Coping With Twitter’s Unfollow Bug

I originally posted this on Techcrunch, and cross-posted here on the Web Strategy blog. If you’re like me, you may have noticed that Twitter may be arbitrarily, randomly, and haphazardly, unfollowing people you fully intended to follow. Similarly, if you’ve ever noticed your friends and contacts unfollowed you, it may have caused a sense of confusion, dread, or self-insecurity. Before one spirals into a series of apologies or deep-depression, it’s likely not your fault, (whew!). What’s causing this? I’m not sure, so I asked my proper contacts at Twitter who responded “This is a bug, and our team is working to fix it.” They also sent me a link to their support FAQ, which indicates the known issue. I’ll leave … Continue readingCoping With Twitter’s Unfollow Bug

Employers Shouldn’t Request Facebook Access –Instead Provide Governance and Training

Companies should empower their employees to safely use social networks by first guiding, training, and rewarding While love struck teens are quick to share their Facebook passwords with each other, now a rash of corporations, colleges, and even government employers have been requesting that current employees and future candidates share their personal information by exposing their social networking accounts. Why do companies require access to this information? They seek to find out exactly how the individual behaves, or represents the company or previous company. Imagine being an interview and getting to the final stages then the recruiter offers a job offer with the only requirement access to personal social networking sites, “If you’ve nothing to hide, then its not an … Continue readingEmployers Shouldn’t Request Facebook Access –Instead Provide Governance and Training

Altimeter Open Research Report: The Rise of Digital Influence

Altimeter Groups’s latest Open Research report (available on creative commons for you to download, use, and share) is now available from analyst Brian Solis. This report, which challenges the way that companies measure influence points out how tools like Klout, Kred, Empire Avenue and beyond. [Physics Measures Both Potential and Kinetic Energy. Similarly, Digital Influence must measure Both Social Capital (Potential) as well as Actual Influence (Kinetic)] In fact, companies are quick to add influence metrics into their social support systems, and marketing prioritization despite having full understanding of how these measurement tools actually create their indexes. This report, written as a playbook for businesses focuses on how to benefit from desirable effects and outcomes through social media influence. The … Continue readingAltimeter Open Research Report: The Rise of Digital Influence

People on the Move in the Social Business Industry, Mar 18, 2012

Both the submissions on this job announcement board, as well as available social media positions at corporations continue to pour in. In this continued digest of job changes, I like to salute those that continue to join the industry in roles focused on social media, see the archives, which I’ve been tracking since Q4, 2007. People on the Move in the Social Business Industry: Congrats to long time Tech blogger Eric Eldon now the Senior Editor at Techcrunch, which is part of the AOL family. I’ve known Eric for a number of years and his rise within the blogosphere has been the rising trajectory. Congrats Eric. Sameer Patel joins SAP as an Executive focused on advancing Social Enterprise Strategy, congrats to SAP, … Continue readingPeople on the Move in the Social Business Industry, Mar 18, 2012

Is SXSW Getting too Large? Video with Leo Laporte

This Week in Tech by Leo Leporte is one of the top shows featuring tech trends, new gadgets, and business and social trends. In addition to our host Leo Leporte, it featured Jeff Jarvis, Gina Trapani, and myself. The timing was great, I was invited as the only member of this group to give a recap of SXSW, which Leo proclaimed it’s “too much”. Gina and Jeff chimed in, and we discussed the location based apps, celebs, brands, and even how I stopped a fight with an LED flashlight (I often carry this 300+ lumen Fenix) in a dark alley (minute 25) until Leo started to distract me by wiping pie all over his face. Overall SXSW is getting really … Continue readingIs SXSW Getting too Large? Video with Leo Laporte

Upcoming Altimeter Research Report: Integration of Paid, Owned, and Earned

By Altimeter’s Rebecca Lieb, Industry Analyst and Jeremiah Owyang, Industry Analyst. If consumers don’t differentiate between “Paid, Owned, and Earned” so why are marketers segmented by different departments and have separate agencies that do each?  Does a ‘social media agency of record’ actually slow progress?  Can a marketing effort be more effective if all of these methods are used together?  These are exactly the questions we want to answer. I’m very pleased to announce a new research project by Altimeter Group involving myself (Earned, Owned) and Rebecca Lieb (Paid, Owned), our NY based analyst who knows advertising, agencies, and has written both a book and a recent research report on content marketing. My expertise is Earned and owned media, while Rebecca … Continue readingUpcoming Altimeter Research Report: Integration of Paid, Owned, and Earned

SXSW Interactive 2012: As Crowd Swells, New Technologies Emerge for Intimate Relationships

Left: Austin on Sunday, after rain dispersed. If you didn’t attend SXSW and want a first hand perspective (or maybe you did go and partied too hard) then this post is for you. There’s a lot to learn from SXSW: A Petri dish of social and interactive behaviors, a bellwether of what could be a trend for the year. It also has a downside from overhype, fanboyism, and an over inflated view of behaviors that may not persist as people return to work. This year the conference was bigger than ever, word on the street is the entire 2012 festival has grown to include 50k (Tuesday evening, the festival said its official paid attendance count for 2012 was 24,569, up … Continue readingSXSW Interactive 2012: As Crowd Swells, New Technologies Emerge for Intimate Relationships

Keynote Slides: Lead the Dynamic Customer Journey

The embedded slides below are from the Digital Blue Conference held in Miami, on March 2, 2012. The goal? To help digital marketers at health insurance companies best understand how the industry is changed, who’s innovating, and what we can learn from best of breed in other markets. We’re seeing a trend where marketers must integrate POE (Paid, Owned, and Earned) into a single strategy, and presented case examples of how corporations are doing this now. I also featured how esurance spanned all two phases of Awareness, Consideration and crossed POE in an integrate approach. You’ll see a few innovation examples including: How H&R Block reaches customers in a number of channels How Mayo Clinic, an early pioneer reaches to … Continue readingKeynote Slides: Lead the Dynamic Customer Journey