Slides: Invest in Scalable Social Business Programs (Keynote)

How should companies prioritize their social business efforts?

That’s the very question we’ve been asked to tackle at today’s conference at Bazaarvoice’s Social Commerce Summit (live stream) here in Austin, Texas.  This room of 600 web strategists and social strategists (on brand side) are making key decisions for how companies will interact with their customers.  My goal? To help these strategists at the world’s largest brands how companies must prioritize their social business efforts for the coming years.

We know through research that many companies are struggling to scale, the “1:1 customer conversations” do not scale, and the looming requests from business stakeholders only make the social business program more daunting as interest grows.

We recommend that companies quickly invest in these five scalable social business programs:

  1. Get into Hub and Spoke and develop a Center of Excellence.
  2. Leverage community for first tier marketing and support.
  3. Integrate both in the customer lifecycle as well as your corporate website.
  4. Launch a formalized advocacy program.
  5. Invest in Social Media Management Systems before you lose control.

There are two Open Research (see Mark’s review on Open Research) reports you must read that back these findings, read The Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist, and How Corporations Should Prioritize Social Business Spending.

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