Social Media Marketing Storyboard #2: The Social Reef, an Industry Perspective

The last time I did a storyboard, it received positive reviews, so I’ve decided to do it again.  Often, I have a hard time describing to others what I do for a living –just exactly how do you explain to your parents that you’re an industry analyst for the social web?  As a result, I’ve created this slidedeck that goes well with my fishing theme on what I see as an industry analyst.

This is likely the fastest moving industry in the world –for the last few years, I work many hours during the weekdays and a few during the weekends to keep up.  While in it’s formative years now, I expect –and hope– it’ll slow down as it reaches maturity over the next few years. 

I really see this space like a reef, a complex ecosystem that has so many variables and changes, each day is different.

I hope you enjoy this storyboard, and if you did, please tweet it, or embed it on your own blog.