First Take: Google+ Gets Features Right –But Offers No Reason to Leave Facebook

Finally, after many mis-starts and social media product debacles, Google gets their social networking offering down right. The downside is, there’s no reason to call this a “Plus”, it’s just catchup. Google has learned from failed attempts Historically, Google has been complacent when it goes to social networking, not having realized how quickly Facebook was going to grow many years ago, innovation in this category was lackluster. Amid several attempts most have failed (see the chronology of failed Google attempts), there is hope with yesterday’s announcement. In previous launches, their efforts were mere copies of Facebook’s (+1 vs Like) or struggled with too much complexity (Wave) and privacy woes (see my additional analysis on Google vs Facebook vs Twitter). Yet … Continue readingFirst Take: Google+ Gets Features Right –But Offers No Reason to Leave Facebook

FirstTake: Dachis Group Clinches Powered, Threatening Incumbent Consulting Firms

Acquisition of ‘Powered’ Grows Social Software and Services Footprint in Enterprise Companies. Austin based Dachis Group, who has a war chest from Austin Ventures, has been on a buying spree and has pre-briefed me in their acquisition of Powered, a social and marketing platform with strong social media services, who they recently acquired, including Crayon, Stepchange and Drill Team (read my analysis). To date, Dachis Group has acquired seven firms such as Xplane digital management and change management orginization, the adoption council 2.0, a user community, and many of my former team mates from Forrester’s social computing research group. Dachis, An Enterprise Contender, Threatens Incumbent Consulting Firms In this mornings post (coincidentally timed) I released data how social media boutiques, … Continue readingFirstTake: Dachis Group Clinches Powered, Threatening Incumbent Consulting Firms

First Take Analysis: Jive Fills Warchest, Ready to Battle Enterprise Software Giants, IPO

By Industry Analysts, R “Ray” Wang @rwang0 (Enterprise Strategy) and Jeremiah Owyang, @jowyang (Customer Strategy) both founding partners at Altimeter Group Community Platforms Evolve to Social Business Category Having tracked the social business category for some years now, and have been watching the category grow, and expand into other niches.  At first, the community platform space (like Jive) was insular, focused on only on enterprise communities, but has now grown into Social CRM, Application Platforms, Social Media Management Systems, Brand Monitoring, corporate email systems and eventually to deliver a customer experience that’s native to the customer. It may be social, it may be mobile, it may take even radical forms in including in store displays. The Situation – C Round … Continue readingFirst Take Analysis: Jive Fills Warchest, Ready to Battle Enterprise Software Giants, IPO

First Take Analysis: Facebook’s Crusade of Colonization

Today marks yet another important era in Facebook’s saga, they are expected to make a big push to extend the Facebook experience to every webpage. Today, I attended the f8 developer conference hosted by Facebook, they’ve made some key announcements on what they want their developers to do.  While there’s a lot of news sources and bloggers rehashing what was announced, I’d like to go a step deeper and talk about the ecosystem impacts, opportunities and threats, and provide some insights.  Here’s my take: Matrix: Facebook’s Crusade of Colonization I just finished watching the keynote, while there’s a lot of folks rehashing news, my goal is to tell you what it means, and the impacts it has. Announcement What It … Continue readingFirst Take Analysis: Facebook’s Crusade of Colonization

First Take Analysis: What Twitter’s “Promoted Tweets” Means To The Ecosystem

The Altimeter Group was pre-briefed by Twitter COO Dick Costolo last week about this upcoming launch, we’ve had some time to think over what it means to the industry.  Help your boss fight through the clutter, send them this post. Summary: Twitter has launched Promoted Tweets, combining paid and organic media. Brands can now advertise promoted tweets on search pages, however the community has power over which tweets will appear measured by Twitter’s new metric called “resonance” which factors in behaviors like the retweet, at, hash, avatar clicks. Brands can now purchase CPM based ads to promote these popular tweets at the top of a Twitter search term –even in categories they aren’t well known in, influencing awareness.  Marketers beware: unlike … Continue readingFirst Take Analysis: What Twitter’s “Promoted Tweets” Means To The Ecosystem

