Meetup: Business Leaders to Meet Occupy Everything. Sat AM in SF

I’ve been watching with great intrigue the growing groundswell of the Occupy Everything that is directly challenging the economy, business, and the market. My business partner Charlene Li and I and the rest of the Altimeter analysts have been watching and discussing this growing movement, and want to learn more.

We conduct research (like this report on crises) for many of the large corporations that the movement is directing their energy at, and want to better understand this as this movement at this time is offering an ongoing dialog through their protests.

To learn more, Altimeter’s Charlene Li and myself (and other colleagues) will head to the movement to meet the protesters to engage in dialog and learn more from them their goals Sat morning in SF at 10am. We invite other business leaders (we’re business owners too) to join us, to engage in dialog and learn.

If you can’t attend (or too bashful to do so) please use me as a conduit, what questions would you want me to ask the protesters? Leave a comment here on this blog, or join the discussion on my Google+ feed.

I hope to engage in a civil conversation and learn more, as we continue to watch how business continues to evolve.

  • When: Sat, 10am
  • Where: SF: Federal Building, Market Street
  • Hashtag:  #ResearchOccupy
  • Planacast: Sign up here

Update: Colleague Alan Webber has posted about managing to disruption, in the context of Occupy Wall Street.