Placing Bets On Social Strategy, SCRM, and Mobile in 2010

Above Image: Readers of this blog asked for coverage in Social CRM, Mobile Social Networks, and Community Platforms. This is in alignment with my goals for 2010. First of all, thanks to those who responded to the 2009 Web Strategy survey, the results were telling. One of the questions that I asked was about areas of focus, I’m pleased to hear that the direction readers want me to focus is in alignment with where I’m headed. It’s important to have goals, (even my personal goals to live in Hawaii 30 days a yearlike Operation Bluewater) and I’m happy to share my focus for the coming year. Here’s my baseline topics that I’ve been blogging about, and helping clients through advisory … Continue readingPlacing Bets On Social Strategy, SCRM, and Mobile in 2010

List of Companies Providing Social CRM Offerings

Social CRM: A Growing Segment Yesterday’s post on Social CRM vendors not walking-the-talk raised awareness of this nascent space.  However, not everyone was thrilled with the effort, as CTO John Moore gave us an A for effort but a C- for results, and Kim Kobza, the CEO of Neigborhood America (they were an early adopter) left a comment on John’s post suggesting we missed the mark (also, SAP ‘s passionate team strongly represents).  Although we stand by our scoring, both John and Kim are right, our evaluation yesterday was only on a small subset of the industry, but a manageable starting ground, as we continue to unearth the variety of players. Tracking the Market with an ‘Industry Index’ For a few years … Continue readingList of Companies Providing Social CRM Offerings

Finding: Social CRM Vendors Don’t Walk The Talk

I first posted this on the Destination CRM blog, thanks to Josh Weinberger @kitson. Update: The below is a partial view of the industry, do see this larger index of Social CRM vendors. Surveying the Social CRM Industry Business partner Ray Wang (focused on enterprise strategy) and myself (customer strategy) of the Altimeter Group is undergoing a major project for a client in the nascent Social CRM arena.  We’re surveying the landscape to learn about a variety of vendors in the space, their capabilities and deployments. A small portion of our survey is to see who’s eating their own dog food, and truly demonstrating they understand the ‘social’ aspect of social crm and living it. Companies Who Sell Social Products … Continue readingFinding: Social CRM Vendors Don’t Walk The Talk

FirstTake: Extend LinkedIn’s Community To Your Website

I was briefed as an analyst by Adam Nash, LinkedIn’s Vice President, Search & Platform Products to learn about today’s announcement around opening their network as a platform. Announcement: Access LinkedIn Data From Other Locations Using The LinkedIn Platform Starting today, developers worldwide can integrate LinkedIn into their business applications and Web sites. They’ve announced that OAuth os now available at  Like Facebook Connect, this means that any website or any web application can allow users to login from their LinkedIn account on a third party site, and even publish information back to their LinkedIn profile and network from that third party site. What It Means To Business: Connect the Affluent, Educated, and Active Community To Your Site The stats … Continue readingFirstTake: Extend LinkedIn’s Community To Your Website

Matrix: The Four Social Support Strategies

At the Altimeter Group, I cover Customer Strategy, which encompasses not only marketing, but also support, expect our discussion to grow as social technologies impact the whole enterprise. The Social Support movement is afoot (see opportunities), and more companies will be connecting existing marketing and support systems with the social web. Many companies, like Comcast, Wells Fargo, Intel, BestBuy, JetBLue are responding to customers and in some cases, supporting them in near real time. The challenge is that these teams are unable to scale, even a support team of ten full time folks at Comcast will have a hard time responding to all customers in all social channels. As a result, expect companies to resort to scalable ways to respond … Continue readingMatrix: The Four Social Support Strategies

Evolution: The Eight Stages Of Listening

As Social Customers Become More Empowered, Organizations Must Have A Listening Strategy As we approach 2010 planning companies need a strategy around listening. Sadly, most companies, and their agency partners don’t know why to listen or how. As a result, they must identify which stage of listening they are at, and then set a goal on which stage they see to aspire in 2010. I originally published this matrix for client workshops and a keynote presentation on developing listening and advocacy programs, and I’m going to continue to share more and blow-out each of my slides. Web Strategy Matrix: The Eight Stages Of Listening Stage Description Resources Needed Impacts 1) No objective at all Organization has a listening program but … Continue readingEvolution: The Eight Stages Of Listening

Social Support: Companies Are Teaching Customers To Yell At Their Friends

Update: I polled my microblogging network on which brands have supported them on Twitter, see which brands have ‘taught’ their customers to yell at their friends. Recently, I started teaching puppy Rumba tricks beyond the basic sit and stay, I even made a video. How do I do it? I show him the move, then praise and reward him once it’s done. Repeat, over and over. Although customers aren’t dogs, (save for Purina and Dogster), we’re slowly training our customers that if they want better customer support, that they should say it loudly and in public –thereby influencing their friends. [As companies accelerate their social support efforts, responding to customers in public reinforces the behavior of complaining to everyone they … Continue readingSocial Support: Companies Are Teaching Customers To Yell At Their Friends

Salesforce Pushes Social CRM Technology –But Don’t Expect Companies To Be Successful With Tools Alone

        Above: Pictures from Salesforce’s event   This post was co-written on a wiki with R “Ray” Wang, Partner and Colleague at Altimeter Group Salesforce launches a new set of social apps that make CRM connected to the social web. So what does it mean? Salesforce’s Twitter integration and application launch helps brands monitor what’s being said. Yet despite the fanfare, the application lacks a pre-determined way to identify the profiles of Twitter profiles and primary keys within the CRM database. Secondly, the system doesn’t provide a default setting to prioritize the influence (such as more followers) vs a profile with few followers –limiting the ability for brands to prioritize their support offerings. Salesforce’s “Answers” product is a … Continue readingSalesforce Pushes Social CRM Technology –But Don’t Expect Companies To Be Successful With Tools Alone

Trends: Impacts Of The Era of Social Colonization –Every Webpage to be Social

One of the key findings from the very popular report The Future of the Social Web (which has been translated into over a dozen languages by the community) is that identity technologies like Facebook Connect, OpenID, as well as existing identities will soon colonize the web, making every webpage a social experience –even if they don’t choose to participate. [Soon, every product page and webpage will be a social experience –even if brands don’t choose to participate] Although the identity space is still in it’s adolescence, many of the vendors agree on the direction to head, but not exactly how to get there. Secondly, there’s many different groups coming together from Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and the third party OpenID … Continue readingTrends: Impacts Of The Era of Social Colonization –Every Webpage to be Social