FirstTake: Facebook PayPal Deal Spurs International Ad Sales

Web Strategy Summary Facebook to now offer Paypal as an additional way to buy advertisements and virtual currency for social games (press release).   This paves a way for Facebook to reach global advertisers who prefer PayPal vs traditional credit cards. Although this partnership is limited in parameters to those two specific use cases of ads and virtual currency, this is yet another testing ground for developing Facebook into an eCommerce platform with over 400 million global users. Update: Facebook contacted me after this post went up, and made it clear, this is announcement is not intended towards eCommerce, and is really just limited to the two use cases. While I understand and agree with the scope of today’s announcement, … Continue readingFirstTake: Facebook PayPal Deal Spurs International Ad Sales

FirstTake: What Google Buzz Means

Left: Inline with the Google style guide of primary colors, Google launches a new logo for Google Buzz, using familiar “chat bubble” iconology. Google launches status update features Google launches Buzz, which many will find similar to Friendfeed now part of the Facebook family.  Google Buzz will enable content to be aggregated, and then prioritized based upon the people you already email with, which Harry McCracken and I call this a social graph based on history, “Historical social graph” or HSG. Secondly, this Google Buzz feature will rate and rank content based on activity and interaction within your social group. Users can choose to publish the Buzz in public, which will display on the Google Profile page. They also announced the … Continue readingFirstTake: What Google Buzz Means

FirstTake: Powered, A Social Marketing Suite, Acquires Crayon and Social Media Agencies

News hit this Monday that Powered has acquired three social media agencies: crayon, Drillteam and StepChange. I just had a skype video conversation with Aaron Strout and Joseph Jaffe to learn more, here’s my take.  You can read crayon founder Joseph’s take and Aaron Strout the CMO of Powered and a quick mention in NYT. A Solution Set of Services Bolsters a Marketing Platform I’ve heard of crayon, and have many conversations and even podcasts with founder Joseph Jaffe, I’ve also spent time with the Powered executive team last year.  Stepchange is a 13 person team out of Portland focused on Facebook Apps and mobile, and Drillteam, from NY, has been around for 10 years and focuses on experitntial and … Continue readingFirstTake: Powered, A Social Marketing Suite, Acquires Crayon and Social Media Agencies

FirstTake: Extend LinkedIn’s Community To Your Website

I was briefed as an analyst by Adam Nash, LinkedIn’s Vice President, Search & Platform Products to learn about today’s announcement around opening their network as a platform. Announcement: Access LinkedIn Data From Other Locations Using The LinkedIn Platform Starting today, developers worldwide can integrate LinkedIn into their business applications and Web sites. They’ve announced that OAuth os now available at  Like Facebook Connect, this means that any website or any web application can allow users to login from their LinkedIn account on a third party site, and even publish information back to their LinkedIn profile and network from that third party site. What It Means To Business: Connect the Affluent, Educated, and Active Community To Your Site The stats … Continue readingFirstTake: Extend LinkedIn’s Community To Your Website

FirstTake: The Web Strategist should watch –but wait– for the MySpace Developer Platform

(Left: I met and interviewed MySpace’s team Will and Jim) I just got back from the brand spanking new SF MySpace office, an event tonight that was catered to the new developer platform which they announced today. This post isn’t aimed at developers, but at the Web Strategist (web decision maker) here’s what you need to know: MySpace opens third party developer platform MySpace announced a developer platform so third party developers can create applications on top of their existing commmunity. This is released on time, and is a competitive move to Facebook’s application platform. I’ve published stats and demographics about MySpace (and Facebook here). Over the next 30 days, developers will get to play in the ‘Sandbox’ (the theme … Continue readingFirstTake: The Web Strategist should watch –but wait– for the MySpace Developer Platform