a strategic perspective of how mobile –and social technologies work together for today’s top brands. Sadly, we found that most companies are developing mobile tactics. That’s right, tactics. Why? As the latest technology came around, companies would prescribe towards them in a haphazard way, or rely on their agencies to select the app to appease a ‘mobile solution, quickly’. Instead, companies should evaluate how their customers use mobile technologies across their entire life and brand process. Working closely with the research team here at Altimeter, we were able to structure a mobile strategy based on the customer life process –not just on … Continue readingKeynote: How to Develop a Mobile Strategy (Video and Slides)

Making Your Blog Mobile: Testing the Web Strategy iPhone App

Experimenting With Mobile Apps It’s clear that content can become more contextual and personalized as it transects with location based devices.  A few weeks ago the folks at the company MotherApp, created a “Web Strategy iPhone App (download in iTunes)” to take on the go. This isn’t just a “m.” mobile website that shows essential content minus heavy graphics, this is a true iPhone app, with the native interface of Apple products, see screenshots below. I’m not the only one, they created the app for Tim Ferris (iTunes), Guy Kawasaki (iTunes) and Brian Solis (iTunes) and others. Above: Screenshots of the Web Strategy iPhone App, featuring latest Tweets and Options Above: Screenshots of the Web Strategy iPhone App, featuring latest … Continue readingMaking Your Blog Mobile: Testing the Web Strategy iPhone App

How Local Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Social Networks

Local Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Social Networks The nearly mainstream social web is now evolving and graduating to mobile devices.  This emerging space of mobile-based social networks are empowering customers to find the best venues and prices, and offering savvy companies unique ways to cater to this new medium.  Yet, despite the emergence of applications like FourSquare, Yelp, and recently launched GoWalla, there are risks as customers talk directly to each other and opportunities for businesses who harness the tools.  Local businesses should approach the mobile social networking space by first listening to their customers, responding to commenters, provide special offers to advocates, and prepare for pricing to be impacted. Mobile Social Network Offers Discounts Based On Location Using … Continue readingHow Local Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Social Networks

Three Future-Looking Videos Of Augmented Reality For Business

Augmented Reality is certainly in it’s infancy, and we know that at best, is experimental. I’m new to this space but am watching, and learning from Robert Rice and Dave Elchoness to see  how it develops. While a few years out, see the proposed Hype Cycle, let’s spend time thinking about what the future could hold. I’m in intake mode. Over the last few weeks, I’ve watched as many augmented reality youtube clips as possible, reading blog posts (as there are no real articles yet from mainstream) and talking to smart folks. What I’ve noticed? Many videos are folks excited about the toys –yet with little reference to how it impacts business. I’ve also been experimenting with Yelp’s monocle, which … Continue readingThree Future-Looking Videos Of Augmented Reality For Business

The Social, Mobile Web: An Entourage In Your Pocket

There’s been a series of announcements this last two weeks, many which are happening here at SXSW, yet it’s important to look at what these changes mean as a collective, here’s my take: While working on my report the future of the social web, I was white boarding out ideas with Josh Bernoff on some of the changes that will be happening as social technologies become more important. It’s clear that as mobile devices become more prevalent, and social communities grow online that they’ll take main stage in our personal and business lives. As I was explaining to him how I think they could be all pieced together, I said “your friends will be with you as you travel”, being … Continue readingThe Social, Mobile Web: An Entourage In Your Pocket

eWeek captures my thoughts on Google’s Mobile Social Network, Latitude

Above: Video by Google about it’s latest social network for mobile devices and Google IG, Latitude I was going to write a post about Google’s new mobile social network (see video to learn about Latitude), but after an excellent interview with eWeek’s Nathan Eddy, he really captured my thoughts well. Rather than repeat it, please read his article: “Analyst: Google Latitude Not a Threat to Facebook, MySpace“. Don’t just take my word for it, have you tried Latitude? What do you think the impacts are to marketing, advertising, developers in the next few years? Update: I’m not alone Nicholas sees the opportunities for advertisers.