Upcoming Social Computing Workshop

This is an advertisement for Forrester services. I share a lot on this public blog, and we should be thankful my employer is so gracious to encourage this, so please show the same respect as you would to my other posts. For some history, I promote other events, workshops and conferences that are not ours, as long as I think they will help you. But first, a story: A few weeks ago at Forrester’s Marketing conference my CEO George Colony (he blogs too) in front of everyone (hundreds in the room) asked me how I approach blogging. This was during his keynote, and he handed me a mic, I told him that companies can give away the appetizers for free, … Continue readingUpcoming Social Computing Workshop

95 Theses, Paratroopers, and There’s a New Conversation

When I first read the Cluetrain manifesto, it got my excited. I actually printed out the 95 Theses and left them on many of the marketing leaders chairs at my office at Hitachi Data Systems. The content was very revolutionary, so I actually never told them that I was the one that printed it out and parachutted these 95 soliders onto their desks. Since they read this blog, I guess they now know. 10 years later and the book is still going strong now (and it’s available for free), Shel Israel suggests (and I agree) that it’s the first in a trilogy of books: Naked Conversations, and now Groundswell. I was around during the launch of Naked, and was given … Continue reading95 Theses, Paratroopers, and There’s a New Conversation

Video: Meeting Oahu’s Top Bloggers

On my last night of official ‘work’ before going offline, I was able to meetup with Hawaii’s top bloggers, access this post directly (if you’re seeing this in a feedreader) to watch video. Whenever I travel to a new city for business, I try to meet the local bloggers at a community dinner, I’ve now friends all over the world, and we connect on twitter, blogs, and social networks to keep track of each other. Ryan Ozawa (who has the only Hawaii licence plate “Blog”, see pic below), the community leader and early technology adopter helped organize this dinner of Oahu’s top bloggers. About 15 of us assembled at a local joint (I was the only tourist) and we had … Continue readingVideo: Meeting Oahu’s Top Bloggers

Forrester Marketing Conference Day 1: Understanding Your Customers Through Engagement

(Above Photo by Jeremy Pepper) Jeremiah Owyang:  Sitting in the front row from Forrester’s Marketing Forum 2008, the theme for today’s event with over 800 attendees being Marketing’s New Imperative For Success: Engagement Voices from the Audience: Rodney Rumford is excited to blog from the Forrester Marketing Forum in LA. Rodney’s live blogs Brian Haven’s Engagement presentation Marianne Richmond couldn’t attend, but writes Forrester Marketing Forum 2008: Engagement and I. David Deal of Avenue A Razorfish wraps his thoughts on Engagement Rather than Blog, Amy Worley used Twitter for her whole experience Live Streaming the Morning Keynotes: Harley Manning (Setting the Stage) and Brian Haven (Engagement), 54 Minutes Speaking of Engagement… As we live streamed from the front row, we … Continue readingForrester Marketing Conference Day 1: Understanding Your Customers Through Engagement

Getting ready for next weeks’ Forrester Marketing Forum in L.A.

We’re gearing up for next weeks’ Marketing Forum in Los Angeles, with over 800 expected attendees, the company is really excited to deliver great content, facilitate networking, and showcase technology vendors that help solve marketing problems. The speaker lineup is impressive, aside form Forrester analysts presenting their key industry findings we’ve speakers from Fedex, Nike, Wal-Mart, Dell, Leapfrog, and more. The event team has been working hard to prepare all the logistics, and I’ve already listened in to dress rehearsals for presentations (our speakers rehearse dozens of times, in order to deliver high value) Also, each of the attendees are getting a copy of the upcoming Groundswell book. I’ve been asked to do what I’m best at, help facilitate social … Continue readingGetting ready for next weeks’ Forrester Marketing Forum in L.A.

Analysis of the Zuckerberg Lacy Interview

Key Hinkley the CEO of Somewhere does a technical analysis on the Mark Zuckerberg and Sarah Lacy interview, he brings forth frequency charts by keyword, new users sign ups, and provides some analysis and predictions. What’s interesting isn’t so much the interview itself but how social media has spread among the crowd, it’s a cross between sociology , technology adoption, and psychology. I know the drama of the discussion has already been talked about by many bloggers, so I’ll leave my opinions off the table, I’m more interested in the impact this has to future conferences. At least two conference organizers have come to me asking for guidance, there is some concern over social media revolts. A few days ago, … Continue readingAnalysis of the Zuckerberg Lacy Interview

Upcoming Events

Here’s where to find me in the coming weeks: Monday, March 17 I’ll be in NYC at the API Conference as a guest of Stephanie Agresta. Tuesday Morning, March 25 I’ll be speaking in Mountain View Social Networking Half Day Conference: Business Applications of Social Networking on March 25th in Mountain View. Readers of my blog get a discount use the code SNC325. I’ll be presenting my presentation on “Online Community Best Practices” (I presented it twice today, one full version and one small version for clients and their customers). Tuesday Afternoon, March 25th, SF I’ll be at the SNAP Summit in San Francisco on a panel Tuesday Night, March 25th, SF We’re having a blogger dinner, stay tuned for … Continue readingUpcoming Events

A Groundswell at SXSW: How The Audience Revolted and Asserted Control

For the second year, I experienced the SXSW Interactive Festival, an event attended by thousands who have love for media, the web, and gadgets. SXSW is a bubble of the tech elite assembling, in many ways it’s a glimpse into the future, exposed on a Petri dish today. [A Groundswell Occurred at the SXSW Interactive Festival as the Audience Revolted And Took Charge] Last year, Twitter gained traction at SXSW 2007, this year, it fully ramped up to be one of the most prominent and power shifting tools of the festival –we witnessesd a Groundswell. What’s a Groundswell? It’s a social trend in which people use technologies to get the things they need from each other, rather than from traditional … Continue readingA Groundswell at SXSW: How The Audience Revolted and Asserted Control

Video: Hanging at the Bloghaus

Your browser does not support JavaScript. This media can be viewed at http://www.podtech.net/home/5000/jeremiah-owyang-senior-analyst-at-forrester-at-amds-bloghaus If you’re reading this in email or a feedreader, come visit this post to watch the embedded video. I was lucky to be at the very first BlogHaus at SXSW in Jan 2007, and was really pleased to return to yet another version at SXSW this week. Stephanie Agresta interviewed me, and we talked about SXSW, and what I’m watching as an important technology.

SXSW 2008

I’m headed to SXSW Interactive Festival in a few hours, I’ve a red eye from Silicon Valley that’s going to give me time to sort through a few hundred emails, write a few blog posts, and pen the strawman for my upcoming report on OpenSocial: Challenges and Opportunities. SXSW is a festival, not a conference. Its about parties, networking, conference then bbq, pretty much in that order (at least to me), what’s amazing is that most of the bay area tech scene picks up and transplants in artsy city of Austin, except for Dave Winer who said to me in twitter that it’s mostly for young folks (Ill be sure to find some “old” people and congratulate them for breaking … Continue readingSXSW 2008