Keynote Slides: Lead the Dynamic Customer Journey

The embedded slides below are from the Digital Blue Conference held in Miami, on March 2, 2012. The goal? To help digital marketers at health insurance companies best understand how the industry is changed, who’s innovating, and what we can learn from best of breed in other markets. We’re seeing a trend where marketers must integrate POE (Paid, Owned, and Earned) into a single strategy, and presented case examples of how corporations are doing this now. I also featured how esurance spanned all two phases of Awareness, Consideration and crossed POE in an integrate approach.

You’ll see a few innovation examples including:

  • How H&R Block reaches customers in a number of channels
  • How Mayo Clinic, an early pioneer reaches to customers as well as offers peer-peer communities to foster growth
  • How the rise of “Body Data” from the likes of Nike and Fitbit will promote new games, contests and future insurance offerings
  • CakeHealth, the ‘Mint’ for the Healhcare space (I got to meet the founder, Rebecca to learn more at this event)
  • CareZone, a CRM for caregivers to manage their patients from one location (founded by John Schwartz former CEO of Sun)


One trend you’ll see from Altimeter over the next few quarters is a focus on the Dynamic Customer Journey, which looks at how channels (mobile, web, tv), media types (POE), and sources of data (who they get their info from) are all starting to converge, more on that coming soon. I’d like to thank my colleague Zak Kirchner for his research prowess in finding many of these class a examples. Thanks to John Kreicbergs at Meers the host of The Digital Blue conference, for inviting me to speak and allowing these slides to be shared. Also, see Shel Israel’s take on Open Forum on how startups are disrupting the Healthcare space

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  1. I really like the chart that gives a benchmark on # employees who post on corporate accounts.  Take a day off, then keep up the good work.

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